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The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7467

Chapter 7467 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Inhibition of surfactant subtype convertase in radiation model of adult respiratory distress syndrome
, American Journal of Physiology 260(4 Pt 1): L311-L317 (1991)

Inhibition of sweet potato beta amylase by a polycation
, Current Science 58(24): 1349-1352 (1989)

Inhibition of sympathetic nerve activity by acute administration of the tricyclic antidepressant desipramine
, European Journal of Pharmacology 194(2-3): 153-159 (1991)

Inhibition of sympathetic neural outflow during thiopental anesthesia in humans
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 71(4): 319-326 (1990)

Inhibition of synaptosomal serotonin uptake by Ketalar
, Research Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology 62(1): 129-132 (1988)

Inhibition of synthesis of rat parotid secretory proteoglycan in a gland slice system
, Archives of Oral Biology 37(3): 209-214 (1992)

Inhibition of T and B lymphocyte proliferation by rapamycin
, Immunology 72(4): 544-549 (1991)

Inhibition of T cell development in thymic organ culture: implications for the mechanism of action of cyclosporin A
, European Journal of Immunology 20(4): 753-757 (1990)

Inhibition of T cell proliferation specific for acetylcholine receptor epitopes related to myasthenia gravis with antibody to T cell receptor or with competitive synthetic polymers
, International Immunology 2(8): 735-742 (1990)

Inhibition of t cell receptor expression and function in immature cd4 positive cd8 positive cells by cd4
, Science 249(4976): 1558-1561 (1990)

Inhibition of T lymphocyte proliferation by retinal glial Müller cells: reversal of inhibition by glucocorticoids
, Journal of Autoimmunity 4(2): 307-314 (1991)

Inhibition of T suppressor cell function by local administration of an active cyclophosphamide derivative at the sensitization site
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 84(3): 383-388 (1991)

Inhibition of T7 RNA polymerase by T7 lysozyme in vitro
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(28): 20153-20158 (1992)

Inhibition of taste responses to sodium salts by epithelial sodium channel blockers in gerbil
, Physiology and Behavior 47(3): 455-460 (1990)

Inhibition of taurocholate transport by cyclosporin A in cultured rat hepatocytes
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 247(2): 685-689 (1988)

Inhibition of telenomus sphingis an egg parasitoid of manduca spp by trichome 2 tridecanone based host plant resistance in tomato
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 60(2): 157-166 (1991)

Inhibition of terminal complement complex formation and cell lysis by monoclonal antibodies
, Complement and Inflammation 8(5-6): 328-340 (1991)

Inhibition of testicular and somatic development after treatment of the postnatal rat with the Leydig cell cytotoxic ethylene dimethanesulphonate
, Journal of Endocrinology 119(3): 467-474 (1988)

Inhibition of testicular steroidogenesis in the neonatal rat following acute ethanol exposure
, Alcohol 7(1): 75-80 (1990)

Inhibition of testosterone biosynthesis in testicular microsomes by various imidazole drugs. Comparative study with ketoconazole
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 13(6): 336-343 (1990)

Inhibition of testosterone metabolism in the pancreas with nonsteroid antiandrogens
, Problemy Endokria 34(2): 64-67 (1988)

Inhibition of testosterone synthesis by ethanol: role of luteinizing hormone
, Alcohol 6(3): 241-244 (1989)

Inhibition of the accumulation of viral polypeptides in the densonucleosis virus infected midgut of the silkworm bombyx mori reared at a supraoptimal temperature
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 56(1): 117-122 (1990)

Inhibition of the action of a stimulatory GDP/GTP exchange protein for smg p21 by acidic membrane phospholipids
, Japanese Journal of Cancer Research: Gann 82(7): 758-761 (1991)

Inhibition of the activation of Hageman factor (factor XII) and of platelet aggregation by extracts of Brugia malayi microfilariae
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 117(5): 344-352 (1991)

Inhibition of the activation of Hageman factor (factor XII) by aprotinin (Trasylol)
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 119(5): 580-585 (1992)

Inhibition of the activation of Hageman factor (factor XII) by human vascular endothelial cell culture supernates
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88(23): 10740-10743 (1991)

Inhibition of the activation of Hageman factor (factor XII) by soluble human placental collagens types III, IV, and V
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 117(6): 523-527 (1991)

Inhibition of the activation of heat shock factor in vivo and in vitro by flavonoids
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 12(8): 3490-3498 (1992)

Inhibition of the activity of human leukocyte elastase by lipids particularly oleic acid and retinoic acid
, Lung 168(6): 323-332 (1990)

Inhibition of the adaptive response of human lymphocytes to very low doses of ionizing radiation by the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide
, Mutation Research 227(4): 257-261 (1989)

Inhibition of the adhesion of escherichia coli to human urinary epithelial cells
, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 59(3): 205-210 (1990)

Inhibition of the adrenergic phenotype in cultured neural crest cells by norepinephrine uptake inhibitors
, Developmental Biology 136(2): 372-380 (1989)

Inhibition of the alternative C3 convertase and classical C5 convertase of complement by group A streptococcal M protein
, Infection and Immunity 58(8): 2535-2541 (1990)

Inhibition of the alternative pathway of complement by glomerular chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan
, Immunology 76(3): 373-377 (1992)

Inhibition of the amorphous calcium phosphate phase transformation reaction by polyphosphates and metal ions
, Calcified Tissue International 47(2): 112-116 (1990)

Inhibition of the anaerobic acetate degradation by formate
, Biotechnology Letters 11(5): 365-368 (1989)

Inhibition of the anticoagulant activity of protein S by prothrombin
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 82(6): 2142-2147 (1988)

Inhibition of the bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis toxin by dissolved tannins
, Environmental Entomology 19(5): 1547-1551 (1990)

Inhibition of the binding of hiv rgp120 to cd4 by dyes
, Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 3(3): 147-151 (1992)

Inhibition of the binding of tritiated benzo a pyrene to rat liver microsomal protein by plant extracts
, International Journal of Crude Drug Research 27(1): 33-37 (1989)

Inhibition of the candida valida growth by ethanol
, Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 27(5): 738-747 (1991)

Inhibition of the cat motor cortex neuronal responses associated with the realization of a conditioned reflex when waiting for the light flare
, Neirofiziologiya 24(3): 340-343 (1992)

Inhibition of the catecholase activity of mushroom tyrosinase by carbon monoxide
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 37(3): 775-776 (1989)

Inhibition of the cellular response to interferons by products of the adenovirus type 5 E1A oncogene
, Nucleic Acids Research 19(16): 4387-4393 (1991)

Inhibition of the chloroplast photochemical reactions by treatment of wheat seedlings with low concentrations of cadmium analysis of electron transport activities and changes in fluorescence yield
, Plant and Cell Physiology 32(7): 943-952 (1991)

Inhibition of the chronotropic effects of exogenous acetylcholines by alpha and gamma endorphins
, Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (1): 102-106 (1991)

Inhibition of the complement cascade by the major secretory protein of vaccinia virus
, Science 250(4982): 827-830 (1990)

Inhibition of the con a induced histamine release from human adenoidal mast cells by extracts from onion allium cepa linne or thryallis glauca galphimia glauca
, Allergologie 13(10): 364-366 (1990)

Inhibition of the cortisol response to systemic angiotensin II by forebrain lesions involving the anterior wall of the third ventricle
, Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 138(3): 293-299 (1990)

Inhibition of the cutaneous eyeblink reflex by unilateral and bilateral acoustic input: the persistence of contralateral antagonism in auditory processing
, Perception and Psychophysics 47(4): 337-341 (1990)

Inhibition of the degranulation and myeloperoxidase activity of human polymorphonuclear neutrophils by Brucella melitensis
, Microbiologia 7(2): 113-119 (1991)

Inhibition of the development of locusta migratoria migratoria l. by feeding their larvae precocene containing plants and prospects for using these plants in biological control
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 306(3): 755-758 (1989)

Inhibition of the different cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase isoforms separated from rat brain by flavonoid compounds
, Biochemistry International 18(1): 47-57 (1989)

Inhibition of the early stages of the thrombin generation reaction by various glycosaminoglycans
, Thrombosis Research 58(5): 469-479 (1990)

Inhibition of the effects of different agonists on the rat uterus and guinea pig ileum by mandevilla velutina extract
, Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo) 42(7): 453-457 (1990)

Inhibition of the expression of neomycin phosphotransferase ii gene in nicotiana tabacum protoplasts using antisense rna
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 300(3): 727-730 (1988)

Inhibition of the fast sodium inward current in ventricular cardiomyocytes of rats and guinea pigs by a novel potent sodium channel blocking agent
, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 342(5): 582-591 (1990)

Inhibition of the fermentation of propionate to methane by hydrogen, acetate, and propionate
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 56(3): 719-723 (1990)

Inhibition of the fibrinolytic and fibrinogenolytic activity of plasminogen activators in vitro by the antidotes epsilon aminocaproic acid tranexamic acid and aprotinin
, Fibrinolysis 6(2): 79-86 (1992)

Inhibition of the garden cress seed germination by penicillium italicum wehmer and penicillium digitatum pers. ex fr. sacch. culture filtrates
, Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und -Technologie 25(4): 353-356 (1992)

Inhibition of the glycolytic pathway by methylglyoxal in human platelets
, Cell Biochemistry and Function 7(1): 65-70 (1989)

Inhibition of the growth of enteropathogenic bacilli by bacteriocins produced by micro-organisms from the sediment of wells
, Journal of Applied Bacteriology 68(3): 289-295 (1990)

Inhibition of the growth of Lewis lung carcinoma by indomethacin in conventional, nude, and beige mice
, Journal of Biological Response Modifiers 7(6): 568-580 (1988)

Inhibition of the growth of staphylococcus aureus in dry sausages by lactobacillus curvatus micrococcus varians and debaryomyces hansenii
, Food Biotechnology (New York) 3(2): 145-168 (1989)

Inhibition of the growth of the endoparasite of chlorococcal algae amoeboaphelidium protococcarum by a volatile metabolite of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis
, Vestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta Biologiya 3: 72-76 (1988)

Inhibition of the growth of transplanted rat pancreatic acinar carcinoma with octreotide
, European Journal of Cancer 27(10): 1247-1252 (1991)

Inhibition of the hepatocyte uptake of radiolabelled monoclonal antibodies by chelating agents
, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 17(6-8): 294-298 (1990)

Inhibition of the high affinity calcium ion atpase activity in rat liver plasma membranes following carbon tetrachloride intoxication
, Chemico-Biological Interactions 73(1): 103-120 (1990)

Inhibition of the high affinity Fc receptor (Fc gamma RI) on human monocytes by porphyrin photosensitization is highly specific and mediated by the generation of superoxide radicals
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(19): 11407-11413 (1989)

Inhibition of the high voltage activated calcium current in hippocampal neurons of rats subjected to intraperitoneal injection of phenylalanine
, Neirofiziologiya 23(1): 98-104 (1991)

Inhibition of the human sperm acrosome reaction by a high molecular weight factor from human seminal plasma
, Fertility and Sterility 54(6): 1177-1179 (1990)

Inhibition of the human sperm acrosome reaction by proteinase inhibitors
, Gamete Research 23(4): 387-397 (1989)

Inhibition of the i form of rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase with 1.5 gluconolactone
, Biokhimiya 55(6): 1120-1123 (1990)

Inhibition of the immune response to alloantigen in the rat by exposure to uv radiation
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 50(2): 193-200 (1989)

Inhibition of the in vitro generation of class ii restricted hsv 1 specific cd4 positive ctl by hiv 1
, AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 6(2): 229-242 (1990)

Inhibition of the initiation of hepatic protein synthesis during ethionine mediated ATP depletion in vivo: modification to ribosomal subunits, evidence of impaired ternary complex formation and a subcellular redistribution of eIF-2 alpha
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1049(2): 158-170 (1990)

Inhibition of the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase by sphingosine
, Biochemistry 30(31): 7747-7754 (1991)

Inhibition of the interaction between lipoproteins and amphotericin B by some delivery systems
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 181(2): 722-728 (1991)

Inhibition of the liberation of arachidonic acid by cadmium ions in rabbit alveolar macrophages
, Archives of Toxicology 66(2): 131-136 (1992)

Inhibition of the metabolism of atrial natriuretic factor causes diuresis and natriuresis in chronic heart failure
, American Journal of Hypertension 3(9): 682-687 (1990)

Inhibition of the metabolism of ethyl carbamate by acetaldehyde
, Drug Metabolism and Disposition: the Biological Fate of Chemicals 18(4): 504-507 (1990)

Inhibition of the metabolism of paracetamol by isoniazid
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 31(2): 139-142 (1991)

Inhibition of the metabolism of urethane in the mouse by dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
, Drug Metabolism and Disposition: the Biological Fate of Chemicals 17(5): 469-472 (1989)

Inhibition of the metastatic spreading of lung lewis carcinoma in mice with the use of spasmolytine midantane and l dopa
, Eksperimental'naya Onkologiya 12(2): 62-66 (1990)

Inhibition of the mitochondrial oxidation of fatty acids by tetracycline in mice and in man: possible role in microvesicular steatosis induced by this antibiotic
, Hepatology 8(5): 1056-1062 (1988)

Inhibition of the mitochondrial phosphate carrier by a reaction with a carboxyl group reagent
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 162(1): 212-216 (1989)

Inhibition of the mixed lymphocyte reaction by T cell vaccination
, European Journal of Immunology 20(11): 2521-2524 (1990)

Inhibition of the morning cortisol peak abolishes the expected morning decrease in serum osteocalcin in normal males: evidence of a controlling effect of serum cortisol on the circadian rhythm in serum osteocalcin
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 74(6): 1410-1414 (1992)

Inhibition of the morula blastocyst transformation by nafoxidine a non steroid antiestrogen in mice
, Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 46(6): 365-369 (1991)

Inhibition of the muscarinic receptor activated potassium ion current by n ethylmaleimide in rabbit heart
, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 343(1): 14-20 (1991)

Inhibition of the neutrophil NADPH oxidase by folic acid and antagonists of the folic acid metabolism
, Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology 14(3): 523-538 (1992)

Inhibition of the nuclear localization of tritiated estradiol in rat uterine tissue in vitro
, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 32(5): 681-688 (1989)

Inhibition of the olfactory cyclic nucleotide gated ion channel by intracellular calcium
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 246(1317): 225-230 (1991)

Inhibition of the oxidation of hydroxyl radical scavenging agents after alkaline phosphatase treatment of rat liver microsomes
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1074(1): 12-18 (1991)

Inhibition of the oxygen induced contraction of the isolated human umbilical artery by indomethacin flurbiprofen aspirin and drugs modifying calcium disposition
, Prostaglandins 36(5): 711-730 (1988)

Inhibition of the passive transfer of adjuvant induced arthritis by gold sodium thiomalate
, Journal of Rheumatology 17(4): 436-438 (1990)

Inhibition of the photosystem ii photoactivation process in flashed leaves by sulfate
, Journal of Plant Physiology 134(3): 370-374 (1989)

Inhibition of the plasma membrane atpase of saccharomyces cerevisiae by diethylstilbestrol and n n' dicyclohexylcarbodiimide
, Korean Biochemical Journal 22(3): 299-305 (1989)

Inhibition of the production of proinflammatory cytokines and immunoglobulins by interleukin-4 in an ex vivo model of rheumatoid synovitis
, Arthritis and Rheumatism 35(8): 874-883 (1992)

Inhibition of the protein C activator Protac, a serine proteinase from the venom of the southern copperhead snake Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix
, Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology 29(2): 151-155 (1991)

Inhibition of the proteolysis of rat erythrocyte membrane proteins by a synthetic inhibitor of calpain
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 157(3): 1117-1123 (1988)

Inhibition of the reactive proliferation of lymphocytes by activated macrophages: the role of nitric oxide
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 87(1): 157-162 (1992)

Inhibition of the relative movement of actin and myosin by caldesmon and calponin
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(22): 15886-15892 (1992)

Inhibition of the reproduction of bovine leukemia virus by rna genes in ss 81 cells
, Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina i Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni V I Lenina 8: 41-45 (1990)

Inhibition of the responses of a cloned cd4 positive t cell line to different class ii major histocompatibility complex ligands by anti cd4 and by anti receptor fab fragments are directly related
, European Journal of Immunology 19(1): 83-88 (1989)

Inhibition of the reverse transcriptase activity and replication of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by AS 101 in vitro
, Aids Research and Human Retroviruses 8(5): 613-623 (1992)

Inhibition of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ion transport atpase by thapsigargin at subnanomolar concentrations
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(21): 13503-13506 (1991)

Inhibition of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium magnesium atpase by zinc ii
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 984(1): 135-142 (1989)

Inhibition of the sodium iodine symporter by harmaline and 3 amino 1 methyl 5h pyrido 4 3 b indole acetate in thyroid cells and membrane vesicles
, European Journal of Biochemistry 200(1): 203-208 (1991)

Inhibition of the sodium potassium atpase by fluoride parallels with its inhibition of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(24): 16995-17000 (1992)

Inhibition of the soluble form of testis adenylate cyclase by catechol estrogens and other catechols
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 194(1): 58-63 (1990)

Inhibition of the specific binding of human lactotransferrin to human peripheral-blood phytohaemagglutinin-stimulated lymphocytes by fluorescein labelling and location of the binding site
, Biochemical Journal 276: 733-738 (1991)

Inhibition of the specific DNA binding activity of the dioxin receptor by phosphatase treatment
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(25): 16813-16817 (1991)

Inhibition of the specific skin wheal reaction in atopic subjects by ketotifen
, Clinica Terapeutica 134(1): 47-52 (1990)

Inhibition of the sympathetic component of baroreceptive reflex in patients with arterial hypertension
, Fiziologiya Cheloveka 15(2): 78-84 (1989)

Inhibition of the synthesis of glycosphingolipids affects the translocation of proteolipid protein to the myelin membrane
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 22(3): 289-296 (1989)

Inhibition of the thymic serum activity of donors with the use of serum from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients and thymectomized mice
, Doklady Akademii Nauk Ukrainskoi SSR Seriya B Geologicheskie Khimicheskie i Biologicheskie Nauki 10: 78-80 (1988)

Inhibition of the thyroid peroxidase activity in the cells of graves' disease by the anti thyroid microsomal antibody an electron microscopic cytochemical study
, Japanese Journal of Clinical Electron Microscopy 22(4): 401-408 (1989)

Inhibition of the tpa induction of simian sarcoma virus by an antisense v jun oncogene
, Archiv fuer Geschwulstforschung 61(2): 163-169 (1991)

Inhibition of the transepithelial potential difference and short circuit current in the isolated frog skin by alloxan
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C Comparative Pharmacology and Toxicology 102(1): 29-32 (1992)

Inhibition of the translocation of cytidylyltransferase can be a delayed mechanism to control phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis "in vivo"
, Life Sciences 47(14): 1181-1186 (1990)

Inhibition of the transthylakoid gradient of electrochemical proton potential by the local anesthetic dibucaine
, Planta 183(4): 567-574 (1991)

Inhibition of theophylline elimination in rabbits by verapamil
, Pharmacology and Toxicology 64(4): 349-351 (1989)

Inhibition of thermolysin and bacillus brevis neutral proteinase by organic solvents and some related compounds
, Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships 11(1): 28-33 (1992)

Inhibition of thermotolerance by phenothiazines in escherichia coli b r
, Current Science 59(16): 804-805 (1990)

Inhibition of thick ascending limb sodium potassium atpase activity in salt loaded rats by furosemide
, American Journal of Physiology 256(4 Part 2): F549-F555 (1989)

Inhibition of thrombin on subendothelium. Studies on rabbit aorta, ex vivo
, European Surgical Research. Europaische Chirurgische Forschung. Recherches Chirurgicales Europeennes 21(5): 287-295 (1989)

Inhibition of thrombin's clotting activity by synthetic peptide segments of its inhibitors and substrates
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 169(2): 437-442 (1990)

Inhibition of thrombomodulin surface expression and protein C activation by the thrombogenic agent homocysteine
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 88(6): 1906-1914 (1991)

Inhibition of thromboxane A synthesis in U937 cells by glucocorticoids. Lack of evidence for lipocortin 1 as the second messenger
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(11): 6536-6544 (1989)

Inhibition of thromboxane synthesis reduces endotoxin-induced right ventricular failure in sheep
, Critical Care Medicine 19(10): 1294-1302 (1991)

Inhibition of thromboxane synthetase accentuates hemodynamic instability and burn edema in the anesthetized sheep model
, Surgery 105(5): 638-644 (1989)

Inhibition of thrombus formation by activated recombinant protein C in a primate model of arterial thrombosis
, Circulation 82(2): 578-585 (1990)

Inhibition of thrombus formation in vivo by novel antiplatelet agent
, Arteriosclerosis 10(3): 367-371 (1990)

Inhibition of thymidylate synthase after administration of doxifluridine in a transplantable colon carcinoma in the rat
, Cancer Investigation 6(4): 377-383 (1988)

Inhibition of thymidylate synthase by the diastereoisomers of leucovorin
, Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 26(4): 273-277 (1990)

Inhibition of thymocyte mitogenic responses by coculture with thymic epithelial cells
, Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology 51(2): 275-293 (1989)

Inhibition of thyrotropin binding to receptor by synthetic human thyrotropin beta peptides
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 265(4): 1881-1884 (1990)

Inhibition of thyrotropin secretion during prolonged administration of exogenous trh in normal man
, Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 65(5): 437-444 (1989)

Inhibition of thyrotropin-stimulated adenylate cyclase activation and growth of rat thyroid cells, FRTL-5, by immunoglobulin G from patients with primary myxedema: comparison with activities of thyrotropin-binding inhibitor immunoglobulins
, Acta Endocrinologica 120(1): 99-106 (1989)

Inhibition of tissue kallikrein by protein C inhibitor. Evidence for identity of protein C inhibitor with the kallikrein binding protein
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(10): 7048-7052 (1992)

Inhibition of tissue prostaglandin synthesis during third molar surgery: use of preoperative fenbufen
, British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 28(4): 251-253 (1990)

Inhibition of TnI-TnC interaction and contraction of skinned muscle fibres by the synthetic peptide TnI [104-115
, Pflugers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology 414(4): 430-436 (1989)

Inhibition of tomato root growth in culture by a verticillium dahliae phytotoxin
, Phytoparasitica 17(4): 269-278 (1989)

Inhibition of tomato spotted wilt virus tswv systemic infection in tomato plants by caryophyllales extracts
, Fitopatologia Brasileira 14(3-4): 283-287 (1989)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II does not inhibit transcription of RNA polymerase I and II genes
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 10(6): 2893-2900 (1990)

Inhibition of transcription by mammalian ribonucleic acid polymerase II: effects of diethylstilbestrol and its analogues
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 39(10): 2627-2629 (1991)

Inhibition of transformation in cultured rat tracheal epithelial cells by potential chemopreventive agents
, Cancer Research 50(7): 2068-2074 (1990)

Inhibition of transient gene expression with plasmids encoding herpes simplex virus type 1 UL55 and alpha genes
, Journal of General Virology 72: 131-141 (1991)

Inhibition of transition metal ion-catalysed ascorbate oxidation and lipid peroxidation by allopurinol and oxypurinol
, Biochemical Pharmacology 40(4): 803-809 (1990)

Inhibition of transketolase and pyruvate decarboxylase by omeprazole
, Biochemical Pharmacology 44(1): 177-179 (1992)

Inhibition of translation in cells infected with a poliovirus 2Apro mutant correlates with phosphorylation of the alpha subunit of eucaryotic initiation factor 2
, Journal of Virology 63(12): 5069-5075 (1989)

Inhibition of translational initiation in eukaryotic cells by calcium ionophore
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(3): 1644-1649 (1989)

Inhibition of trh of epileptic seizures in spontaneously epileptic rats
, European Journal of Pharmacology 196(1): 15-20 (1991)

Inhibition of Trichomonas vaginalis motility by monoclonal antibodies is associated with reduced adherence to HeLa cell monolayers
, Infection and Immunity 58(6): 1634-1639 (1990)

Inhibition of Trichomonas vaginalis ornithine decarboxylase by amino acid analogs
, Biochemical Pharmacology 44(2): 243-250 (1992)

Inhibition of trimethadione and dimethadione teratogenicity by the cyclooxygenase inhibitor acetylsalicylic acid: a unifying hypothesis for the teratologic effects of hydantoin anticonvulsants and structurally related compounds
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 97(3): 406-414 (1989)

Inhibition of triosephosphate isomerase from Trypanosoma brucei with cyclic hexapeptides
, European Journal of Biochemistry 207(2): 441-447 (1992)

Inhibition of tritiated batrachotoxinin a 20 alpha benzoate binding to mouse brain sodium channels by the dihydropyrazole insecticide rh 3421
, Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 41(3): 265-273 (1991)

Inhibition of tritiated dopamine and tritiated serotonin uptake by cocaine comparison between chopped tissue slices and synaptosomes
, Life Sciences 50(8): 541-548 (1992)

Inhibition of tritiated dopamine uptake by flunarizine
, European Journal of Pharmacology 203(1): 67-70 (1991)

Inhibition of tritiated dopamine uptake into rat striatal slices by quaternary n methylated nicotine metabolites
, Life Sciences 50(25): PL-233-PL-237 (1992)

Inhibition of tritiated leucine incorporation by trichothecene mycotoxins in maize and wheat tissue
, Phytopathology 78(12 Part 2): 1673-1677 (1988)

Inhibition of tritiated tdr uptake for human gastric carcinoma cells by epidermal growth factor specific antibody
, Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences 40(1): 15-22 (1991)

Inhibition of trout gill and soybean lipoxygenases by organotin compounds
, Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part. B Pesticides Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes 24(5): 539-558 (1989)

Inhibition of trypsin by tert butyloxycarbonyl alpha aza 4 aminophenylalanine phenyl ester
, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 50(2): 181-190 (1991)

Inhibition of trypsin by the beta-amyloid protein precursor. A comparative study between transfected cells, human brain and cerebrospinal fluid
, Febs Letters 297(1-2): 124-126 (1992)

Inhibition of tryptophan hydroxylase by benserazide and other catechols
, Biochemical Pharmacology 41(4): 625-628 (1991)

Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis activity by medroxyprogesterone acetate in gynecologic malignant tumors
, Invasion and Metastasis 9(5): 269-277 (1989)

Inhibition of tumour cell adhesion by anti-metastatic polypeptide containing a repetitive Arg-Gly-Asp sequence
, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 11(4): 226-232 (1989)

Inhibition of tumor cell arrest in lungs by antimetastatic chitin heparinoid
, Japanese Journal of Cancer Research: Gann 81(5): 506-513 (1990)

Inhibition of tumor cell invasion by a highly conserved peptide sequence from the matrix metalloproteinase enzyme prosegment
, Cancer Research 52(8): 2353-2356 (1992)

Inhibition of tumor cell invasion by verapamil
, Pigment Cell Research 4(5-6): 225-233 (1991)

Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation by a novel growth regulator from placenta: modulation of membrane phosphorylation and oncogene expression
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Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation by natural suppressor cells present in murine bone marrow
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