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Kinetic relationship between energy dependent fluorescence quenching light scattering chlorophyll luminescence and proton pumping in intact leaves

Bilger, W.; Heber, U.; Schreiber, U.

Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 43(11-12): 877-887


DOI: 10.1515/znc-1988-11-1214
Accession: 007500077

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A measuring system was designed for simultaneous recording of modulated chlorophyll fluorescence and light scattering changes. The kinetic relationship was investigated between light-induced changes in non-photochemical fluorescence quenching, as determined by the saturation pulse method, and in light scattering, as measured via the apparent absorbance change at 543 nm. Very similar, but not identical kinetics were observed, reflecting a close non-linear relationship between these two indicators of thylakoid membrane energization. Fluorescence was found more sensitive at low levels of energization, while scattering continued indicating further increases in energization when quenching already was saturated. A general relationship between quenching and scattering is demonstrated which holds irrespective of whether energization is varied during induction or via changes in light intensity or CO2 concentration. In the light-off responses, only part of fluorescence quenching was found to relax with the same kinetics as scattering. It is suggested that at high levels of energization slowly reversible membrane changes may be induced which have the potential of non-photochemical quenching at a low level of energization, and which are not accompanied by scattering changes. Neither quenching nor scattering changes displayed kinetics sufficiently fast to be taken as a direct expression of internal thylakoid acidification in intact leaves. This conclusion is drawn from comparative measurements of proton-uptake, as reflected by CO2-solubilization upon light-induced stroma alkalization, and of chlorophyll luminescence. Both, the initial CO2-gulp and the pH-dependent luminescence rise were found to clearly precede the development of energy-dependent quenching.

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