Mycoflora associated with dry dates in upper egypt i. mesophilic and thermophilic fungi

Moubasher, A.H.; El-Sharouny, H.M.M.; Nassar, M.S.

Qatar University Science Bulletin 8: 47-58


Accession: 007579747

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Twenty-eight species which belong to 19 genera were identified from 30 dry date samples collected from Upper Egypt and plated at Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium were the most common genera on the carposphere and the carpoplane. A. niger, P. rugulosum and F. solani were the most common species on the carposphere while A. niger and Alternaria alternata were prevalent on the carpoplane. At, six species, in addition to one variety of Humicola grisea, which belong to five genera were collected from the carposphere and carpoplane of 30 date samples and A. fumigatus was the most common species. [Other genera mentioned were: Cladosporium, Drechslera, Rhizopus, Trichoderma, Mucor, Myriococcum, Myrothecium, Thermoascus, Acremonium, Paecilomyces, Chaetomium, Curvularia, Ulocladium, and Phoma.].