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Molecular genetics and biology of self incompatibility in nicotiana alata an ornamental tobacco

Mcclure, B.A.; Haring, V.; Ebert, P.R.; Anderson, M.A.; Bacic, A.; Clarke, A.E.

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 17(3): 345-354


ISSN/ISBN: 0310-7841
Accession: 007564313

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Glycoproteins are present in the styles of several self-incompatible species within the Solanaceae which segregate with particular alleles of the S-(self-incompatibility) gene. The amino acid sequences of style glycoproteins corresponding to different S-alleles of N. alata are homologous in some regions and variable in others. Homologous regions include N-terminal sequences as well as most of the glycosylation sites and cysteine residues. The isolated style S-glycoproteins inhibit in vitro growth of pollent tubes of several S-genotypes, with some specificity in the interaction. The isolated S-glycoproteins have ribonuclease activity which may be involved in their action in arrest of growth of incompatible (self) pollen.

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