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Chapter 7,569

Morphological and chromosomal changes of plants regenerated from culture of an interspecific hybrid of oryza oryza sativa x oryza latifolia

Shu L.; Wu H.; Zhang X.

Acta Agronomica Sinica 16(3): 259-266


Accession: 007568924

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The experimental materials were young panicles of an interspecific hybrid F1[O. sativa (AA, an = 24) .times. O. latifolia (CCDD) 2N = 48]. The genotype of the hybrid is an allotriploid (ACD) 3n = 36. Young panicles were used for callus induction and plant regeneration. After several cycles of subcultures regenerated plants were recovered and which could be classified into 2 categories: (1). The complete sterility plantlets having the similar botanical characters as F1 hybrid (allotriploid), chromosome number 2n = 36. (2). Plantlets with few seeds having botanical characters of intermediate between the two parents, chromosome number 2n = 24. Our results showed that tissues of young panicles in process of culture in vitro is an efficient way to overcome the hybrid sterility for interspecific hybridization in Oryza.

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