Milk yield composition and technological properties of milk of native stara zagora sheep and crossbreds with east friesian rams iv. technological properties of milk for production of white brine cheese

Pejchevski, I.; Dimitrov, T.; Iliev, T.; Dzhorbineva, M.; Tsenkov, I.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 25(6): 21-27


Accession: 007554439

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Purpose of the study was to establish the technological properties of milk from native Stara Zagora sheep and their crossbreds with East Friesian rams for production of white brine cheese. The study was conducted in the years 1985-1986 using pool milk from two groups of ewes in 1st lactation, equalized at time of lambing and placed under the same conditions of feeding and rearing at the experimental base of the institute of cattle and sheep breeding-Stara Zagora. It was found that: milk of the Stara Zagora sheep and crossbreds with East Friesian rams was suitable for production of white brine cheese. Moreover, the obtained cheese from milk of both groups of ewes met requirements of the Bulgarian state standard 15-73 for high quality cheese. Significant differences in yield, composition and properties of cheese of the two groups were not established.