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Interactions between microfungi isolated from fumigant treated douglas fir heartwood and poria placenta and poria carbonica

Giron, M.Y.; Morrell, J.J.

Material und Organismen 24(1): 39-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5270
Accession: 007474186

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The ability of five microfungi isolated from fumigant-treated Douglass-fir heartwood to inhibit decay caused by Poria carbonica or P. placenta was evaluated. In general, exposure to each of the microfungi reduced the subsequent Basidiomycete-associated weight loss in the wood. Isolates of Scytalidium lignicola and Trichoderma viride produced the most dramatic reductions, but the effect was also noted for S. aurantiacum and Penicillium sp. It may be possible to use these fumigant-tolerant isolates in combination with mild fumigant treatment to provide long-term protection against Basidiomycete reinvasion.

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