Section 8
Chapter 7,489

Iridoid glucosides in the genus verbascum

Grabias, B.; Swiatek, L.

Herba Polonica 33(4): 225-232


Accession: 007488729

It was studied 31 species from Verbascum genus on iridoid presence using method of paper and thin-layer chromatography. It was discovered 14 iridoid glucosides. Aucubin, ajugol and harpagide were stated in all studied species. These glucosides were occurring in unbound state and also as diglucosides and esters. Iridoid presence in majority of studies Verbascum species as ascertained for the first time. On base of these studies and bibliography one may state that Verbascum genus is very similar as taxon to Scrophularia genus considering presence of some iridoids.

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