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Lipid composition and fluidity of liver plasma membranes from rats with chronic dietary iron overload

Pietrangelo, A.; Tripodi, A.; Carulli, N.; Tomasi, A.; Ceccarelli, D.; Ventura, E.; Masini, A.

Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes 21(4): 527-533


ISSN/ISBN: 0145-479X
PMID: 2808330
DOI: 10.1007/bf00762524
Accession: 007514801

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Liver plasma membranes isolated from rats with chronic dietary iron overload showed a large modification of their phospholipid fatty acid composition. Specifically, a significant decrease in polyunsaturated fatty acids and a parallel increase in saturated fatty acids was observed. This pattern was consistent with the in vivo occurrence of lipoperoxidative reactions in the liver plasma membranes. However, neither change in the cholesterol/phospholipid molar ratio nor in the lipid/protein ratio was detected. Direct measurement of the plasma membrane fluidity state by electron spin resonance spectrometry did not reveal any difference between control and iron-treated rats. These findings indicate that chronic dietary iron overload can induce lipid peroxidation of rat liver plasma membranes, but this event does not bring about modification in the physical state of the membrane.

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