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Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7501

Chapter 7501 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kinetic properties of bacterial urate oxidase contained in hydrated reversed micelles
, Biologicheskie Membrany 8(5): 453-459 (1991)

Kinetic properties of beta glucosidase from cassava
, Phytochemistry 28(3): 721-724 (1989)

Kinetic properties of derepressible acid phosphatase from the yeast from of Yarrowia lipolytica
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 990(3): 288-296 (1989)

Kinetic properties of enzymes in aot isooctane reversed micelles
, Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering 70(6): 381-385 (1990)

Kinetic properties of glutamine synthetase from pine seeds
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 4: 632-637 (1988)

Kinetic properties of hemolymph alpha glucosidases as related to the glycemia in vth instar larvae of honeybees picked from their alveoli and maintained until death
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 183(2): 130-138 (1989)

Kinetic properties of imp dehydrogenase purified from rat liver
, Korean Journal of Biochemistry 21(1): 7-12 (1989)

Kinetic properties of intramembrane charge movement under depolarized conditions in frog skeletal muscle fibers
, Journal of General Physiology 98(2): 365-378 (1991)

Kinetic properties of l lysine 2 monooxygenase from pseudomonas putida and its application to biosensors for l lysine
, Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 27(6): 825-832 (1991)

Kinetic properties of myrosinase in hydrated reverse micelles
, Biotechnology Progress 8(2): 91-96 (1992)

Kinetic Properties of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase in Peperomia camptotricha
, Plant Physiology 91(3): 1050-1055 (1989)

Kinetic properties of phosphoglycolate phosphatase from pisum sativum and phaseolus vulgaris
, Phytochemistry 28(3): 719-720 (1989)

Kinetic properties of polyene channels following inactivation
, Biologicheskie Membrany 8(6): 633-637 (1991)

Kinetic properties of rat liver l serine dehydratase
, Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 65(7): 625-630 (1989)

Kinetic properties of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase from thiobacillus thyasiris the putative symbiont of thyasira flexuosa montagu a bivalve mussel
, Journal of General Microbiology 137(7): 1491-1496 (1991)

Kinetic properties of sheep brain glutathione reductase
, Enzyme 45(3): 121-124 (1991)

Kinetic properties of single ion channels activated by light in limulus ventral nerve photoreceptors
, European Biophysics Journal 19(2): 47-54 (1990)

Kinetic properties of single sodium channels in rat heart and rat brain
, Journal of General Physiology 93(1): 85-99 (1989)

Kinetic properties of single sodium channels modified by fenvalerate in mouse neuroblastoma cells
, Pflugers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology 414(6): 613-621 (1989)

Kinetic properties of the glycine receptor main conductance and sub conductance states of mouse spinal cord neurons in culture
, Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 435: 303-332 (1991)

Kinetic properties of the inhibitory postsynaptic currents in chick spinal cord neurons in culture
, Neirofiziologiya 23(4): 427-435 (1991)

Kinetic properties of the metabolism of imipramine and desipramine in isolated rat hepatocytes
, Biochemical Pharmacology 39(2): 367-372 (1990)

Kinetic properties of the octameric and dimeric forms of mitochondrial creatine kinase and physiological role of the enzyme
, Biochemistry International 19(3): 603-613 (1989)

Kinetic properties of the rhizopus glucoamylase and bacillus alpha amylase which are immobilized on cellulofine
, Starch 42(12): 486-489 (1990)

Kinetic properties of voltage dependent potassium channels in the t lymphoid jurkat line cells
, Vestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta Biologiya 3: 61-69 (1991)

Kinetic properties of xylitol dehydrogenase from pullularia pullulans
, Arquivos de Biologia e Tecnologia 33(2): 481-494 (1990)

Kinetic regime changes in the ozonation of 1 3 cyclohexanedione in aqueous solutions
, Ozone Science and Engineering 13(4): 397-420 (1991)

Kinetic regular features of albumin and amino acid conversion into methane
, Biotekhnologiya 6(2): 45-47 (1990)

Kinetic regularities and enantioselectivity of penicillin acylase during hydrolysis of n phenylacetylated derivatives of 1 aminoethylphosphoric acid and its esters
, Biokhimiya 55(6): 1124-1131 (1990)

Kinetic regularities in the autocrine proliferation of cultivated human b lymphoma cells
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 320(3): 716-720 (1991)

Kinetic regularities of changes in the concentration of radionuclides in the georgian tea
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 35(1): 42-45 (1990)

Kinetic regularities of hydrogen sorption by soil laboratory experiment
, Pochvovedenie 12: 141-145 (1989)

Kinetic regularities of methane production by a methanogenic association investigation of methanol and glucose conversion dynamics
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 22(3): 331-350 (1989)

Kinetic regularities of methane production by a methanogenic association mathematical modeling
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 22(3): 351-360 (1989)

Kinetic regularities of the early growth stage of the actinomycete streptomyces coelicolor a32 on a solid medium
, Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 52(4): 10-17 (1990)

Kinetic regularities of the gtp effect on the properties of opioid receptors
, Biokhimiya 55(6): 1032-1042 (1990)

Kinetic relationship between energy dependent fluorescence quenching light scattering chlorophyll luminescence and proton pumping in intact leaves
, Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 43(11-12): 877-887 (1988)

Kinetic resolution in the asymmetric hydroxylation of enolates stereospecific synthesis of 2s 3r levo verrucarinolactone
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 57(12): 3337-3339 (1992)

Kinetic resolution of 2 furylcarbinols using the sharpless oxidation and its application to the synthesis of 5r 6s 6 acetoxy 5 hexadecanolide
, Heterocycles 27(9): 2107-2110 (1988)

Kinetic resolution of 2 substituted esters catalyzed by a lipase ex. pseudomonas fluorescens
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 55(3): 812-815 (1990)

Kinetic resolution of a beta lactam using homochiral lithium amide chemistry
, Synlett 4: 313-314 (1992)

Kinetic resolution of heptan 2 ol enantiomers by lipase catalyzed esterification in organic solvent
, Zeitschrift fuer Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung 188(2): 144-147 (1989)

Kinetic resolution of racemic 3 2 methylphenoxypropane 1 2 diol mephenesin by sequential lipase catalyzed transesterification
, Tetrahedron Asymmetry 2(10): 1031-1034 (1991)

Kinetic resolution of racemic 4 acyloxy 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 6 7 dimethoxy 2 methylisoquinolines by use of immobilized lipases in organic solvents
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 38(12): 3273-3276 (1990)

Kinetic resolution of unnatural and rarely occurring amino acids enantioselective hydrolysis of n acyl amino acids catalyzed by acylase i
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 111(16): 6354-6364 (1989)

Kinetic resolutions in anti aldol reactions with racemic 2 phenylthio aldehydes asymmetric synthesis of cyclic ethers and lactones with phenylthio migration
, Tetrahedron Letters 33(30): 4369-4372 (1992)

Kinetic resonance raman studies reveal different conformational states of bacteriorhodopsin
, Biochemistry 27(20): 7641-7651 (1988)

Kinetic response of proton coupled transport to extracellular ph critical role of cytosolic ph as a regulator
, Journal of Membrane Biology 108(3): 253-262 (1989)

Kinetic responses of pseudoroegneria roots to localized soil enrichment
, Plant and Soil 138(2): 231-238 (1991)

Kinetic salt effects in intramolecular electron transfer
, Journal of the Chemical Society Faraday Transactions 86(6): 937-940 (1990)

Kinetic salt effects in the photochemical reaction between ruthenium bpy23 and iron
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 55(3): 367-372 (1992)

Kinetic spectrofluorimetric determination of nitrite and nitrate at the nanograms per millilitre level by manual and flow injection methods
, Analytica Chimica Acta 265(1): 103-110 (1992)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of formaldehyde with pararosaniline
, Anales de Quimica Serie C Quimica Organica y Bioquimica 86(1): 49-54 (1990)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of nanogram amounts of cyanide
, Talanta 38(3): 303-308 (1991)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of tetraphenylporphine cobalt ii based on photochromism of immobilized norbornadiene
, Analytica Chimica Acta 243(1): 97-102 (1991)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of traces of sulphite
, Analytica Chimica Acta 252(1-2): 121-126 (1991)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of traces of vanadium v by its catalytic effect on the oxidation of 1 4 dihydroxyphthalimide dioxime with bromate
, Analytica Chimica Acta 244(1): 89-98 (1991)

Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of uric acid with pentacyanonitrosylmanganate ii
, Anales de Quimica 86(3): 271-275 (1990)

Kinetic studies and modeling of a self replicating system
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 113(23): 8831-8839 (1991)

Kinetic studies in the mechanism of micellar catalyzed oxidation of monoaminomonocarboxylic acids by chloramine t in acidic medium
, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society 67(12): 956-962 (1990)

Kinetic studies of adsorption of bitter principles and titratable acid from grapefruit juice
, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 44(3): 225-236 (1989)

Kinetic studies of alkyl-dihydroxyacetone-phosphate (alkyl-glycerone-phosphate) synthase in peroxisomes of rat liver
, Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 371(4): 339-344 (1990)

Kinetic studies of biosynthetic human c peptide in normal subjects and non insulin dependent diabetic patients
, Journal of the Japan Diabetes Society 33(5): 359-363 (1990)

Kinetic studies of catechol o methyltransferase from the brain of the african catfish clarias gariepinus
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C Pharmacology Toxicology and Endocrinology 91(2): 399-402 (1988)

Kinetic studies of chloride inhibition in aspartate aminotransferase activity
, Biochimie 71(4): 417-425 (1989)

Kinetic studies of four types of nitroheterocyclic radicals by pulse radiolysis. Correlation of pharmacological properties to decay rates
, Free Radical Biology and Medicine 8(2): 173-189 (1990)

Kinetic studies of glucose and alpha methyl d glucoside absorption by hymenolepis diminuta cestoda
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 96(1): 87-90 (1990)

Kinetic studies of human brain cytosol hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase
, Nihon University Journal of Medicine 30(5): 333-342 (1988)

Kinetic studies of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte phosphofructokinase
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 178(2): 672-678 (1991)

Kinetic studies of hydrogenase in aot reversed micelles
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 11(1): 6-11 (1989)

Kinetic studies of lipid exchanges in red cell membranes in hereditary high red cell membrane phosphatidylcholine hemolytic anemia reference to the abnormal accumulation of phosphatidylcholine in these membranes
, Kawasaki Medical Journal 15(3-4): 113-122 (1989)

Kinetic studies of magnesium cobalt and manganese activated d xylose isomerases
, Biochemical Journal 278(1): 285-292 (1991)

Kinetic studies of melphalan thermodegradation by hplc
, Analytical Letters 24(6): 961-970 (1991)

Kinetic studies of metal ion speciation
, Analytica Chimica Acta 256(1): 183-201 (1992)

Kinetic studies of mutant human adenylosuccinase
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 999(1): 19-23 (1989)

Kinetic studies of phenol degradation by Rhodococcus sp. P1. I. Batch cultivation
, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 57(1): 29-32 (1990)

Kinetic studies of phenol degradation by Rhodococcus sp. P1. II. Continuous cultivation
, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 57(1): 33-36 (1990)

Kinetic studies of pyruvate kinase during in vitro differentiation of GM-CFC haemopoietic precursor and bone marrow cells in mice
, Bioscience Reports 10(2): 141-154 (1990)

Kinetic studies of streptomyces phaeochromogenes l alanine dehydrogenase
, Korean Biochemical Journal 24(1): 91-97 (1991)

Kinetic studies of streptomycin uptake implicated in self resistance in a streptomycin producer
, Biotechnology Letters 12(1): 1-6 (1990)

Kinetic studies of superoxide dismutases properties of the manganese containing protein from thermus thermophilus
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 113(11): 4069-4076 (1991)

Kinetic studies of the differential effect of detergents on the peptidase activities of the multicatalytic proteinase from rat liver
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 265(23): 13969-13973 (1990)

Kinetic studies of the effect of egta on sodium potassium atpase
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 16(2): 105-110 (1990)

Kinetic studies of the form of substrate bound by phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase
, Plant Physiology 88(4): 976-979 (1988)

Kinetic studies of the glycolytic enzymes from the mantle and posterior adductor muscle of the common mussel mytilus edulis l. and use of activity ratio v m v as an indicator of apparent k m
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B 94(2): 299-314 (1989)

Kinetic studies of the modulation of ada promoter activity by upstream elements
, Embo Journal 9(7): 2265-2271 (1990)

Kinetic studies of the molecular aggregation of limulus oxyhemocyanin and apohemocyanin
, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 38(4): 289-304 (1990)

Kinetic studies of the oxidation of n 2 hydroxycyclohexylethylenediaminetriacetatochromate iii by periodate
, Bulletin of the Faculty of Science Cairo University 57(2): 669-680 (1989)

Kinetic studies of the pharmacologic response to captopril in rats. II. Hypotensive effect and plasma angiotensin converting enzyme activity
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 12(1): 10-17 (1989)

Kinetic studies of the primary pyrolysis of municipal solid waste in a pyroprobe 1000
, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 23(1): 99-119 (1992)

Kinetic studies of the regulation of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase by citrate
, Biochemical Journal 283: 289-297 (1992)

Kinetic studies on a cross linked complex between plastocyanin and cytochrome f
, Journal of Biochemistry (Tokyo) 105(1): 98-102 (1989)

Kinetic studies on activation of peptide bond formation by hyaluronic acid
, International Journal of Biochemistry 24(8): 1341-1345 (1992)

Kinetic studies on alkaline phosphatase of diacrisia obliqua walker
, Indian Journal of Entomology 49(3): 351-354 (1987)

Kinetic studies on androstenedione production in ovarian microsomes from immature rats
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1125(3): 335-340 (1992)

Kinetic studies on anthralin photooxidation
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 52(3): 445-450 (1990)

Kinetic studies on curcain a protease from the latex of jatropha curcas linn
, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 51(2): 43-47 (1989)

Kinetic studies on drug disposition in rabbits. I. Renal excretion of iodopyracet and sulfamethizole
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 13(2): 97-107 (1990)

Kinetic studies on drug disposition in rabbits. II. Dose dependent pharmacokinetics of sulfamethizole
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 13(2): 108-119 (1990)

Kinetic studies on drug disposition in rabbits. III. Effect of tolbutamide on renal excretion of sulfamethizole
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 13(2): 120-129 (1990)

Kinetic studies on enzymatic hydrolysis of celluloses for evaluation of amorphous structures
, Carbohydrate Polymers 19(1): 11-15 (1992)

Kinetic studies on novel plasminogen activators. Demonstration of fibrin enhancement for hybrid enzymes comprising the A-chain of plasmin (Lys-78) and B-chain of tissue-type plasminogen activator (Ile-276) or urokinase (Ile-159)
, Biochemical Journal 266(3): 693-696 (1990)

Kinetic studies on oleandrin inhibition of sodium plus potassium atpase
, Journal of Shanghai Medical University 17(6): 413-417 (1990)

Kinetic studies on protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibition by diphenyl ether herbicides
, Biochemical Journal 277: 17-21 (1991)

Kinetic studies on softening phenomena of potato during thermal processing
, Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 38(9): 784-788 (1991)

Kinetic studies on sustained release phenobarbitone from poly lactic acid matrix tablets
, Dhaka University Studies Part E Biological Sciences 6(2): 111-118 (1991)

Kinetic studies on the appearance of antigens of Chlamydia psittaci during its developmental cycle
, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 53(4): 691-697 (1991)

Kinetic studies on the association and dissociation of myosin subfragment 1 and actin
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(1): 294-302 (1991)

Kinetic studies on the biological activity of calmodulin in canine heart and liver during endotoxin shock
, Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 69(11): 1670-1676 (1991)

Kinetic studies on the development of the adult population of Leydig cells in testes of the pubertal rat
, Endocrinology 124(2): 762-770 (1989)

Kinetic studies on the inhibition mechanism of diamine oxidase from porcine kidney by aminoguanidine
, Journal of Biochemistry 105(2): 299-306 (1989)

Kinetic studies on the keto enol tautomeric reactions of benzoylacetones
, Yakugaku Zasshi 109(6): 372-376 (1989)

Kinetic studies on the reaction catalysed by phosphofructokinase from mytilus galloprovincialis lamarck
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B 95(3): 531-534 (1990)

Kinetic studies on the reaction of compound II of myeloperoxidase with ascorbic acid. Role of ascorbic acid in myeloperoxidase function
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 265(10): 5666-5670 (1990)

Kinetic studies on the two stage activation of aconitase
, Journal of the Chemical Society Chemical Communications 17: 1141-1142 (1991)

Kinetic study for the thermal conversion of creatine to creatinine
, Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 39(4): 327-332 (1992)

Kinetic study of 2 3 butanediol production by klebsiella oxytoca
, Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering 70(4): 235-240 (1990)

Kinetic study of a change in intracellular ATP level associated with aerobic catabolism of ethanol by Streptococcus mutans
, Journal of Bacteriology 170(10): 4589-4593 (1988)

Kinetic study of a galactosyltransferase in the B cells of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
, International Immunology 2(1): 105-112 (1990)

Kinetic study of an enzymatic liquid liquid reaction the hydrolysis of tributyrin by candida cylindracea lipase
, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 53(4): 373-378 (1992)

Kinetic study of antigen antibody reaction taking place in the follicle stimulating hormone fsh and the luteinizing hormone lh valoration by radioimmunoassay ria
, Anales de la Real Academia de Farmacia 57(4): 581-594 (1991)

Kinetic study of autocatalytic oxidation of l alanine by potassium permanganate in acidic medium ph 1 3
, Anales de Quimica 87(7): 828-832 (1991)

Kinetic study of background emission from peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence reaction and application to the improvement of detection limits in liquid chromatography
, Analytical Chemistry 63(23): 2680-2685 (1991)

Kinetic study of biomethanation of condensed water from thermal concentration process of olive mill wastewater
, Grasas y Aceites 42(6): 437-443 (1991)

Kinetic study of cell mediated immune response of balb c mice after intravenous injection of live cryptococcus neoformans
, Journal de Mycologie Medicale 1(4): 257-269 (1991)

Kinetic study of cell proliferation in a new wound healing model using tissue cultured corneal endothelial cells
, Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 93(3): 287-293 (1989)

Kinetic study of dichlorobissalicylaldehyde o phenylenediiminatoruthenate iii complex catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of methylamine to give methylurethane
, Journal of Molecular Catalysis 68(3): 261-268 (1991)

Kinetic study of hybridoma cell growth in continuous culture: II. Behavior of producers and comparison to nonproducers
, Biotechnology and Bioengineering 38(9): 1020-1028 (1991)

Kinetic study of internalization and degradation of iodine 131 labeled fsh in mouse sertoli cells and its relevance to other systems
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(23): 13632-13641 (1989)

Kinetic study of ligand exchange reaction between technetium 99m labeled glucoheptonate and n benzyl n methylpiperazinylbisaminoethanethiol bpa bat
, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 40(8): 677-682 (1989)

Kinetic study of magnesium and calcium atpases in the hepatopancreas of aestivating freshwater snail pila globosa swainson
, Biochemistry International 18(6): 1069-1076 (1989)

Kinetic study of melatonin release from rat pineal glands using a perifusion technique
, Journal of Pineal Research 7(1): 63-83 (1989)

Kinetic study of milk gelation by the electrical resistance measurement
, Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society 22(6): 391-396 (1990)

Kinetic study of platinum cytostatics reactions by hplc
, Mikrochimica Acta 3(1-3): 11-20 (1990)

Kinetic study of podocytes in glomerular sclerosis
, Kawasaki Igakkai Shi 17(4): 361-376 (1991)

Kinetic study of prespermatogenesis and spermatogenesis in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus waterhouse cricetinae
, Gayana Zoologia 51(1-4): 177-199 (1987)

Kinetic study of ptg201 plasmid stability in escherichia coli
, Acta Biotechnologica 8(4): 311-318 (1988)

Kinetic study of pyrazinamide in adults the elderly and children
, Revista Argentina del Torax 52(1): 8-15 (1991)

Kinetic study of some reactions related to the manganese ii catalyzed bromate saccharide oscillating reactions
, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 23(2): 137-150 (1991)

Kinetic study of starch enzymatic hydrolysis glucose inhibition
, Revista de Microbiologia 20(3): 376-381 (1989)

Kinetic study of stress induced luminescence from different tissues
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 56(1): 83-88 (1992)

Kinetic study of sulfur dioxide degradation during storage of meatballs
, Alimentaria 27(218): 63-66 (1990)

Kinetic study of the anaerobic formation of nitric oxide hemoglobin
, Food Chemistry 32(1): 47-58 (1989)

Kinetic study of the anaerobic purification of a cheese factory wastewater
, Revista Espanola de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Alimentos 32(1): 19-32 (1992)

Kinetic study of the anaerobic purification of olive mill wastewater by using various supports for the immobilization of the microorganisms enacting the process
, Grasas y Aceites 41(4-5): 347-356 (1990)

Kinetic study of the anterior swimming paddle in the leatherback turtle dermochelys coriacea vandelli 1761 during terrestrial locomotion
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 69(2): 495-503 (1991)

Kinetic study of the decomposition of methyl 1 butylcarbamoyl 1h benzimidazol 2 ylcarbamate benomyl to methyl 1h benzimidazol 2 ylcarbamate mbc
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 38(8): 1758-1762 (1990)

Kinetic study of the effect of metabisulfite on polyphenol oxidase
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 40(5): 904-908 (1992)

Kinetic study of the interaction of glutathione with four antitumor disulfides: possible mechanism for cellular glutathione depletion
, Chemico-Biological Interactions 69(2-3): 225-234 (1989)

Kinetic study of the isolation of trypsin immobilized on dialdehyde cellulose during hydrolytic destruction
, Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiya 34(3): 202-204 (1989)

Kinetic study of the Jaffé reaction for quantifying creatinine in serum: 2. Evaluation of buffered reagent and comparison of different data-processing options
, Clinical Chemistry 35(3): 360-363 (1989)

Kinetic study of the molybdenum vi l histidine and molybdenum vi imidazole systems
, Polyhedron 8(18): 2225-2232 (1989)

Kinetic study of the oxidation mechanism of glutathione by hydrogen peroxide in neutral aqueous medium
, Canadian Journal of Chemistry 67(7): 1247-1256 (1989)

Kinetic study of the ozonation of some industrial wastewaters
, Ozone Science and Engineering 14(4): 303-327 (1992)

Kinetic study of the permanganate oxidation of l alanine
, Anales de Quimica 87(7): 877-883 (1991)

Kinetic study of the reaction between tocopheroxyl radical and unsaturated fatty acid esters in benzene
, Lipids 24(11): 936-939 (1989)

Kinetic study of the reaction of vitamin c derivatives with tocopheroxyl vitamin e radical and substituted phenoxyl radicals in solution
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 993(2-3): 168-173 (1989)

Kinetic study of the uv absorption changes of normal purple membranes and purple membranes digested by proteolytic enzymes
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology 9(1): 97-104 (1991)

Kinetic study of urease catalysed urea hydrolysis
, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 52(4): 433-444 (1991)

Kinetic study on gelation of fish meat sol
, Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 37(3): 220-223 (1990)

Kinetic study on high temperature cooking of polished rice in a pressure pot
, Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 38(8): 684-686 (1991)

Kinetic study on oxygenation of lingula unguis hemerythrin using the stopped flow oxygen jump method
, European Biophysics Journal 18(1): 9-16 (1990)

Kinetic study on stability of schiff base of pyridoxal 5' phosphate and leucine in water media with cationic surfactants
, Helvetica Chimica Acta 75(4): 1029-1038 (1992)

Kinetic study on the autoxidation of methyl linolenate by nmr spectrometer
, Agricultural Chemistry and Biotechnology 32(1): 8-13 (1989)

Kinetic study on the biodegradation of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates las in well water
, Chemosphere 24(8): 969-977 (1992)

Kinetic study on the development of the capacity to accumulate chlorophyll a without a lag phase during continuous far red irradiation in pharbitis nil seedlings
, Plant and Cell Physiology 32(4): 563-568 (1991)

Kinetic study on the irreversible thermal denaturation of yeast phosphoglycerate kinase
, Biochemistry 30(8): 2061-2066 (1991)

Kinetic study on the mechanism of tissue distribution of vinblastine
, Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 11(10): 651-661 (1988)

Kinetic study on the release of thiamine disulfide tds from tds higher fatty acids complexes ii. effect of odd numbered fatty acids
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 38(7): 1819-1823 (1990)

Kinetic superiority of intracellular vs. extracellular pentose pathway flux studies in porous adipocytes
, American Journal of Physiology 261(3 Part 1): C476-C481 (1991)

Kinetic theory of enzymatic reactions in reversed micellar systems application of the pseudophase approach to partitioning substrates
, Bioorganicheskaya Khimiya 15(12): 1602-1610 (1989)

Kinetic theory of the action of lipases
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 157(4): 523-533 (1992)

Kinetic therapy in critically ill patients combined results based on meta analysis
, Journal of Critical Care 7(1): 57-62 (1992)

Kinetic values of active serotonin transport by platelets of bipolar, unipolar and schizophrenic patients at 2 and at 8 a.m. Preliminary report
, Neuropsychobiology 20(2): 57-61 (1988)

Kinetic variations in the morphology of the alveolar cells from the acute intoxicated rats induced by fenvalerate
, Zhongguo Yaolixue Yu Dulixue Zazhi 4(2): 134-137 (1990)

Kinetical analysis of the inhibition of rapid calcium release from skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum
, Acta Medica Romana 27(2): 227-234 (1989)

Kinetically caused saturation in the deposition of cells effects of saturation at the secondary minimum and of excluded area
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 128(2): 592-601 (1989)

Kinetically controlled displacement by azide on an allylic chloride synthesis of a highly potent serotonin 3 receptor ligand prototype
, Tetrahedron 47(29): 5391-5400 (1991)

Kinetically controlled synthesis of dipeptides using ficin as biocatalyst
, Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 14(2): 183-191 (1991)

Kinetically controlled urease electrode
, Electroanalysis 1(6): 535-540 (1989)

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