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Lithological and stratigraphical data on the liassic medolo northwest of m. domaro in the trompia valley brescia italy

Schirolli, P.

Atti Ticinensi di Scienze della Terra 33: 157-176


Accession: 007516813

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Within the Jurassic basinal Medolo Group of the Brescia province, a lithostratigraphic section cropping out in the area of the Colma di Domaro (to the W of Gardone Val Trompia), and thus situated in the type-locality of the Domerian substage, is the subject of this work. The complete sequence, about 700 m thick, starts with Lotharingian beds of the so-called Gardone Val Trompia Limestone and continues up to the Toarcian basal beds of the Concesio Formation. The intermediate Domaro Limestone consists of two different members, both containing ammonites which testify to a distribution from the uppermost Carixian to the whole Domerian. Some sedimentological aspects of the Gardone Limestone are also described. They show a conspicuous torbidic origin of this formation.

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