Modified split level lid resection in ptosis

Bethria, S.M.; Patil, N.D.

Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 38(4): 175-177


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-4738
PMID: 2086469
Accession: 007559455

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10 patients of congenital simple ptosis having 3 to 5 mm of ptosis with variable levator action were operated. All the patients showed a good response of lid lift after instillation of phenyl ephrine drops showing the activity of Muller's muscle. With this technique the lagophthalmos was minimal and good lid folds were formed in all cases. The skin muscle lamina was not excised and was utilized for formation of lids folds which were equal in depth and dynamic in nature. However, the lid lag which is an unavoidable complication of any ptosis surgery was present in the present technique also.