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Lipid composition and flavor changes in irradiated mango variety alphonso

Gholap, A.S.; Bandyopadhyay, C.; Nair, P.M.

Journal of Food Science 55(6): 1579-1580, 1584


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1147
Accession: 007514799

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Changes were studied in fatty acid composition of the pulp, aroma and flavor of gamma irradiated (0.25kGy) and control mature green Alphonso mangoes during ripening at 25-30.degree. C. Ripening of both control and irradiated mangoes was accompanied by changes in glyceride as well as fatty acids. Oleic acid of pulp oil of irradiated mangoes decreased appreciably during ripening as compared with controls. Linoleic acid of pulp oil of unirradiated fruits decreased markedly on the 6th day of storage. With irradiated fruits linoleic acid remained unaffected up to the 12th day of storage. Linolenic acid content of pulp oil of irradiated fruit increased much more than that of unirradiated fruit during ripening. Gas chromatographic profiles of volatiles of control and irradiated mangoes showed no difference.

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