Investigations on gall midges xxix the gall midges at salix purpurea insecta diptera cecidomyiidae

Stelter, H.

Entomologische Abhandlungen 52(4-7): 185-196


ISSN/ISBN: 0373-8981
Accession: 007486601

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Starting from references in literature and own investigations on morphology of adult insects, there is reported on gall-midges at Salix purpurea, on the galls caused by them, and on their distribution. There are the following species: Rabdophaga degeerii (BREMI, 1847); R. justini BARNES, 1935; R. purpureaperda BARNES, 1935; R. rosaria (H. LOEW, 1850); R. strobillina (BREMI, 1847); R. insignis KIEFFER, 1906; and R. lindhardti n. sp. Concerning the species R. heterobia (H. LOEW, 1850); R. terminalis (H. LOEW, 1850); and Dasineura marginemtorquens (BREMI, 1847) mentioned from S. purpurea by their galls, it is referred to the special literature. A hitherto not noted Cecidomyiidae gall at annual shoots of S. purpurea is shortly described and illustrated.