Section 8
Chapter 7,473

Interaction of extracellular beta 1 3 glucanase and pectic substances in cell wall matrix of cultured carrot

Kurosaki, F.; Tokitoh, Y.; Nishi, A.

Plant Science 84(1): 75-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0168-9452
Accession: 007472784

The majority of .beta.-1,3-glucanase activity was extracted from insoluble cell wall preparation of cultured carrot (Daucus carota L. cv. Kintoki) cells with salt-containing buffer or detergents. Strongly basic buffer pH of identical to the isoelectric point of the enzyme was also able to solubilize the enzyme from carrot cell wall. Incubation of purified glucanase with the wall preparation resulted in an association of the enzyme with cell wall structures; however, this binding was not observed when the pectic substances were removed from the wall. It was also demonstrated that the enzyme and pectin from cultured carrot cells form a high molecular weight complex. These results suggested that extracellular .beta.-1,3-glucanase of cultured carrot is maintained within cell wall structures by an acid-base interaction with polygalacturonide complexes of the wall and is not released into the medium.

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