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Influence of rainfall on cropping program in dry lands of harur taluk tamil nadu india

Budhar, M.N.; Ramasamy, R.

Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 22(1): 15-20


ISSN/ISBN: 0047-8539
Accession: 007458788

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Harur Taluk is a part of northwestern agroclimatic zone of Tamil Nadu and 80 per cent area is under rainfed farming. The daily rainfall data for the 38 years (1947-84) were analysed for annual, seasonal, monthly and weekly period and presented in this paper. Winter, summer, southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon periods on an average receives 18, 118, 334, and 358 mm rainfall respectively. Rains during May in summer, August and September in southwest monsoon, October and November in northeast monsoon are more dependable. Improved cropping systems based on the information on rainfall pattern have been proposed for efficient use of rainfall to increase the income under dryland conditions.

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