Miocene neuroptera from the northern caucasus and the sikhote alin russian sfsr ussr

Makarkin, V.N.

Paleontologiceskij Zurnal (1): 57-68


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-031X
Accession: 007555307

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The new genus MIOPSYCHOPSIS (Psychopsidae) and 11 new species belonging to the three families - Hemerobiidae (six species). Chrysopidae (three species) and Psychopsidae (two species) - are described from Miocene localities of Stavropol'ye and Sikhote - Alin'. [The species are as follows; Miopsychopsis relictum gen. et. sp. nov., M. sikhotensis sp. nov., Drepanepteryx ramosa sp. nov., D. oedobia sp. nov., Megalomus caucasicus sp. nov., M. maculosus sp. nov., Hemerobius incertus sp. nov., H. prohumulinus sp. nov., Chrysopa martynovae sp. nov., C. miocenea sp. nov., and C. stavropolitana sp. nov.].