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Chapter 7,553

Microplot trials of pheromone dispensers for confusion of male oriental fruit moth cydia molesta and the plum fruit moth cydia funebrana

Hrdy, I.; Kuldova, J.; Sundukova, N.E.; Vrkoc, J.

Sbornik UVTIZ (Ustav Vedeckotechnickych Informaci pro Zemedelstvi) Ochrana Rostlin 26(3): 223-233


Accession: 007552602

Three types of pheromone dispensers for male confusion of the oriental fruit moth, Cydia molesta (Busck), and the plum fruit moth, Cydia funebrana (Treitschke), were tested in peach orchards in southern part of Moravia (Valtice and Pasohlavky) in 1988. To verify employment of small plot trials when solving particular technological problems in connection with chemical communication disruption within populations of pests was the aim of the study.

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