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Inflorescence type of ornamental tobacco nicotiana alata link et otto

Kanahama, K.; Chonan, E.; Sugawara, K.

Journal of the Yamagata Agriculture and Forestry Society 47: 21-26


Accession: 007453488

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Right- and left-handedness in phyllotaxis was observed in ornamental tobacco (Nicotiana alata Link et Otto). Seedlings with right- and left-handed phyllotactic spirals on the main stem were found with almost equal frequency. The first flower bud in the first inflorescence developed on the terminal end of the main stem. The second and third flower buds developed on the lateral side of the pedicel of the first and second flowers, respectively. Flowers were opened toward the adaxial side in the first inflorescence, and were on the right and then the left side, alternately, on the peduncle of the first inflorescence; the peduncle was helical when the first flower opened, but straightened during inflorescence growth. The results show that the basic inflorescence type of ornamental tobacco is a scorpioid cyme of a monochasium.

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