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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7594

Chapter 7594 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gosmann, M.; Vogt, A.; Franck, B., 1990:
New porphyrinoids 9. synthesis of a bisvinylogous porphyrin with a 22 annulene system

Oonishi, M., 1990:
New portable spectrometry recording system

Jung, G.; Schultz, G., 1990:
New possibilities for platelet shape change evaluation using the laser rheoaggregometer

Mattila, T.; Tawast, J.; Ahvenainen, R., 1990:
New possibilities for quality control of aseptic packages microbiological spoilage and seal defect detection using head space indicators

Nielsen, H.J.T., 1991:
New possibilities in phytosociological and mathematical methods for detecting landscape structure and relations among elements

Feher, J.; Okolicsanyi, L., 1991:
New possibilities in the treatment of gallbladder stones

Masten, R.; Stamenkovic, T.; Peric, P.; Stamenkovic, S., 1989:
New possibilities of controlling red spider mite panonychus ulmi koch tetranychidae

Patai, K.; Jakab, Z.; Harkányi, Z.; Balogh, I., 1989:
New possibilities of recognizing early endometrial changes

Filatov, M.V.; Varfolomeev, D.B.; Kotlovanova, L.V., 1991:
New possibilities of the investigation of cell macromolecular complex structures by the incorporation of cells in polyacrylamide microspheres

Kruminja, G.A., 1989:
New possibilities of the therapy assessment by means of computer tomography

Fernandez, A., 1990:
New possibility for metastable rna folding of biological significance a physico chemical view at biological regulation and control

Harrison, T., 1989:
New postcranial remains of victoriapithecus from the middle miocene of kenya

Rose, M.D., 1989:
New postcranial specimens of catarrhines from the middle miocene chinji formation pakistan descriptions and a discussion of proximal humeral functional morphology in anthropoids

Nishi, O., 1990:
New posterior chamber lens with open circular haptic for a small capsular opening preliminary report

Zhong, N.C.; Jin, J., 1991:
New posture equilibrometer for the diagnosis of vestibular disease

Boja, J.W.; Carroll, F.I.; Rahman, M.A.; Philip, A.; Lewin, A.H.; Kuhar, M.J., 1990:
New, potent cocaine analogs: ligand binding and transport studies in rat striatum

Ojima, I.; Kato, K.; Jameison, F.A.; Conway, J.; Radunz, H.E., 1992:
New potent enkephalin analogs containing trifluoromethyl amino acid residues

Mickisch, G.H.; Merlino, G.T.; Aiken, P.M.; Gottesman, M.M.; Pastan, I., 1991:
New potent verapamil derivatives that reverse multidrug resistance in human renal carcinoma cells and in transgenic mice expressing the human MDR1 gene

Ebralidze, L.K.; Khamaganova, I.V.; Mal'tseva N.N., 1991:
New potentialities in the laboratory diagnosis of genital herpes

Stepanenko, V.I.; Kolyadenko, V.G.; Bednova, V.N., 1991:
New potentialities of microbiologic studies in venereology

Stamova, L.; Ernandes, R.; Jordanov, M.; Chonova, M., 1990:
New powdery mildew on tomatoes in bulgaria

Camps, F.; Llebaria, A.; Moreto, J.M.; Pages, L., 1992:
New practical synthesis of spirocyclopentenones

Rasnitsyn, A.P., 1990:
New praeaulacidae species hymenoptera from the early cretaceous buryatia russian sfsr ussr and mongolia

Karg, W., 1989:
New predatory mite species of the genus proprioseiopsis muma 1961 acarina parasitiformes with keys for determination

Elbanhaway, E.M.; Abou Awad, B.A., 1989:
New predatory mites species of the genus phytoseius ribaga from tanzania acarina phytoseiidae

Henry, C.J.; Rees, D.G., 1991:
New predictive equations for the estimation of basal metabolic rate in tropical peoples

Ahmad, V.U.; Usmanghani, K.; Rizwani, G.H., 1988:
New pregnane glycosides from caralluma tuberculata

Garcia, M.A.; Rachad, M.; Hadjouis, D.; Inizan M L.; Fontugne, M., 1991:
New prehistoric discoveries in yemen the context of rock art in the saada area

Rozsa, Z.; Hohmann, J.; Mester, I.; Reisch, J., 1988:
New prenylated chromenoflavanones from amorpha fruticosa

Kajiyama, K.; Demizu, S.; Hiraga, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Koyama, K.; Takahashi, K.; Tamura, Y.; Okada, K.; Kinoshita, T., 1992:
New prenylflavones and dibenzoylmethane from glycyrrhiza inflata

Charvet A S.; Comeau, L.C.; Gaydou, E.M., 1991:
New preparation of pure petroselinic acid from fennel oil foeniculum vulgare

Toda, F.; Tanaka, K.; Yagi, M.; Stein, Z.; Goldberg, I., 1990:
New preparative and optical resolution method for beta lactams

Yan J Q.; Lei B T., 1991:
New preparative method of human chorionic gonadotropin

Champanhet J M., 1987:
New presence of diaprysius gezei jeannel coleoptera bathysciinae in a cave in ardeche france

Stamboltsyan, R.P.; Mikhaelyants, L.M.; Drampyan, M.F., 1988:
New principle of precordial mapping and its importance in the study of the size and dynamics of the infarction focus

Alakhov, V.Yu; Arzhakov, S.A.; Vasilenko, O.V.; Voloshchuk, S.G.; Glazkova Stepanenko, I.S.; Duvakin, I.A.; Ishkov, A.G.; Kabanov, A.V.; Kabanov, V.A.; E.A., 1988:
New principle of the creation of immunotherapeutic compounds of directed action physiologically active substances reversibly blocked by target recognizing macromolecules

Chernikov, M.P., 1990:
New principles in determination of protein biological value

Sheremet, B.V.; Afanas'eva T.V., 1991:
New principles of alluvial soil classification

Savin, I.Yu, 1989:
New principles of designing large scale soil maps

Samsonov, G.V.; Pisarev, O.A., 1992:
New principles of ion exchange preparation chromatography and its application to isolation purification and superpurification of antibiotics

Alifanov, V.R., 1989:
New priscagamids lacertilia from the upper cretaceous of mongolia and their position in the iguania system

Smitt, U.W.; Cornett, C.; Andersen, A.; Christensen, S.B.; Avato, P., 1990:
New proazulene guaianolides from Thapsia villosa

Langham, C.D.; Williams, S.T.; Sneath, P.H.; Mortimer, A.M., 1989:
New probability matrices for identification of Streptomyces

Voss, H.; Schwager, C.; Wirkner, U.; Zimmermann, J.; Erfle, H.; Hewitt, N.; Rupp, T.; Stegemann, J.; Ansorge, W., 1992:
New procedure for automated dna sequencing with multiple internal labeling by fluorescent dutp

Didry, N.; Dubreuil, L.; Pinkas, M., 1990:
New procedure for direct bioautographic TLC assay as applied to a tincture of Ranunculus bulbosus

Potapenko, E.I.; Kochorova, M.N., 1990:
New procedure of b rosette forming reaction

Bonar Law, R.P.; Davis, A.P.; Sanders, J.K.M., 1990:
New procedures for selectively protected cholic acid derivatives regioselective protection of the 12 alpha hydroxyl group and tert butyl esterification of the carboxyl group

Chen W Z.; Liu, Y.; Weng L X.; Guan Z W., 1992:
New process for synthesis of side chain of methotrexate

Leuteritz, G.M., 1991:
New process technology for a safe and environmentally friendly ethoxylation of fatty alcohols

Cavichioli, R.R.; Sakakibara, A.M., 1989:
New proconiini genus and species homoptera cicadellidae

Winkelmann, E.; Winkler, I.; Rolly, H.; Rösner, M.; Jähne, G., 1988:
New prodrugs of acyclic nucleosides with antiviral activity

Knauer, G.A.; Redalje, D.G.; Harrison, W.G.; Karl, D.M., 1990:
New production at the vertex time series site

Smith, W.O.Jr; Harrison, W.G., 1991:
New production in polar regions the role of environmental controls

Strass, V.H.; Woods, J.D., 1991:
New production in the summer revealed by the meridional slope of the deep chlorophyll maximum

Dugdale, R.C.; Wilkerson, F.P., 1989:
New production in the upwelling center at point conception california usa temporal and spatial patterns

Abdel Moety, E.M., 1989:
New products from lipids cyclopentenyl fatty acids as starting materials

Grechkin, A.N.; Kuramshin, R.A.; Efremov, Y.Y.; Latypov, S.K.; Safonova, E.Yu; Il'yasov A.V., 1990:
New products of alpha linolenic acid oxidation by lipoxygenase from potato tubers

Cone, M.C.; Seaton, P.J.; Halley, K.A.; Gould, S.J., 1989:
New products related to kinamycin from streptomyces murayamaensis new species i. taxonomy production isolation and biological properties

Seaton, P.J.; Gould, S.J., 1989:
New products related to kinamycin from streptomyces murayamaensis new species ii. structures of prekinamycin ketoanhydrokinamycin and kinamycins e and f

Santucci, M.; Bondi, R., 1989:
New prognostic criterion in adenoid cystic carcinoma of salivary gland origin

Held, M.; Meurer, M.; Stippel, H.; Schulte, C.; Reimann H J.; Braun Falco, O., 1990:
New prognostic indicator by computer based hiv 1 western blot analysis

Tamura, S.; Kodama, T.; Samejima, M.; Yuki, Y.; Watanabe, K., 1989:
New projection for portography

Hederstedt, L.; Hedén, L.O., 1989:
New properties of Bacillus subtilis succinate dehydrogenase altered at the active site. The apparent active site thiol of succinate oxidoreductases is dispensable for succinate oxidation

Asanov, O.N.; Khanevich, M.D.; Shakh, B.N.; Golubeva, L.A.; Lapshin, V.N., 1991:
New prospects for the prevention of acute gastric and intestinal ulcers in peritonitis using antihypoxic and antioxidant drugs

Strullu D G.; Plenchette, C., 1990:
New prospects for the use of entrapped inoculum of vam fungi

Lopez Bernanldo, D.Quiros, J.C., 1991:
New prospects in endocarditic treatment

Martinez Verges, F., 1989:
New prospects in polyphenolic compound analysis supercritical fluid chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Seijo-Rey, B.; Gutierrez-De-Rubalcava, C.; Vila-Jato, J.L., 1991:
New prospects in the development of liposomes i. technological aspects

Seijo-Rey, B.; Gutierrez-De-Rubalcava, C.; Vila-Jato, J.L., 1991:
New prospects in the development of liposomes ii. therapeutic applications

Kogel, H.; Vollmar, J.F.; Proschek, P., 1991:
New prostheses for venous substitution

Mcdonald, N.Q.; Lapatto, R.; Murray-Rust, J.; Gunning, J.; Wlodawer, A.; Blundell, T.L., 1991:
New protein fold revealed by a 2.3 a resolution crystal structure of nerve growth factor

Schultz, M.; Schmidt, G.; Krause J P.; Seifert, A.; Schmandke, H., 1991:
New protein stabilized o w emulsions

Cheftel, J.C.; Kitagawa, M.; Queguiner, C., 1992:
New protein texturization process by extrusion cooking at high moisture levels

Arai, M.; Nishimura, T.; Tsukao, K.; Kawaguchi, T.; Hayashi, H.; Shimizu, Y.; Murao, S., 1989:
New proteinaceous alpha amylase inhibitor t 76 from streptomyces nitrosporeus

Borisch, D., 1989:
New provincial records of earwigs dermaptera from sweden

Coulianos C C., 1989:
New provincial records of swedish flat bugs and bark bugs hemiptera heteroptera aradidae with aradus truncatus new record to sweden

Gertsson C A., 1991:
New provincial records of whiteflies homoptera aleyrodidae and some of their parasites

Irish, J., 1988:
New psammophilous lepismatidae thysanura from southwestern africa

Zhuravleva, F.A., 1989:
New pseudorthoceratids cephalopoda orthoceratida from the lower carboniferous of the mugodzhar kazakh ssr ussr

Schawaller, W., 1986:
New pseudoscorpion finds from the kashmir himalayas arachnida pseudoscorpiones

Schawaller, W., 1991:
New pseudoscorpion samples from the nepal himalayas iii arachnida pseudoscorpiones

Harvey, M.S., 1990:
New pseudoscorpions of the genera americhernes muchmore and cordylochernes beier from australia pseudoscorpionida chernetidae

Kalugina, N.S., 1989:
New psychodomorphic insects of the mesozoic of siberia russian sfsr ussr diptera eoptychopteridae ptychopteridae

Gil'manov M.K.; Shalakhmetova, G.A.; Mironov, E.A.; Vol'pin M.E., 1989:
New pterin coenzyme of the glutamate oxidative deaminating enzymatic system from wheat grain

Hirota, S.; Fujita, Y.; Sako, M.; Sugimoto, K.; Hasegawa, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Kono, M., 1992:
New puncture technique for TIPSS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunt)

E.B.youki K.A.M.; Haggag, B.; Basyouni, W.M., 1990:
New purine derivatives with useful plant growth regulating properties

Murray, A.M.; Waddington, J.L., 1990:
New putative selective agonists at the d 1 dopamine receptor behavioral and neurochemical comparison of cy 208 243 with skf 101384 and skf 103243

Geisen, K.; Taraz, K.; Budzikiewicz, H., 1992:
New pyoverdin type siderophores from pseudomonas fluorescens

Hafez, O.M.A.; Ahmed, K.M.; Mandour, A.M.; E.K.risy E.A.M., 1990:
New pyrazolines isoxazolines and sulfides from 4 7 dimethoxy 5 acetyl 6 hydroxybenzofuran khellinone and their antimicrobial activities

Vasil'eva L.N., 1990:
New pyrenomycetous species from the kunashir island russian sfsr ussr

Osada, H.; Ishinabe, K.; Yano, T.; Kajikawa, K.; Isono, K., 1990:
New pyrrolobenzodiazepine antibiotics rk 1441a and rk 1441b i. biological properties

Munaka, M.; IIda, H., 1992:
New quantification of regional cerebral blood flow measurements by iodine 123 imp spect with the rotating gamma camera theory and validation of the look up table method

Borré, G.E.; Borré, D.G.; Pereira, H.; Duval, A.A.; Corona, R., 1990:
New quantified echographic features of normal kidney. Hydronephrosis classification

Greensite, F.; Huiskamp, G.; van Oosterom, A., 1990:
New quantitative and qualitative approaches to the inverse problem of electrocardiology: their theoretical relationship and experimental consistency

Legnani, C.; Maccaferri, M.; Palareti, G.; Coccheri, S., 1990:
New quantitative enzyme immunoassays for degradation products of fibrin and fibrinogen in plasma a comparison with other laboratory methods

Sugimoto, T.; Nakamura, K.; Okada, M.; Ota, T.; Sato, H.; Iwahashi, K., 1990:
New quantitative method for evaluating tricuspid regurgitation

Tamura, M.; Ishiki, M.; Tachibana, H., 1989:
New quantitative method for non invasive monitoring of tissue blood oxygenation by near ir spectrophotometry

Baba, H.; Yoshikawa, K.; Mitsuno, T.; Inoue, T.; Inoue, Y., 1989:
New quantitative parameters for CT evaluation of orbitopathy in dysthyroid ophthalmopathy

Koike, K.; Ohmoto, T., 1992:
New quassinoid glucosides javanicinosides i j k and l from picrasma javanica

Koike, K.; Mitsunaga, K.; Ohmoto, T., 1990:
New quassinoids from indonesian picrasma javanica structures of javanicins e f g and m

Koike, K.; Ishii, K.; Mitsunaga, K.; Ohmoto, T., 1991:
New quassinoids from picrasma javanica structures of javanicins u v w x and y

Ranucci, E.; Ferruti, P.; Grazia-Neri, M., 1991:
New quaternary ammonium polymers as antimicrobial agents part ii. alkylation products of linear aliphatic polyaminodisulfides

Wunderly, S.W.; Kauffman, J.M., 1990:
New quench resistant fluors for liquid scintillation counting

Schoenemann, P.H., 1989:
New questions about old heritability estimates

Arslanian, R.L.; Harris, G.H.; Stermitz, F.R., 1990:
New quinolizidine alkaloids from lupinus argenteus and its hosted root parasite castilleja sulphurea stereochemistry and conformation of some naturally occurring cyclic carbinolamides

Hallett, P.; Maxwell, A., 1991:
New quinolone resistance mutations of the escherichia coli dna gyrase a protein enzymatic analysis of the mutant proteins

Monge, A.; Palop, J.A.; Ochoa, D.R.tana A.; Urbasos, I.; Fernandez Alvarez, E., 1988:
New quinoxalines and pyrazole 3 4 b quinoxalines with antihypertensive activity

Gulya, T.J.; Sackston, W.E.; Viranyi, F.; Masirevic, S.; Rashid, K.Y., 1991:
New races of the sunflower downy mildew pathogen plasmopara halstedii in europe and north and south america

Berdnikov, V.A., 1991:
New radiolarian species from quaternary deposits of the central trough in the indian ocean

Vanev, S.G.; Negrean, G., 1992:
New ramularia species from romania

Mclellan, C.A.; Doudet, D.J.; Brucke, T.; Aigner, T.G.; Cohen, R.M., 1991:
New rapid analysis method demonstrates differences in fluorine 18 6 fluoro l dopa plasma input curves with and without carbidopa and in hemi mptp lesioned monkeys

Kronrad, L.; Hradilek, P.; Kopicka, K., 1990:
New rapid methods of labelling by radioiodine

Bryndorf, T.; Christensen, B.; Philip, J.; Hansen, W.; Yokobata, K.; Bui, N.; Gaiser, C., 1992:
New rapid test for prenatal detection of trisomy 21 (Down's syndrome): preliminary report

Sennikov, A.G., 1988:
New rauisuchidae from the triassic of the european ussr

Eierdanz, H.; Hirsinger, F., 1990:
New raw materials for oleochemical reactions

Barton, D.H.R., 1988:
New reactions for use in natural products chemistry

Medion Simon, M.; Pindur, U., 1991:
New reactions of amino functionalized 3 vinyl 1h indoles and tetrahydropyridin 4 yl analogues and dienophiles

Erfanian Abdoust, H.; Pindur, U., 1989:
New reactivity of stable indole 2 3 quinodimethane equivalents 4 plus 2 cycloaddition cycloreversion sigmatropic rearrangement and elimination processes in the reactions of 1 4 dimethylpyrano 3 4 b indol 3 one and 1 methylpyrido 3 4 b indol 3 one with cc dienophiles

Q.Y B., 1991:
New reagent for spectrophotometric determination of salicylic acid

Keana, J.F.W.; Cai, S.X., 1990:
New reagents for photoaffinity labeling synthesis and photolysis of functionalized perfluorophenylazides

Sharshov, A.A.; Grafodatskii, A.S., 1990:
New rearrangement of chromosomes in cattle

Dutreix, M.; Moreau, P.L.; Bailone, A.; Galibert, F.; Battista, J.R.; Walker, G.C.; Devoret, R., 1989:
New rec a mutations that dissociate the various rec a protein activities in escherichia coli provide evidence for an additional role of rec a protein in uv mutagenesis

Ullberg, M.; Kronvall, G.; Wiman, B., 1989:
New receptor for human plasminogen on gram positive cocci

Topol' L.Z.; Tatosyan, A.G.; Bleier, D.; Kiselev, F.L., 1991:
New recipient cell line for transfection of activated oncogenes

Watkins, D.I.; Mcadam, S.N.; Liu, X.; Strang, C.R.; Milford, E.L.; Levine, C.G.; Garber, T.L.; Dogon, A.L.; E.A., 1992:
New recombinant hla b alleles in a tribe of south american amerindians indicate rapid evolution of mhc class i loci

Herrmann, S.J., 1988:
New record and range extension for ceraclea resurgens new record trichoptera leptoceridae from colorado usa with notes on ecological conditions

Hermann, S.J., 1990:
New record and range extension for rhyacophila wallowa new record trichoptera rhyacophilidae from rocky mountain national park colorado usa

Corvea, A., 1990:
New record of a holothurian echinodermata for cuba west indies

Omkar, G.S.S., 1990:
New record of a noctuid pest autographa nigrisigna new record walker on chickpea from gorakhpur uttar pradesh india

Jean C T.; Lee S C., 1992:
New record of a sparid fish acanthopagrus australis from taiwan

Baig, K.J., 1988:
New record of agama nuristanica new record sauria agamidae from pakistan

Tanikawa, A., 1991:
New record of arachnura melanura new record simon 1867 araneae araneidae from japan with the first description of the male

Pedersen, H., 1991:
New record of breeding middle spotted woodpecker dendrocopos medius in a forest in central jutland denmark

W.S.H.; Chen Z C., 1990:
New record of corticiaceae basidiomycetes collected from the national taiwan university campus

Yadav, K.P.; Pawar, A.D., 1989:
New record of dryinid parasitoid of brown plant hopper nilaparvata lugens stal. and white backed plant hopper sogatella furcifera horv

Parodi, R., 1987:
New record of great bustard otis tarda linnaeus 1758 in friuli north eastern italy

Omori, M.; Ukishima, Y.; Muranaka, F., 1988:
New record of occurrence of sergia incens hansen crustacea sergestidae off tung kang taiwan with special reference to phylogeny and distribution of the species

Naik, V.N.; Bhogaonkar, P.Y., 1990:
New record of plants from maharashtra state india

Singh, M.P., 1990:
New record of plants from patna india

Abe, H., 1990:
New record of porolohmannella violacea new record kramer 1879 acari halacaridae from japan

Prasad, P.K.; Labh, L.; Ambasta, K.K., 1989:
New record of psilotum nudum from bihar india

Kim I S.; Lee Y J., 1986:
New record of the gobiid fish mugilogobius abei new record from south korea

Krystufek, B.; Petkovski, S., 1990 :
New record of the jackal canis aureus new record linnaeus 1758 in macedonia mammalia carnivora

Sing, G.; Grewal, G.S.; Bhalia, J.S., 1991:
New record of tingid bug galeatus scrophicus saunders as a serious pest of sunflower in punjab

Wen J Z.; L.S.P.; Sun C X., 1992:
New record of vairimorpha necatrix kramer from china microspora burenellidae

Alzubaidy, M.M.; Al-Gboory, I.J., 1988:
New record of varroa jacobsoni new record oudemans on honey bees apis mellifera l. for iraq

Park, K.T.; Byun, B.K., 1989:
New recorded species of tortricidae lepidoptera from korea iii. eight species of the subfamily tortricinae

Guittonneau, G.G., 1988:
New records about experimental systematics of some species of the genus erodium l'her. geraniaceae in the mediterranean bassin

Gillies, M.T., 1991:
New records and a new species of afrobaetodes demoulin baetidae ephemeroptera from tanzania

A.Khalili, A.D., 1990:
New records and a review of the mammalian fauna of the state of bahrain arabian gulf

Vazquez, M.M.; Palacios Vargas, J.G., 1990:
New records and biogeographic aspects of collembola from the sierra de la laguna baja california sur mexico

Linardi, P.M.; Negromonte, M.R.S., 1987:
New records and dispersal of cattle haematopinid lice in brazil anoplura haematopinidae

Ibarra Vidal, H.; Carlos Ortiz, J., 1990:
New records and extension of the geographical distribution of some marine turtles in chile

Serra Cobo, J.; Faus, F.V., 1989:
New records and faunistic observations on the chiroptera of the valencia region spain

Maddalena, T.; Van Der Straeten, E.; Ntahuga, L.; Sparti, A., 1989:
New records and karyotypes of rodents from burundi

Herrera, A.Y., 1988:
New records and new combinations of grasses from the valley of mexico

Rasbach, H.; Rasbach, K.; Bennert, H.W., 1990:
New records and new cytological results for the fern flora of madeira north atlantic ocean

Bouchet, P., 1991:
New records and new species of abyssochrysos mollusca caenogastropoda

Krug, J.C.; Khan, R.S., 1989:
New records and new species of podospora from east africa

Borowiec, L., 1989:
New records and new synonyms of asiatic cassidinae coleoptera chrysomelidae

Mercadal, D.B.rrio I.T.; Barrio, A., 1988:
New records and other citations of earthworms oligochaeta for argentina

Retzer, M.E., 1990:
New records and range extensions of twelve species of fishes in the gulf of mexico

Ridley, G.S., 1988:
New records and species of loculoascomycetes from new zealand

Arballo, E., 1990:
New records for birds of uruguay

Narosky, S., 1988:
New records for crypturellus undulatus new record

Ferrandez, M.A.; Fernandez, D.C.spedes H., 1990:
New records for iberian species of the genus harpactea bristowe 1939 araneae dysderidae

Merrill, G.L., 1989:
New records for kansas usa mosses

Merrill, G.L.S., 1991:
New records for kansas usa mosses ii

Helyuta, V.P., 1990:
New records for science and for ussr taxa of powdery mildew fungi from the reserve kedrovaya pad primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Williams, A.A.E.; Hay, R.W.; Bollam, H.H., 1992:
New records for six lycaenid butterflies in western australia lepidoptera lycaenidae

Erik, S.; Sumbul, H., 1992:
New records for some squares in flora of turkey

Cody, W.J.; Scotter, G.W., 1990:
New records for the alberta canada flora geranium pratense new record meadow crane's bill and anemone canadensis f dicksonii new record a canada anemone form

Cardenas, S.A., 1987:
New records for the bryological flora of mexico and the valley of mexico

Dauvin J C.; Cabioch, L., 1988:
New records for the catalog of marine fauna of roscoff france crustacea amphipoda siphonoecetes striatus new record myers and mcgrath and annelida polychaeta paraonidae and new data on the distribution of the sea urchin echinocardium pennatifidum norman

Hernandez, J.A.; Perez, A.R.; Diaz, M.A., 1988:
New records for the flora of cuba masadenus polyanthus new record and oeceoclades maculata new record orchidaceae

Zielinski, J., 1990:
New records for the flora of evvia greece

Matteri, C.M., 1988:
New records for the fuegian moss flora and the status of oedipodium fuegianum kuhn. et gonc. carr

Iriart, N.R.; Lopez, H.L., 1989:
New records for the pampasic lowland argentina ichthyofauna

Altan, Y.; Sahin, A., 1989:
New records for the various grid map squares b7 b8 c5 c7 c9 in the flora of turkey

Emerson, W.K., 1990:
New records for western pacific morum gastropoda harpidae with biogeographic implications

Porter, C.C.; O'neill T.J., 1989:
New records for xiphosomella hymenoptera ichneumonidae in the southern usa with description of a new species from florida usa

Salvador, S.A.; Salvador, L.A., 1990:
New records in argentina of anas discors new record lophornis chalybea new record and tyrannus tyrannus new record

Radcliffe Smith, A., 1990:
New records of acalypha in australia notes on australian euphorbiaceae i

Estrada Pena, A.; Ibanez, C.; Trujillo, D., 1990:
New records of acarine parasites of bats from the iberian peninsula north of africa and macaronesia islands

Lis, J.A., 1989:
New records of african phyllocephalinae heteroptera pentatomidae

Saldarriaga, Y.; Pineda, F.; Garcia, G.; Velasquez, L.F.; Guzman, G., 1988:
New records of agaricales from colombia

Golubev, M.L., 1990:
New records of amphibians and reptiles in kazakhstan ussr

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New records of anthomyiidae from czechoslovakia with a revised check list of czechoslovak species diptera

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New records of australian calymperaceae musci

Alvarez Castaneda, S.T., 1991:
New records of bats order chiroptera from the states of mexico and chiapas mexico

Ramirez, C.M.E.; Mueller, D.G., 1991:
New records of benthic marine algae from easter island south pacific ocean

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New records of bugs infesting paddy fields in orissa india

Dencev, C.M., 1991:
New records of bulgarian smut fungi ustilaginales

Schwartz, A., 1991:
New records of butterflies from montserrat west indies

Usis, J.D.; Foote, B.A., 1989:
New records of caddisflies trichoptera from ohio with particular reference to stillfork swamp carroll county usa

Gamarra, P., 1987:
New records of callicerinae coleoptera staphylinoidea aleocharidae for the spanish fauna

Tan, B.C.; Lin P J., 1991:
New records of chinese hookeriaceae musci

Schnell, O.A., 1991:
New records of chironomidae diptera from norway ii. with two new species synonyms

Kargupta, A.N.; Sarma, P., 1991:
New records of coleochaete species from west bengal india

Avila Sanchez Jofre, J.M.; Sanchez Pinero, F., 1989:
New records of coprophagous scarabs coleoptera scarabaeoidea from the province of malaga spain

Wang H F.; Norton, R.A., 1988:
New records of crotonioidea from china with description of a new species of allonothrus acari oribatida

Boschi, E.E., 1988:
New records of crustacea decapoda caridea for the marine waters of argentina

Velazquez, A.J.; Outerelo, R.; Zarazaga, M.A.A., 1988:
New records of curculionoidea from the iberian peninsula spain coleoptera

Davie, P.J.F., 1989:
New records of demania crustacea decapoda xanthidae from australia

Sutton, C.A.; Lunaschi, L.I., 1987:
New records of digenea from argentine wild vertebrates

Hobbs, H.H.Jr; Peters, D.J., 1989:
New records of entocytherid ostracods infesting burrowing crayfishes with the description of ascetocythere stockeri new species

Sluys, R.; Van Ginkel, W., 1989:
New records of fecampia abyssicola new record platyhelminthes rhabdocoela fecampiidae

Kosaki, R.K.; Pyle, R.L.; Randall, J.E.; Irons, D.K., 1991:
New records of fishes from johnston atoll pacific ocean with notes on biogeography

Dennis, G.D.; Bright, T.J., 1988:
New records of fishes in the northwestern gulf of mexico with notes on some rare species

Danin, A., 1990:
New records of four synanthropic plants found in southern africa

Allspach, A., 1989:
New records of four woodlouse species isopoda oniscidea in germany

Taslakhch'yan M.G.; Nanagyulyan, S.G., 1990:
New records of fungal taxa for the armenian ssr ussr

Khan, S.N.; Misra, B.M.; Tiwari, R.K.; Sehgal, H.S., 1989:
New records of fungi and new host records from india

Vasquez, L.S.; Guzman Davalos, L., 1990:
New records of fungi macromycetes for the states of jalisco puebla and zacatecas mexico

Parenzan, P., 1988:
New records of geometridae lepidoptera from southern italy

Richards, R.L.; Mcdonald, J.N., 1991:
New records of harlan's muskox bootherium bombifrons new record and an associated fauna from the late pleistocene of indiana usa

Shin, H.D.; L.Y.J., 1989:
New records of host plants of powdery mildew in south korea

Nilsson, G.E., 1989:
New records of hymenoptera aculeata from central and northern sweden

Adler, M.T.; Elix, J.A., 1992:
New records of hypotrachyna and parmelinopsis lichens ascomycotina parmeliaceae from north west and central argentina

Montoya, L.; Guzman, G.; Bandala, V.M., 1990:
New records of lactarius from mexico and discussion of the known species

Huggert, L., 1990:
New records of larvae of 2 endangered solva spp diptera solvidae

Henrikson, L.; Medin, M., 1990:
New records of larvae of rhithrogena ephemeroptera heptageniidae from south sweden with information on density of larvae and co occurring macrobenthos

Hertel, H., 1989:
New records of lecideoid lichens from the southern hemisphere

Lina, P.H.C., 1990:
New records of leisler's bat nyctalus leisleri new record in the netherlands

Mccabe, T.L., 1989:
New records of lepidoptera for new york and new hampshire usa nymphalidae noctuidae

Sousa, A.B.D., 1991:
New records of lepidoptera to the azores

Peru, L.; Plateaux, L.; Buschinger, A.; Douwes, P.; Perramon, A.; Quentin, J.C., 1990:
New records of leptothorax new record ants with cysticercoids of the cestode choanotaenia unicoronata and the rearing of the tapeworm in quails

Ozturk, S., 1990:
New records of lichens for turkey

Wirth, V., 1990:
New records of lichens in baden wuerttemberg and other regions of germany

Dewarumez, J.M.; Davoult, D.; Glacon, R., 1992:
New records of macrobenthic species on the french coasts of the eastern english channel and the north sea i. annelids

Davoult, D.; Dewarumez, J.M.; Glacon, R., 1992:
New records of macrobenthic species on the french coasts of the eastern english channel and the north sea ii. molluscs

Krystufek, B.; Petkovski, S., 1990:
New records of mammals for macedonia yugoslavia mammalia

West, J.A., 1991:
New records of marine algae from peru

West, J.A.; Calumpong, H.P., 1990:
New records of marine algae from the philippines

Kisielewski, J., 1988:
New records of marine gastrotricha from the french coasts of manche and atlantic ii. chaetonotida with descriptions of four new species

Bruce, N.L., 1991:
New records of marine isopod crustaceans sphaeromatidae cirolanidae from south eastern australia

Burian, S.K.; Mack, R.G., 1990:
New records of mayflies ephemeroptera from maine usa

Dickel, T.S., 1992:
New records of microlepidoptera from florida lepidoptera oecophoridae yponomeutidae

Kubatova, A., 1992:
New records of micromycetes from czechoslovakia i

Herbert, D.G., 1991:
New records of mollusca from southern africa and mozambique part 1. mollusca gastropoda

Bachelet, G.; Labourg P J.; Madani, I., 1990:
New records of molluscs prosobranch gastropods and bivalves from the bay of arcachon france

Hernandez Cuevas, L.; Rodriguez Palma, M.; Galindo Flores, G.; Estrada Torres, A., 1991:
New records of myxomycetes from mexico

Kornosor, S.; Loedl, M., 1990:
New records of noctuidae lepidoptera from turkey

O'hara T.D., 1990:
New records of ophiuridae ophicanthidae and ophiocomidae echinodermata ophiuroidea from south eastern australia

Cuesta Mariscal, J.A.; Gonzalez Gordillo, J.I., 1992:
New records of parthenope angulifrons latreille 1825 inachus communissimus rizza 1839 and sirpus zariquieyi gordon 1953 decapoda brachyura from the atlantic coast of southern spain

Horak, E.; Halling, R.E., 1991:
New records of phaeocollybia from colombia

Jones, L.A.; Cohnstaedt, L.W.; Beati, L.; Terán, R.; León, R.; Munstermann, L.E., 2010:
New Records of Phlebotomine Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Ecuador

Neunzig, H.H., 1989:
New records of phycitinae from bolivia including a new species of peadus lepidoptera pyralidae

Green, G.; Fuentes Velazquez, L.E.; Gomez Lopez, P., 1986:
New records of porifera of la blanquilla reef veracruz mexico

Bagyanarayana, G., 1989:
New records of powdery mildews for india from andhra pradesh india

Godzinska, E.J., 1988:
New records of predation of the ant formica polyctena forst. on adults of colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata say in poland

Pieper, H., 1990:
New records of pseudoscorpions from the madeiran islands

Baz, A., 1988:
New records of psocoptera insecta for the iberian fauna

Torp, E., 1990:
New records of rarer danish hover flies 2. diptera syrphidae

Borowiec, L.; Iwan, D., 1989:
New records of relict beetles coleoptera from polish roztocze

Garate Lizarraga, I., 1989:
New records of rhizosolenia spp in the central region of the gulf of california and magdalena bay mexico

Rozkosny, R., 1988:
New records of sciomyzidae diptera from spain including the description of a new species of euthycera latreille

Atkinson, T.H.; Rabaglia, R.J.; Peck, S.B.; Foltz, J.L., 1991:
New records of scolytidae and platypodidae coleoptera from the usa and the bahamas

Bowles, D.E., 1989:
New records of sialis megaloptera sialidae from arkansas usa and oklahoma usa

Adhikari, M.K.; Manandhar, V.; Baidya, S., 1987:
New records of some fungi and host from nepal

Ahmad, M.R.; Kargupta, A.N., 1991:
New records of some green algae from bihar

Nowacki, J., 1989:
New records of some rare noctuidae in poland lepidoptera

Francis, M.P.; Stevens, J.D.; Last, P.R., 1988:
New records of somniosus elasmobranchii squalidae from australasia with comments on the taxonomy of the genus

Burckhardt, D.; Agosti, D., 1991:
New records of south american peloridiidae homoptera coleorrhyncha

Oosthuizen, W.H.; David, J.H.M.; Ross, G.J.B., 1988:
New records of southern elephant seals mirounga leonina l. on the coast of southern africa

Jimenez M L., 1988:
New records of spiders for baja california sur mexico

Cairns, S.D., 1991:
New records of stylasteridae hydrozoa hydroida from the galapagos pacific ocean and cocos islands indian ocean

Campadelli, G., 1991:
New records of symphyta from romagna hymenoptera

Amoudi, M.A., 1989:
New records of tabanidae diptera from southwest saudi arabia with some aspects on their descriptions and biological information

Semeria, Y., 1990:
New records of tardigrades from greenland arctic ocean 3rd part

Sar, E.A.; Ferrario, M.E., 1987:
New records of thalassiosira curviseriata new record takano and thalassiosira pacifica new record gran and angst bacillariophyceae from argentina

Schulz, H.; Schulz, M., 1992:
New records of the bald ibis geronticus eremita from saudi arabia

Borges, P.A.V.; Serrano, A.R.M., 1989:
New records of the coleopterous fauna insecta coleoptera from the azores north atlantic ocean

Pagels, J.F.; Eckerlin, R.P.; Baker, J.R.; Fies, M.L., 1990:
New records of the distribution and the intestinal parasites of the endangered northern flying squirrel glaucomys sabrinus new record mammalia sciuridae in virginia usa

Anell, J.C.; Guzman, G., 1988:
New records of the fungi of the polypores group from veracruz state mexico

Punina, T.A., 1991:
New records of the genus gablonzeria in the triassic of primorskii krai

Mahato, A.K.; Mahato, P., 1991:
New records of the genus ulothrix kuetzing from singhbhum district bihar india

Ernst, S., 1989:
New records of the greenish warbler phylloscopus trochiloides new record in saxony east germany and its occurrence in the central european inland aves passeriformes sylviidae

Alamgir, M.; Chowdhury, S.H.; Ahmed, A.S.M., 1990:
New records of the ichthyofauna of lake kaptai

Lina, P.H.C., 1990:
New records of the parti colored bat vespertilio murinus new record and revision of a record of a northern serotine eptesicus nilssonii in the netherlands

Manzi, A.; Pellegrini, M.; Pellegrini, M., 1990:
New records of the salamander salamandrina terdigitata lacepede 1788 in abruzzi

Winkler, A.J.; Tomida, Y., 1988:
New records of the small leporid aztlanolagus agilis new record russell and harris leporidae leporinae

Khan, R.S.; Krug, J.C., 1989:
New records of the sordariaceae from east africa

Strassen, R.Z.; Halperin, J., 1990:
New records of thysanoptera from israel

Pequeno, R.G., 1991:
New records of trachipterus trachipterus gmelin 1789 off valdivia osteichthyes trachipteridae

Mignani, R., 1991:
New records of two bolboceratine scarabs of the australian genus elephastomus macleay 1819 coleoptera geotrupidae bolboceratinae

Tomkovich, P.S.; Solov'ev M.Yu, 1988:
New records of waders in chukotski peninsula ussr

Zahradnik, J., 1989:
New records of whiteflies and scale insects aleyrodinea coccinea introduced to czechoslovakia

Hamai, M.; Nishida, T.; Takasaki, H.; Turner, L.A., 1992:
New records of within group infanticide and cannibalism in wild chimpanzees

Coscaron, S.; Cerqueira, R.L.D.; Schumaker, T.T.S.; Salvia Filho, V.L., 1992:
New records on blackflies from brazil with description of simulium cerradense new species diptera simuliidae

Johnstone, G.R.; Duffus, J.E.; Guy, P.L., 1989:
New records on the occurrence of beet western yellows virus in australia new zealand and mexico

Ferri, M.; Sala, L., 1990:
New records on the presence of the crested porcupine hystrix cristata l. in the tusco emilian apennines italy

Minissale, P.; Spampinato, G., 1987:
New records to the flora of lampedusa italy

Ortiz Sanchez, F.J., 1990:
New records to the knowledge of the genus nomioides schenck 1866 in the iberian peninsula hymenoptera halictidae

Raimondi, S.C.; Privitera, E.; Williams, D.L.; Look, A.T.; Behm, F.; Rivera, G.K.; Crist, W.M.; Pui, C.H., 1991:
New recurring chromosomal translocations in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Asanoi, H.; Wada, O.; Miyagi, K.; Ishizaka, S.; Kameyama, T.; Seto, H.; Sasayama, S., 1992:
New redistribution index of nutritive blood flow to skeletal muscle during dynamic exercise

Zacharia, S.; Rossowski, W.J.; Jiang N Yi; Hrbas, P.; Ertan, A.; Coy, D.H., 1991:
New reduced peptide bond substance P agonists and antagonists: effects on smooth muscle contraction

Mues, R.; Klein, R.; Gradstein, S.R., 1991:
New reflections on the taxonomy of pleuroziaceae supported by flavonoid chemistry

Horn, G.; Spears, K.G.; Lopez, O.; Lewicky, A.; Yang, X.; Riaz, M.; Wang, R.; Silva, D.; Seraffin, J., 1990:
New refractive method for laser thermal keratoplasty with the cobalt magnesium fluoride f 2 laser

Eitel, M.; Pindur, U., 1988:
New regiocontrolled and stereocontrolled reactions of 2 vinylindoles with cc dienophiles diels alder reactions ene reactions and michael additions

Sund, C.; Foldesi, A.; Yamakage, S.; Agback, P.; Chattopadhyaya, J., 1991:
New regiospecific synthesis of branched tetra rna nona rna and deca rna modelling the lariat formed in rna splicing reactions

Zhou X X.; Remaud, G.; Chattopadhyaya, J., 1988:
New regiospecific synthesis of the branched tri penta and hepta rna species acids which are formed as the lariat in the pre messenger rna processing reactions

Marchant, M., 1990:
New register of collapsed foraminifera from the neogene in south america

Takeda, Y.; Yanase, Y.; Watanabe, A.; Amma, S.; Ikeda, N., 1988:
New registered tea cultivar shunmei

Nunn, A.J.; Gregg, I., 1989:
New regression equations for predicting peak expiratory flow in adults

Koeppe, P., 1988:
New regression function for absorption kinetics

Borsuk Bialynicka, M., 1988:
New remains of archaeoceti from the paleogene of antarctica

Soria, M.F.; Alvarenga, H.M.F.D., 1989:
New remains of fossil mammals are studied from the tremembe formation taubate basin sao paulo state brazil

Verzi, D.H.; Montalvo, C.I.; Vucetich, M.G., 1991:
New remains of xenodontomys simpsoni kraglievich and the systematics of the oldest ctenomyinae rodentia octodontidae

Marasaev, S.F., 1988:
New renicolid cercaria from the mollusc neptunea borealis prosobranchia buccinidae

Wholey, M.H.; Jarmolowski, C.R., 1989:
New reperfusion devices: the Kensey catheter, the atherolytic reperfusion wire device, and the transluminal extraction catheter

Kallen, H.W., 1990:
New reports and rediscoveries of notable vascular plants in the district of luechow dannenberg lower saxony germany i. neophytes

Ursu, A., 1989:
New reports of ephydrids diptera ephydridae in the romanian fauna

Esqueda Valle, M.; Quintero Ruiz, T.; Perez Silva, E.; Aparicio Navarro, A., 1990:
New reports of gasteromycetes from sonora

Alvarez, I.; Guzman Davalos, L., 1988:
New reports of lichens from jalisco mexico

Rodriguez Hernandez, M., 1989:
New reports of meliolaceae family ascomycotina in cuba ii

Burukovskii, R.N., 1988:
New representatives of the family bresiliidae crustacea decapoda from the northeast atlantic

Doubrava, M., 1991:
New representatives of the family harpetidae hawle et corda 1847 trilobita from the bohemian silurian

Topachevskii, V.A.; Pashkov, A.V., 1990:
New representatives of the genus desmana insectivora talpidae from eopleistocene deposits of the south european ussr

Khursevich, G.K.; Pirumova, L.G., 1988:
New representatives of the genus stephanodiscus bacillariophyta from the shamb darabass diatomite deposit of the armenian ssr ussr

Haesaerts, P., 1990 :
New research at the willendorf deposit lower austria

Tobias, P.V.; Frssaf, H., 1992:
New researches at sterkfontein and taung with a note on piltdown and its relevance to the history of palaeo anthropology

Tao G F.; Liu F Q.; Liu, Q.; L.A.H.; Chen H B.; Zhang X H.; Ding J K.; Sun H D.; Y.Y.F.; W.Y., 1988:
New resource plants of trans methyl isoeugenol from endemic species to china

Frank, L.; Iqbal, J.; Hass, M.; Massaro, D., 1989:
New rest period protocol for inducing tolerance to high oxygen exposure in adult rats

Akulinin, G.E.; Getko, G.A.; Repin, V.E.; Degtyarev, S.Kh, 1988:
New restriction endonuclease from the soil strain of bacillus megaterium 12

Guinazu, M.; Tizio, R., 1990:
New results about the effect of saccharose and gibberellic acid on the evolving incubation of potato pieces previously cultured in vitro and their incidence on other morphophysiological events

Liebert, F.; Wecke, C.; Reinisch, F.; Gebhardt, G., 1991:
New results and assignments in the assessment of lysine effectivity in feedstuffs for monogastric animals

Nagy, F.; Foldesi, D.; Svab, M.J.; Domokos, J., 1988:
New results in the chemical weed control of salvia sclarea l

Gallois, A.; Langlois, D., 1990:
New results in the volatile odorous compounds of french cheeses

Pastoralis, G., 1988:
New results of faunistic studies on butterflies lepidoptera from the komarno area czechoslovakia

Lacombe, C.; Promé, D.; Blouquit, Y.; Bardakdjian, J.; Arous, N.; Mrad, A.; Promé, J.C.; Rosa, J., 1990:
New results of hemoglobin variant structure determinations by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Richter, K.; Richter, J., 1990:
New results of the application of the simultaneous variant of elisa for the detection of plant viruses using polyclonal antisera

Saakov, V.S., 1990:
New results on conversion of labelled carotenoids in plant and animal cells

Metzger, J.O.; Linker, U., 1991:
New results on free radical additions to unsaturated fatty compounds

Rodriguez, P., 1986:
New results on the aquatic oligochaete fauna of basque country and the upper ebro valley spain 1. haplotaxidae naididae and tubificidae

Gaillard M J.; Moulin, B., 1989:
New results on the late glacial history and environment of the lake of neuchatel switzerland sedimentological and palynological investigations at the paleolithic site of hauterive champreveyres

Becker, F.F., 1992:
New retractor for open rhinoplasty

Dougherty, J.P.; Wisniewski, R.; Yang, S.L.; Rhode, B.W.; Temin, H.M., 1989:
New retrovirus helper cells with almost no nucleotide sequence homology to retrovirus vectors

Zaragoza Caballero, S., 1991:
New rhipidiinae from mexico coleoptera rhipiphoridae

Sasaki, K.; Sasaki, T.; Yanagawa, T.; Numao, Y.; Aikawa, M., 1988:
New rice variety joiku no. 393

Sasaki, K.; Shinbashi, N.; Sasaki, T.; Aikawa, M.; Yanagawa, T.; Numao, Y., 1988:
New rice variety joiku no. 394

Hajnsdorf, E.; Favre, A.; Expert Bezancon, A., 1989:
New rna protein crosslinks in domains 1 and 2 of escherichia coli 30s ribosomal subunits obtained by means of an intrinsic photoaffinity probe

Bachelet, B.; Aguilar J P.; Calvet, M.; Michaux, J., 1990:
New rodent faunas of pliocene age in the eastern pyrenees new data concerning the genus stephanomys schaud 1938

Agusti, J.; Arbiol, S., 1989:
New rodent species mammalia from the late oligocene of the ebro basin northeastern spain

Shevyreva, N.S., 1989:
New rodents ctenodactyloidea rodentia mammalia from the lower eocene in mongolia

Mein, P.; Ginsburg, L.; Ratanasthien, B., 1990:
New rodents of miocene of li thailand

Miaoulis, G.; Skourlas, C.; Christopoulou, A.; Xanthakis, S., 1992:
New role of a medical documentation system

Ueyama, T.; Hano, T.; Hamada, M.; Nishio, I.; Masuyama, Y., 1991:
New role of nerve growth factor an inhibitory neuromodulator of adrenergic transmission

Guseinov, S.A., 1988:
New rosa species rosaceae from the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Tahara, S.; Narita, E.; Ingham, J.L.; Mizutani, J., 1990:
New rotenoids from the root bark of jamaican dogwood piscidia erythrina l

El-Torgoman, A.M.; Motawia, M.S.; Kjaersgaard, U.; Pedersen, E.B., 1992:
New route for the synthesis of 2 thiouracil analogues of 3' azido 2' 3' dideoxynucleosides

Hirao K I.; Mohri, K.; Yonemitsu, O.; Tabata, M.; Sohma, J., 1992:
New route to 2 substituted indoles by pyrolysis of n acylacetylphenylhydroxylamines

Nunn, K.; Mosset, P.; Gree, R.; Saalfrank, R.W.; Von Schnering, H.G.; Peters, K., 1992:
New route to alpha 1e 3e dienylallenes via butadiene tricarbonyliron complexes

Asaoka, M.; Hayashibe, S.; Sonoda, S.; Takei, H., 1991:
New route to levo frontalin and levo malyngolide via epoxyketone rearrangement

Nagano, H.; Seko, Y.; Nakai, K., 1991:
New route to racemic magydardienediol a diterpene isolated from magydaris panacifolia vahl lange via a sequential intra molecular and inter molecular radical c c bond forming reaction

Harusawa, S.; Kurokawa, T.; Fujii, H.; Yoneda, R.; Kurihara, T., 1989:
New route to z allylic sulfides via a 10 membered thiocarbonate

Taylor, B.F.; Gilchrist, D.C., 1991:
New routes for aerobic biodegradation of dimethylsulfoniopropionate

Elnagdi, M.H.; Ibrahim, N.S.; Abdelrazek, F.M.; Erian, A.W., 1988:
New routes to 1 3 4 oxadiazoles 1 3 4 oxadiazolopyridines and pyridopyridazines

Petersen, H.; Motawia, M.S.; Andreassen, E.S.; Jacobsen, J.P.; Pedersen, E.B., 1988:
New routes to 2 3 dideoxy 3 phthalimido d hexoses

Elnagdi, M.H.; Erian, A.W.W., 1991:
New routes to polyfunctionally substituted pyridine pyridopyridine quinoline and pyridazine derivatives

Almeida Barbosa L C.; Mann, J.; Wilde, P.D.; Finch, M.W., 1989:
New routes to substituted tropones

Ricardo, N.; Bastart, J.A.; Lescaille, M.; Jimenez, Y., 1988:
New ruderal plant communities from cuba

Isa, K.; Omote, T.; Amaya, M., 1990:
New rules concerning the formation of protonated amino acids from protonated dipeptides using the proton affinity order determined from collisionally activated decomposition spectra

Buyck, B., 1988:
New russula from central africa

Katkov, V.A., 1990:
New ryegrass fescue hybrids

Pathak, S.P.; Sudha, S.; Sawant, S.B.; Joshi, J.B., 1991:
New salt polyethylene glycol systems for two phase aqueous extraction

Bousfield, E.L., 1991:
New sandhoppers crustacea amphipoda from the gulf coast of the usa

Nekrutenko, Y.P., 1989:
New satyrid butterfly taxa lepidoptera satyridae from the zangezur mountain range armenian ssr ussr

Halliwell, M.; Key, H.; Jenkins, D.; Jackson, P.C.; Wells, P.N., 1989:
New scans from old: digital reformatting of ultrasound images

Veron, J.E.N., 1990:
New scleractinia from japan and other indo west pacific countries

D.A.mas L.F.; Marcano Fondeur, E.D.J., 1992:
New scorpions from the dominican republic arachnida scorpiones

Hoshino, N.; Miyai, K., 1992:
New screening system for simultaneous determination of two marker proteins by homogeneous enzyme immunoassay

Franz, H., 1989:
New scydmaenidae coleoptera from tropical south america

Hess, H., 1991:
New sea stars goniasteridae from the middle oxfordian at reuchenette swiss jura

McIntyre, C.L.; Pereira, S.; Moran, L.B.; Appels, R., 1990:
New Secale cereale (rye) DNA derivatives for the detection of rye chromosome segments in wheat

Mpondo, E.M.; Garcia, J.; Lestani, J., 1989:
New secoiridoid glucosides from gentiana verna

Rumbero Sanchez, A.; Vazquez, P., 1988:
New secoiridoids from isertia haenkeana

Marshall, B.A., 1988:
New seguenziidae mollusca gastropoda from the tasman south pacific and southern antilles basins

Scholz, A.; Triebler, G.; Baudisch, A.; Lesener, W., 1990:
New selection criteria their genetic parameters and value for selection of meat type pig breeds

Sawatari, K.; Imai, Y.; Kurosawa, H.; Fukuchi, S.; Kawada, M.; Matsuo, K.; Aoki, M.; Yamagishi, M.; Ohta, J.; Nakazawa, M., 1989:
New selection criterion for Fontan procedure: pulmonary artery clamping test and pulmonary vascular resistance in increased pulmonary blood flow

Zhurilo, A.A., 1991:
New selective agents for the isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kamyshanskaya, N.S.; Marshakov, V.Yu; Gorkin, V.Z., 1991:
New selective inhibitors of membrane bound monoamine oxidases in the indolin 3 one series

Aspinall, S.T.; Hutchinson, D.N., 1992:
New selective medium for isolating Clostridium difficile from faeces

Evans, G.L.; Kopyta, D.L.; Crouse, K., 1989:
New selective medium for the isolation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Koenig, W.A.; Gehrcke, B.; Icheln, D.; Evers, P.; Doennecke, J.; Wang, W., 1992:
New selectively substituted cyclodextrins as stationary phases for the analysis of chiral constituents of essential oils

Bangstad, H.J.; Try, K.; Dahl-Jørgensen, K.; Hanssen, K.F., 1991:
New semiquantitative dipstick test for microalbuminuria

Makarevich, I.F.; Terno, I.S.; Slyusarskaya, T.V.; Petrova, S.N.; Topchii, L.Ya; Shepel' A.A., 1990:
New semisynthetic cardiac glycosides and their biological activity

Plamadyala, G.S., 1989:
New senonian trochoidea in the southwestern ussr

Cornelese Ten Velde, I.; Prins, F.A., 1990 :
New sensitive light microscopical detection of colloidal gold on ultrathin sections by reflection contrast microscopy combination of reflection contrast and electron microscopy in post embedding immunogold histochemistry

Boison, J.O.K.; Tomlinson, R.H., 1990:
New sensitive method for the examination of the volatile flavor fraction of cabernet sauvignon wines

Kawamoto, K.; Kawakami, K.; Kawamura, Y.; Matsumura, H.; Ohyama, A., 1988:
New sensitivity test using flow cytometry

Morgan, A.R.; Rampersaud, A.; Garbo, G.M.; Keck, R.W.; Selman, S.H., 1989:
New sensitizers for photodynamic therapy controlled synthesis of purpurins and their effect on normal tissue

Hadjiev, D.; Aurelle, Y.; Assenov, A., 1992:
New separator for removal of organic liquids in water

Curran, D.P.; Wolin, R.L., 1991:
New sequential carbon carbon bond forming reactions a samarium ii iodide mediated vinylogous barbier reaction followed by an aldol reaction

Nagasaka, F.; Hasegawa, T.; Shiono, M.; Orime, Y.; Sezai, Y., 1992:
New sequential synchronized driving system of intraaortic balloon pumping and left ventricular assist device influence on endocardial viability ratio and renal blood flow in their combination

Fuchs, R.; Stoehr, P.; Rice, P.; Omond, R.; Cameron, G., 1990:
New services of the EMBL Data Library

Kouno, I.; Hashimoto, A.; Kawano, N.; Yang C S., 1989:
New sesquineolignan from the pericarps of illicium macranthum

Han, B.H.; Ryu, J.H.; Nam Han, Y.; Park, M.K.; Park, J.H.; Naoki, H., 1990:
New sesquiterpene alkaloids from euonymus japonica structures of euojaponines d f j and k

Rozsa, Z.; Perjesi, A.; Pelczer, I.; Argay, G.; Kalman, A., 1989:
New sesquiterpene esters and alkaloids from euonymus japonicus the ejap series x ray molecular structures of ejap 2 3 4 5 6 and 10

Rozsa, Z.; Pelczer, I., 1989:
New sesquiterpene esters from euonymus europaeus and euonymus latifolius

Marco, J.A.; Sanz, J.F.; Jakupovic, J.; Huneck, S., 1990:
New sesquiterpene lactones and acetylenes from chrysanthemum lavandulaefolium

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New sesquiterpene lactones from smyrnium rotundifolium and smyrnium perfoliatum

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New sesquiterpene quinones from marine sponges of the order dictyoceratida

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New sesquiterpenes and c 15 acetogenins from the marine red alga laurencia implicata

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New sesquiterpenes from xanthium catharticum

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New sesquiterpenoid hydroquinone and quinones from the okinawan marine sponge dysidea sp

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New sesquiterpenoids from abies alba oleoresin

Kobayashi, K.; Itoh, M.; Sasaki, A.; Suginome, H., 1991 :
New short step general synthesis of isobenzofuran 1 3h ones phthalides based on a single or double beta scission of alkoxyl radicals generated from 1 ethylbenzocyclobuten 1 ols and from 1 3 dihydroisobenzofuran 1 ols synthesis of some natural phthalides

Kobayashi, K.; Itoh, M.; Suginome, H., 1991:
New short step synthesis of a b aromatic oxasteroids by intramolecular and intermolecular diels alder reactions of 1 2 naphthoquinone dimethides generated from substituted 1 2 cyclobutanaphthalenes

Denisova, T.S.; Raspopova, V.Yu; Avdienko, I.D.; Tikhonenko, T.I.; Chernin, L.S., 1990:
New shuttle vectors for cloning in escherichia coli and agrobacterium tumefaciens

Eskov, K.Y., 1989:
New siberian ussr species of erigonine spiders

Nagel, J.H.; Shyu, L.Y.; Reddy, S.P.; Hurwitz, B.E.; Mccabe, P.M.; Schneiderman, N., 1989:
New signal processing techniques for improved precision of noninvasive impedance cardiography

Grizzard, W.S.; Allarakhia, L., 1989:
New silicone tipped cannulas for subretinal fluid drainage

Ahmad, M.I.; Park, K.E., 1990:
New silkworm varieties of pakistan

Lesovaya, A.I., 1991:
New silurian stromatoporoids from northern nuratau of southern tien shan

Gayet, M., 1990:
New siluriforms from the maastrichtian of tiupampa bolivia

Szebeni, A.; Beleznay, E., 1992:
New simple method for thyroid volume determination by ultrasonography

Nagel, J.D.; Mooi, W.J.; Mcvie, J.G., 1989:
New simple model of mesenteric lymph node metastases in the rat

Vorbrueggen, H.; Bohn, B.D.; Krolikiewicz, K., 1990:
New simple wittig type cyclizations to flavones 4 quinolones and indenones

Terui, S.; Yamamoto, H., 1989:
New simplified lymphoscintigraphic technique in patients with breast cancer

Shea, W.K.; Cowens, J.W.; I.M.M., 1991:
New site directed polyclonal antibody maps amino terminus of occluded region of the non transformed glucocorticoid receptor oligomer to within bugr epitope

Kalliola, R.; Salo, J.; Puhakka, M.; Rajasilta, M., 1991:
New site formation and colonizing vegetation in primary succession on the western amazon floodplains

Teisseyre, B., 1990:
New site of palaeogene microfauna from the vicinity of glogow fore sudetic monocline

Glatman, L.I.; Terekhov, A.A.; Kalnin, K.V.; Bolotin, A.P.; Rebentish, B.A., 1990:
New site specific endodeoxyribonuclease eco h i

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New site specific endonuclease producer strains of the genus bacillus

Mononen, T.K.; Karnes, P.S.; Senac, M.O.; Falk, R.E., 1992:
New skeletal dysplasia with unique brachydactyly

Haszprunar, G., 1989:
New slit limpets scissurellacea and fissurellacea form hydrothermal vents part. 2. anatomy and relationships

Mclean, J.H., 1989:
New slit limpets scissurellacea and fissurellacea from hydrothermal vents part 1. systematic descriptions and comparisons based on shell and radular characters

Karita, M.; Kouchiyama, T.; Okita, K.; Nakazawa, T., 1991:
New small animal model for human gastric Helicobacter pylori infection: success in both nude and euthymic mice

Brooks, R.L.; Moore, M.C.; Owsley, D., 1992:
New smith 34rm400 a plains village mortuary site in western oklahoma

Vallier, L.G.; Carlson, M., 1991:
New SNF genes, GAL11 and GRR1 affect SUC2 expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vasil'eva L.V.; Semenov, A.M.; Giniyatullina, A.I., 1991:
New soil bacterial species belonging to the prosthecomicrobium genus

Brzeski, M.W.; Palmisano, A.M., 1990:
New soil nematode ditylenchus dauniae new species nematoda anguinidae from southern italy

Vlasov, Y.G., 1989:
New solid state ion selective electrodes sensors for chemical analysis of solutions

Halling, P.J.; Doherty, E.; Mcneil, B., 1990:
New solution method for equations of reaction and mass transfer in biocatalyst particles

Egorov, I.A.; Svistunova, G.L.; Darkazanli, K.; Kalinina, L.M.; Tarasov, V.A., 1991:
New sos chromotest cea test for detecting mutagens and promutagens on the basis of salmonella typhimurium ta1535 indicator strain

Glass, G.E.; Sorensen, J.A.; Schmidt, K.W.; Rapp, G.R.Jr, 1990:
New source identification of mercury contamination in the great lakes

Rao, K.S.; Kaluwin, C.; Jones, G.P.; Rivett, D.E.; Tucker, D.J., 1991:
New source of alpha eleostearic acid ricinocarpus bowmanii and ricinocarpus tuberculatus seed oils

Pradhan, S.B.; Ratho, S.N.; Jachuck, P.J., 1990:
New sources of cytoplasmic genetic male sterility in cultivated indica rices

Rao, S.A.; Mengesha, M.H.; Reddy, C.R., 1988:
New sources of early maturing germplasm in pearl millet pennisetum glaucum

Bournival, B.L.; Vallejos, C.E., 1991:
New sources of genetic resistance to race 3 of fusarium wilt of tomato

Vekic, N., 1987:
New sources of genetic variability of self pollinating maize lines

Khanna, P.; Kaushik, P.; Bansal, V.; Sharma, A., 1989:
New sources of insecticides rotenoids

Spirova, M., 1992:
New sources of pollen fertility restorer genes in sunflower helianthus annuus l

Dobie, P.; Dendy, J.; Sherman, C.; Padgham, J.; Wood, A.; Gatehouse, A.M.R., 1990:
New sources of resistance to acanthoscelides obtectus say and zabrotes subfasciatus boheman coleoptera bruchidae in mature seeds of five species of phaseolus

Turner, S.J., 1989:
New sources of resistance to potato cyst nematodes in the commonwealth potato collection

Hristov, M.; Petrov, P., 1988:
New sources of rf genes for cms on the basis of helianthus petiolaris

Grobler, L., 1989:
New south african species of the genus eupelops ewing 1917 acari oribatei phenopelopoidea phenopelopidae

Leite, C.L.; Wright, J.E., 1991:
New south american pileate polypores polyporaceae from santa catarina island santa catarina brazil

Marshall, D.J.; Hodgson, A.N.; Pretorius, R.A., 1991:
New southern geographical records of intertidal sea urchins echinodermata echinoidea with notes on abundance

Van Altena, I.A.; Mcgivern, J., 1992:
New spatane derived diterpenoids from the australian brown alga dictyota fenestrata

Pisacano, A.M.; Levy, J.H.; Anello, R.D., 1990:
New spatula to facilitate bimanual phacoemulsification

Bohart, R.M., 1990:
New species and a key of north american solierella in the inermis group hymenoptera sphecidae larrinae miscophini

Gentry, A.H., 1988:
New species and a new combination for plants from trans andean south america

Plowman, T., 1988:
New species and a new combination of erythroxylum erythroxylaceae from amazonian peru contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of peruvian amazonia xiv

Wells, A., 1990:
New species and a new genus of micro caddisfly from northern australia including the first australian record of the tribe stactobiini trichoptera hydroptilidae

Yang C K.; Yang, D., 1991:
New species and a new record of the fishflies from china megaloptera corydalidae

Lewinsky, J.; Van Rooy, J., 1990:
New species and a new records of orthotrichum from southern africa orthotrichum incurvomarginatum new species orthotrichum armatum new species orthotrichum oreophilum new species and orthotrichum firmum new record vent

Goos, R.D.; Uecker, F.A., 1992:
New species and additional records of fungi from hawaii

Turner, B.L., 1989:
New species and combinations from mexico in the bartlettina complex of the genus eupatorium asteraceae

Hansen, C., 1990:
New species and combinations in allomorphia phyllagathis and sporoxeia in indo china

Turner, B.L., 1992:
New species and combinations in hofmeisteria asteraceae eupatorieae

Turner, B.L., 1988:
New species and combinations in lasianthaea asteraceae heliantheae

Lorence, D.H., 1991:
New species and combinations in mexican and central american rondeletia rubiaceae

Turner, B.L., 1989:
New species and combinations in mexican viguiera asteraceae heliantheae

Kuijt, J., 1990:
New species and combinations in neotropical mistletoes loranthaceae and viscaceae

Turner, B.L., 1989:
New species and combinations in perityle asteraceae from northwestern mexico

Verma, R.K.; Khan, M.K.; Kamal, 1989:
New species and combinations in pseudocercospora

Kamal, M.K.K.; Verma, R.K., 1990:
New species and combinations in pseudocercospora from india

Barrington, D.S., 1989:
New species and combinations in tropical american polystichum dryopteridaceae

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New species and combinations in vermiculariopsiella hyphomycetes

Pimenov, M.G.; Klyuikov, E.V., 1990:
New species and floristic finds in the family umbelliferae the central tien shan kirgiz ssr ussr

Fernandez-Alonso, J.L., 1991:
New species and morphological and phytogeographical comments on the genus aragoa h.b.k. scrophulariaceae

Almeda, F., 1990:
New species and new combinations in blakea and topobea melastomataceae with an historical perspective on generic limits in the tribe blakeeae

Thompson, J., 1990:
New species and new combinations in the genus swainsona fabaceae in new south wales australia

Robinson, H., 1991:
New species and new combinations of critoniinae from mesoamerica eupatorieae asteraceae

Wasshausen, D.C., 1992:
New species and new combinations of justicia acanthaceae from the venezuelan guayana

Sadana, G.L.; Sidhu, R., 1990:
New species and new host record of tenuipalpid mites from punjab india acari tenuipalpidae

Danielsson, B.; Nilsson, O., 1988:
New species and new localities in the province of harjedalen central sweden

Ferguson, D.G., 1987:
New species and new nomenclature in the american acronictinae lepidoptera noctuidae

Zhang G X.; Zhong T S., 1990:
New species and new record of callaphididae and aphididae from northeast china homoptera aphididae

Chou, I.; Yan, F., 1988:
New species and new records of aleyrodidae homoptera from china

You L S.; Wang Z D.; Zhou Z H., 1990:
New species and new records of apanteles forster from china hymenoptera braconidae microgasterinae

Buchanana, P.K.; Hood, I.A., 1992:
New species and new records of aphyllophorales basidiomycetes from new zealand

Sivanesan, A.; Hsieh, W.H., 1989:
New species and new records of ascomycetes from taiwan

Fricke, R., 1989:
New species and new records of callionymus from the pacific ocean teleostei callionymidae

Elix, J.A.; Jenkins, G.A., 1989:
New species and new records of hypogymnia lichenized ascomycotina

Yang C K.; Luo, K., 1989:
New species and new records of march flies from shaanxi china diptera bibionidae

Zou H G., 1989:
New species and new records of miridae from china hemiptera miridae

W.W.N.; Lan W M.; Zhang S Y., 1992:
New species and new records of phytoseiid mites from northeast china iii acari phytoseiidae

Stein, D.L.; Tompkins, L.S., 1989:
New species and new records of rare antarctic paraliparis fishes scorpaeniformes liparididae

Pettibone, M.H., 1990:
New species and new records of scaled polychaetes polychaeta polynoidae from the axial seamount caldera of the juan de fuca ridge in the northeast pacific and the east pacific ocean off northern california usa

Storey, R.I., 1991:
New species and new records of tesserodon hope coleoptera scarabaeidae from northern australia

B.W.J.; Zheng L Y., 1991:
New species and new records of the genus anthocoris fallen from china hemiptera anthocoridae

Wang X J., 1989:
New species and new records of the genus myoleja from china diptera tephritidae

Elix, J.A.; Johnston, J., 1988:
New species and new reports of flavoparmelia lichenized ascomycotina from the southern hemisphere

Archer, A.W., 1991:
New species and new reports of pertusaria lichenized ascomycotina from australia and new zealand with a key to the species in australia

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New species and new synonyms in the genus amara bonelli 1810 coleoptera carabidae

Hennen, J.F.; Cummins, G.B., 1990:
New species and nomenclature of ravenelia in neotropica

Tellez Valdes, O.; Schubert, B.G., 1991:
New species and notable collections of dioscorea dioscoreaceae in middle america

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New species and notes of cyclocephala from mexico coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Morley, T., 1989:
New species and other taxonomic matters in the new world memecyleae melastomataceae

Norrbom, A.L., 1988:
New species and phylogenetic analysis of lotophila lioy diptera sphaeroceridae

Kottelat, M., 1990:
New species and populations of cave nemacheilines in south and south east asia osteichthyes balitoridae

Angelini, F., 1990:
New species and records of agathidium from malaysia malaya and the philippines coleoptera leiodidae

Mueller H G., 1991:
New species and records of amakusanthura cyathura and haliophasma from sri lanka crustacea isopoda anthuridae

Taiti, S.; Ferrara, F., 1989:
New species and records of armadilloniscus uljanin 1875 crustacea isopoda oniscidea from the coasts of the indian and pacific oceans

Kensley, B., 1988:
New species and records of cave shrimps from the yucatan peninsula mexico decapoda agostocarididae and hippolytidae

Mueller H G., 1990:
New species and records of coral reef inhabiting caprellidae from bora bora and moorea society islands south pacific ocean crustacea amphipoda

Manson, D.C.M., 1989:
New species and records of eriophyid mites from new zealand

Endrody Younga, S., 1990:
New species and records of eurasian and new guinean clambidae coleoptera eucinetoidea

Wirth, W.W.; Giles, F.E., 1990:
New species and records of predaceous midges from fiji south pacific ocean diptera ceratopogonidae

Read, H.J., 1988:
New species and records of the cylindroiulus madeirae group with notes on phylogenetic relationships diplopoda julida julidae

L.Y., 1990:
New species and records of the genus agaricus from china

Capriles, J.M., 1988:
New species and redescriptions of south african emesinae hemiptera reduviidae

Zhdanko, A.B., 1990:
New species and subspecies of blue butterflies lepidoptera lycaenidae from the asiatic part of the ussr and northern iran

Toro, H.; Chiappa, E., 1989:
New species and subspecies of centris hymenoptera apoidae associated to prosopis tamarugo

Roze, J.A., 1989:
New species and subspecies of coral snakes genus micrurus elapidae with notes on type specimens of several species

Snimshchikova, L.N., 1989:
New species and subspecies of the genus baikalodrilus oligochaeta tubificidae

Pace, R., 1990:
New species and subspecies of the genus geostiba thomson 93rd contribution to the study of the aleocharinae coleoptera staphylinidae

Iordanskii, S.N., 1990:
New species and subspecies of the oribatidae acariformes from the dnepropetrovsk oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Kaltenbach, A., 1987:
New species and synonymies of east and central african amelinae mantoidea mantidae

Monne, M.A.; Fragoso, S.A., 1988:
New species and synonymy under oreodera audinet serville 1835 coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthoderini

Nesom, G.L., 1992:
New species and taxonomic evaluations of mexican castilleja scrophulariaceae

Almeda, F., 1989:
New species and taxonomic notes on mexican and central american melastomataceae

Rodriguez, G.; Pereira, G., 1992:
New species cladistic relationships and biogeography of the genus fredius decapoda brachyura pseudothelphusidae from south america

Bernard, E.C., 1990:
New species classifications and changes in status within eosentomon berlese hexapoda protura eosentomidae from the usa

Rico Arce, M.D.L., 1991:
New species combinations and synonyms for zygia cojoba marmaroxylon and pithecellobium leguminosae mimosoideae ingeae

Morillo, G., 1988:
New species combinations and synonyms in fischeria dc. gonolobus mich. and matelea aubl. and comments on an interesting species of gonolobus mich. and its related species

Sheikh, M.I., 1988:
New species for afforestation in semi arid lands

Schulz, A., 1991:
New species for austria tetramorium semilaeve new record hymenoptera formicidae myrmicinae and bothriomyrmex gibbus new record hymenoptera formicidae dolichoderinae as well as the distribution of leptothorax sordidulus new record hymenoptera formicidae myrimicinae

Matthei, O.; Rodriguez, R., 1989:
New species for the adventitious flora of chile

Baloyan, S.A., 1988:
New species for the flora of the southeastern part of the armenian ssr ussr

Dauvin J C.; Iglesias, A.; Gentil, F., 1991:
New species for the marine fauna inventory of roscoff france crustacea amphipoda cumacea and decapoda mollusca gastropoda and ascidiacea

Saha, S.; Chakrabarti, S., 1985:
New species hitherto less known and unknown morphs of aphids homoptera aphididae from india

Martins, H.F., 1988:
New species in the brazilian vochysiaceae

Nagarkar, M.B.; Hale, M.E., 1989:
New species in the lichen family thelotremataceae from asia ascomycotina

Hale, M.E., 1989:
New species in the lichen genus xanthoparmelia ascomycotina parmeliaceae

Jacobs, S.W.L., 1992:
New species lectotypes and synonyms of australasian nymphaea nymphaeaceae

A.M.yah A.R.A.A.; Stace, C.A., 1989:
New species names and combinations in american combretaceae

Turner, B.L., 1990:
New species names and combinations in mexican asteraceae

Melchert, T.E.; Turner, B.L., 1990:
New species names and combinations in mexican bidens asteraceae coreopsideae

Turner, B.L.; Barkley, T.M., 1989:
New species names and combinations in senecio section palmatinervii asteraceae

Turner, B.L., 1988:
New species names and combinations in wedelia asteraceae heliantheae

Barker, R.M., 1990:
New species new combinations and other name changes in hakea proteaceae

Nesom, G.L., 1989:
New species new sections and a taxonomic overview of american pluchea compositae inuleae

Borowiec, L., 1990:
New species new synonyms and new records in the genus caryedon schonh. coleoptera bruchidae pachymerinae

Bodes, S.; Moreno, A.G., 1990:
New species of a new subgenus of the genus pontoscolex schmarda 1861 oligochaeta glossoscolecidae for puerto rico west indies

Linder, H.P., 1990:
New species of african restionaceae

Chao C M.; Zhang X Z., 1988:
New species of agriinae miltogrammatinae and macronychiinae from china diptera sarcophagidae

Sawada, K., 1989:
New species of aleocharinae from japan i. staphylinidae coleoptera

Sawada, K., 1990:
New species of aleocharinae from japan ii coleoptera staphylinidae

Smith, R.M., 1991:
New species of alpinia from sulawesi and sarawak

Miller, O.K.Jr, 1991:
New species of amanita from western australia

Urban, D., 1989:
New species of and notes on the genus gaesischia michener laberge and moure 1955 hymenoptera apoidea

Fair, J.M.; Schmidt, G.D.; Wertheim, G., 1990:
New species of andrya and paranoplocephala cestoidea anoplocephalidae from voles and mole rats in israel and syria

Shaposhnikov, G.Kh; Stekol'shchikov A.V., 1989:
New species of aphids homoptera aphidoidea from umbelliferous plants from the far east ussr

Endrody Younga, S., 1991:
New species of aphodiinae coleoptera scarabaeidae from southern africa

Goff, M.L.; Sievert, P.R.; Sileo, L., 1989:
New species of apoloniinae acari trombiculidae from the laysan albatross taken in the midway islands pacific ocean and a key to the species of apoloniinae of the world

Huisman, J., 1992:
New species of apsilochorema trichoptera hydrobiosidae from sabah east malaysia

Gordeeva, E.V., 1991:
New species of armored mites oribatei acariformes from the oak broad leaved forests in kaluga district

Cramer, C.; Cook, D.R., 1992:
New species of arrenurus dadayella new rank acari arrenuridae from mexico with a discussion of the latter's relationships

Halstead, J.A., 1991:
New species of aspirhina kirby from the neotropical region hymenoptera chalcididae

Maassoumi, A.A.; Podlech, D., 1990:
New species of astragalus l. leguminosae from iran

Sazonov, Y.I., 1988:
New species of bajacalifornia salmoniformes alepocephalidae from indo west pacific

Bellan Santini, D.; Vader, W., 1987:
New species of bathyporeia crustacea amphipoda from the mediterranean

Moure, J.S., 1989:
New species of bees from the central region of minas gerais state brazil hymenoptera apoidea

Zakrzewski, R.J., 1991:
New species of blancan woodrat cricetidae from north central kansas usa

Martins, E.S., 1987:
New species of boraginaceae from flora zambesiaca area south africa

Gray, B.; Jones, D.L., 1989:
New species of bulbophyllum section oxysepalum orchidaceae in australia

Viraktamath, C.A.; Viraktamath, S., 1989:
New species of bumizana dist. and chloropelix lindb. from indian subcontinent insecta homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Hespenheide, H.A., 1990:
New species of buprestidae coleoptera from the dominican republic west indies

Flint, O.S.Jr, 1992:
New species of caddisflies from puerto rico trichoptera

Krusnik, C., 1990:
New species of caddisflies insecta trichoptera to the fauna of slovenia yugoslavia

Grigorenko, V.N.; Ivanov, V.D., 1991:
New species of caddisflies of the genus diplectrona trichoptera hydropsychidae from west caucasus russian ssr ussr

Lakshmana, A.C.; Renuka, C., 1990:
New species of calamus arecaceae from india

Garcia, R.G.; Kolterman, D.A., 1992:
New species of calliandra mimosaceae ingeae of southwestern puerto rico

Husain, A.Khayat, A., 1988:
New species of calligonum polygonaceae from iraq

Quinn, J.F., 1992:
New species of calliostoma swainson 1840 gastropoda trochidae and notes on some poorly known species from the western atlantic ocean

Waller, T.R.; Marincovich, L.Jr, 1992:
New species of camptochlamys and chlamys mollusca bivalvia pectinidae from near the cretaceous tertiary boundary at ocean point north slope alaska

Pereira, S.M.; Silva, E.R.D., 1990:
New species of campylocia needham and murphy 1924 with biological notes ephemeroptera euthyplociidae

Ivie, M.A.; Philips, T.K., 1990:
New species of canthonella chapin from hispaniola west indies coleoptera scarabaeidae scarabaeinae

Fal'kovich M.I., 1989:
New species of casebearers lepidoptera coleophoridae from the kazakh ssr and central asia ussr

Fal'kovich M.I., 1991:
New species of casebearers lepidoptera coleophoridae from the ussr

Barker, S., 1990:
New species of castiarina coleoptera buprestidae and redescriptions of castiarina diversa kerremans and castiarina elderi blackburn

Muegge, M.A., 1992:
New species of cavernicolous japygid diplura japygidae from texas

Mamaev, B.M.; Berest, E.O., 1990:
New species of cecidomyiidae flies diptera from the carpathian and transcarpathian area communication 1. genus aprionus

Mamaev, B.M.; Berest, Z.L., 1990:
New species of cecidomyiidae flies diptera from the carpathian and transcarpathian area ukrainian ssr ussr report 2. genus peromyia

Goh T K.; Hsieh W H., 1989:
New species of cercospora and allied genera of taiwan

Hosagoudar, V.B.; Verma, R.K., 1992:
New species of cercosporella and pseudocercospora from south india

Storozheva, N.A., 1989:
New species of chalcids of the eulophinae family hymenoptera calcidoidea in the ussr

Garrido, O.H.; Perez Beato, O.; Moreno, L.V., 1991:
New species of chamaeleolis lacertilia iguanidae for cuba

Thiers, B.M., 1992:
New species of cheilolejeunea and otolejeunea hepaticae lejeuneaceae from australia

Marcos Garcia, M.A., 1989:
New species of cheilosia meigen 1822 for the iberian entomofauna diptera syrphidae

Perreau, M., 1989:
New species of cholevidae from china coleoptera

Widmer, Y.; Clark, L.G., 1991:
New species of chusquea poaceae bambusoideae from costa rica

Zevina, G.B., 1991:
New species of cirripedia of the acrothoracica

Zevina, G.B.; Galkin, S.V., 1989:
New species of cirripeds cirripedia thoracica from thermal waters

Ahti, T., 1990:
New species of cladonia from tropical south america

Dolin, V.G.; Atamuradov, K.I., 1989:
New species of click beetles coleoptera elateridae from the turkmen ssr ussr

Daoudi, F.; Radujkovic, B.; Marques, A.; Bouix, G., 1989:
New species of coccidia eimeriidae belonging to genera eimeria schneider 1875 and epieimeria dykova et lom 1981 parasites of mediterranean marine fishes

Danzig, Y.M., 1990:
New species of coccids homoptera coccinea from iran mongolia and vietnam

Karmovskaya, E.S., 1990:
New species of conger eels congridae from the underwater elevations of the southeastern pacific ocean

Karmovskaya, E.S., 1991:
New species of congrid eels congridae from the western indian ocean

Bartsch, I., 1989:
New species of copidognathus acari halacaridae from the hawaiian islands usa

Miller, P.J., 1988:
New species of corcyrogobius thorogobius and wheelerigobius from west africa teleostei gobiidae

Berg, C.C., 1990:
New species of coussapoa and pourouma cecropiaceae

Jimenez M L., 1992:
New species of crab spiders from baja california sur araneae thomisidae

Colloff, M.J., 1990:
New species of crotonia acari oribatida from south africa

Thulin, M., 1991:
New species of cucumis cucurbitaceae from northeast tropical africa

Barbosa Cavalcanti, T., 1991:
New species of cuphea lythraceae from brazil

Graham, S.A., 1990:
New species of cuphea section melvilla lythraceae and an annotated key to the section

Pipoly, J.J., 1991:
New species of cybianthus subgenus conomorpha myrsinaceae from amazonian peru

Tavares, M.S., 1990:
New species of cyclodorippoidea ortmann with remarks on the genera tymolus stimpson and cyclodorippe a. milne edwards crustacea decapoda brachyura

Simpson, D.A., 1987:
New species of cyperus and eleocharis from bahia notes on brazilian cyperaceae ii

Zhantiev, R.D., 1988:
New species of dermestid beetles coleoptera from the far east of the ussr

Horak, E., 1987 :
New species of dermocybe agaricales from new zealand

Wasshausen, D.C., 1991:
New species of dicliptera acanthaceae from the guianas

Malega, A.M.; Kornyushin, V.V., 1990:
New species of dilepidids hirundinicola stricta new species cestoda dilepididae from the sand martin of podolia ukrainian ssr ussr

Berest, Z.L., 1991:
New species of diptera cecidomyiidae from the forest steppe and steppe regions of the ukraine

Nielson, M.W., 1990:
New species of docalidia from the neotropical region homoptera cicadellidae coelidiinae

Belousov, I.A., 1991:
New species of duvalius delarouzee from the caucasus and from soviet central asia col. carabidae trechini

Dunin, P.M., 1992:
New species of dysdera spiders aranei haplogynae dysderidae from middle asia

James, S.W., 1991:
New species of earthworms from puerto rico with a redefinition of the earthworm genus trigaster oligochaeta megascolecidae

Gur'eva, E.L., 1988:
New species of elaterid beetles of the genus melanotus esch. coleoptera from soviet central asia

Adema, F., 1992:
New species of elattostachys blume radlk. sapindaceae

Puhckov, P.V., 1988:
New species of emesinae heteroptera reduviidae in the fauna of the ussr

Viggiani, G.; Hui, R., 1987:
New species of encarsia foerster hymenoptera aphelinidae from china

Viggiani, G., 1987:
New species of encarsia foerster hymenoptera aphelinidae parasitoids of whiteflies

Chalifa, Y., 1989:
New species of enchodus pisces enchodontoidei from the lower cenomanian of ein yabrud israel

Reimer, C.W.; Lee, J.J., 1988:
New species of endosymbiotic diatoms bacillariophyceae inhabiting larger foraminifera in the gulf of elat red sea israel

Oliver, E.G.H., 1990:
New species of erica ericaceae from the cape province south africa

Gonzalez, J.M.; Gaiani, M.A., 1989:
New species of eufriesea hymenoptera apidae from venezuela

Kornyushin, A.V., 1991:
New species of euglesidae bivalvia pisidioidea from the dnieper drainage area ussr

Jantsch, L.J., 1991:
New species of eumiopteryx from para mantodea mantidae pseudomiopteryginae

Hunter, P.E.; Rosario, R.M.T., 1991:
New species of euzercon berlese from mexico with a key to the new world species acarina mesostigmata euzerconidae

Chirnii, V.I.; Arutyunyan, L.S., 1991:
New species of fleas from the crimean peninsula

Renaud Mornant, J., 1989:
New species of florarctinae from north eastern atlantic and south pacific tardigrada arthrotardigrada

Morgan, G.S.; Linares, O.J.; Ray, C.E., 1988:
New species of fossil vampire bats mammalia chiroptera desmodontidae from florida usa and venezuela

Platonova, T.A., 1988:
New species of free living nematodes of the genus pseudocella from the coastal waters of kamchatka

Fedotova, Z.A., 1992:
New species of gall gnats diptera cecidomyiidae from the brushwood in kazakhstan and turkmenia

Fedotova, Z.A., 1990:
New species of gall midges diptera cecidomyiidae found on pastures in kazakhstan ussr inhabited by anabasis species and nanophyton erinaceum chenopodiaceae

Quinn, J.F.Jr, 1991:
New species of gaza mirachelus calliotropis and echinogurges gastropoda trochidae from the northwestern atlantic ocean

Khan, R.S.; Krug, J.C., 1989:
New species of gelasinospora

Zhuang, X., 1991:
New species of genus corydalis sect. ramoso sibiricae from china

Koltyar, A.N., 1991:
New species of genus polymixia from the sala y gomez ridge polymixiidae beryciformes

Goldblatt, P.; Vlok, J.H.J., 1989:
New species of gladiolus iridaceae from the southern cape and the status of gladiolus lewisiae

Bussing, W.A., 1990:
New species of gobiid fishes of the genera lythrypnus elacatinus and chriolepis from the eastern tropical pacific

Nessimian, J.L.; Coelho, L.B.N., 1990:
New species of gypona germar homoptera cicadellidae from brazil

Wasshausen, D.C., 1991:
New species of habracanthus acanthaceae from mexico

Val'kyunas G.A.; Ezhova, T.A., 1991:
New species of haemoproteids haemosporidia in passerine birds

Zhou, X.; Gingerich, P.D., 1991:
New species of hapalodectes mammalia mesonychia from the early wasatchian early eocene of northwestern wyoming usa

Nielson, M.W., 1989:
New species of harasupia with a revised key to the species homoptera cicadellidae coelidiinae

Jones, J.B.; Cabral, P., 1990:
New species of hatschekia copepoda siphonostomatoida from the gills of south pacific fishes

Chen Y X., 1991:
New species of hermonassa lepidoptera noctuidae

Chaudhary, R.; Gupta, C.; Kamal, 1991:
New species of heteroconium pseudocercospora and stenella from india

Conn, B.J., 1990:
New species of hibbertia andr. dilleniaceae in new south wales australia

Reynolds, S.T., 1991:
New species of hibbertia andrews dilleniaceae from australia

Cerda, G.M., 1987:
New species of holopterini from chile

Sykora, J.L., 1991:
New species of hydrobiosidae from ecuador insecta trichoptera annulipalpia

Ruiz Carranza, P.M.; Ardila Robayo, M.C., 1991:
New species of hyla of the hyla bogotensis group amphibia anura hylidae of the cordillera oriental of colombia

Duellman, W.E., 1989:
New species of hylid frogs from the andes of colombia and venezuela

Rogerson, C.T.; Samuels, G.J., 1992:
New species of hypocreales fungi ascomycetes

Ayala Barajas, R.; Morales, J.C., 1990:
New species of hystrichopsylla tashenberg siphonaptera hystrichopsyllidae from the state of guerrero mexico

Tenyakova, R.G., 1989:
New species of inarticulate brachiopods from the middle ordovician of the central kazakh ssr ussr

Aliev, A.R., 1990:
New species of infusoria synhymeniida of the genus zosterodasys from natural water bodies of azerbaijan ssr ussr

Zamora, V.N., 1990:
New species of inga miller mimosaceae for mesoamerica

Nishida, F.H., 1988:
New species of inocybe from southern california usa

Jimenez Ramirez, J., 1991:
New species of jatropha euphorbiaceae from oaxaca mexico

Wasshausen, D.C., 1989:
New species of justicia acanthaceae from the planalto of brazil

Kohlmeyer, J.; Volkmann Kohlmeyer, B., 1990:
New species of koralionastes new record ascomycotina from the caribbean and australia

Xue, D., 1991:
New species of kuldscha alpheraky and kyrtolitha staudinger from china lepidoptera geometridae larentiinae

Mtotomwema, K., 1990:
New species of kyllinga cyperaceae from tropical africa

Bertrand, M., 1990:
New species of labidostomidae from austral america

Turner, B.L., 1989:
New species of lasianthaea verbesina and wedelia asteraceae from sierra surotato northern sinaloa mexico

Groves, L.T., 1990:
New species of late cretaceous cypraeacea mollusca gastropoda from california and mississippi usa and a review of cretaceous cypraeaceans of north america

Van Der Werff, H., 1991:
New species of lauraceae from ecuador and peru

Vattimo Gil, I.D., 1988:
New species of lauraceae from the north of brazil and suriname

Nielson, M.W., 1992:
New species of leafhoppers in the genera thagria thagriini and tharra tharrini from indonesia homoptera cicadellidae coelidiinae

Lorini, M.L.; Persson, V.G., 1990:
New species of leontopithecus lesson 1840 from southern brazil primates callitrichidae

Kondratyuk, S.Yu, 1989:
New species of lichens for the flora of the ussr

Rohacek, J., 1990:
New species of limosininae diptera sphaeroceridae from northern europe

Lindberg, D.R.; Marincovich, L.Jr, 1988:
New species of limpets from the neogene of alaska usa patellogastropoda mollusca

Sagastegui Alva, A.; Dillon, M.O., 1988:
New species of llerasia asteraceae astereae from peru

Kazyuchits, A.V., 1988:
New species of longicorn beetles coleoptera cerambycidae from the transcaucasus ussr

Stark, B.P.; Zwick, P., 1989:
New species of macrogynoplax from venezuela and suriname plecoptera perlidae

Menier, J.J., 1991:
New species of magnotillus new record pic 1936 presence of the genus in africa coleoptera cleridae tillinae

Petuch, E.J., 1989:
New species of malea gastropoda tonnidae from the pleistocene of southern florida usa

Kulikov, V.V.; Belogurova, L.S.; Luzganova, V.V., 1990:
New species of marine free living nematodes of the genus prochromadorella from the sea of japan

Compton, S.G.; Disney, R.H.L., 1991:
New species of megaselia diptera phoridae whose larvae live in fig syconia urticales moraceae and adults prey on fig wasps hymenoptera agaonidae

Urban, D., 1988:
New species of melissoptila from cerrado of parana brazil hymenoptera apoidea

Wasshausen, D.C., 1989:
New species of mendoncia acanthaceae from colombia

Wasshausen, D.C., 1989:
New species of mendoncia acanthaceae from the venezuelan guayana

Theriot, E., 1990:
New species of mesodictyon bacillariophyta thalassiosiraceae in late miocene lacustrine deposits of the snake river basin idaho usa

Vengerek, P., 1989:
New species of mesozoic aphids shaposhnikoviidae homoptera

Nesom, G.L., 1989:
New species of mexican solidago compositae astereae

Kelley, R.W., 1989:
New species of micro caddisflies trichoptera hydroptilidae from new caledonia vanuatu and fiji

Zweifel, R.G.; Parker, F., 1989:
New species of microhylid frogs from the owen stanley mountains of papua new guinea and resurrection of the genus aphantophryne

Bezukhova, Z.P., 1988:
New species of micromycetes

Gordeeva, E.V.; Grishina, D.G., 1991:
New species of mites belonging to the oppiidae sarcoptiformes oribatei from siberia

Sevast'yanov V.D.; El'daur Z.N.D., 1988:
New species of mites of the cohort tarsonemina trombidiformes from wheat plantations

Barilo, A.B., 1989:
New species of mites of the families raphignathidae stigmaeidae cheyletidae from central asia

Khamada, G.; Radi, K.K.; Sevast'yanov V.D., 1991:
New species of mites of the family anoetidae sarcoptiformes from the lower egypt

Sharonov, A.A., 1988:
New species of mites of the family tarsonemidae

Andreeva, S.I.; Frolova, E.S., 1989:
New species of mollusk of the family pyrgulidae gastropoda pectinibranchia from brackish waters of kazakhstan ussr

Novikov, V.S.; Oktyabreva, N.B.; Silaeva, T.B.; Tikhomirov, V.N., 1989:
New species of mordovian flora russian sfsr ussr

Zagulyaev, A.K., 1990:
New species of moths lepidoptera tineidae incurvariidae brachodidae pterophoridae of the fauna of the ussr iv

Sutton, B.C.; Alcorn, J.L., 1990:
New species of mycoleptodiscus hyphomycetes

Ortiz, M., 1988:
New species of mysidacean of the genus bowmaniella

Yurakhno, V.M., 1991:
New species of myxosporidia from fishes of the black sea

Zhuravleva, F.A., 1991:
New species of nautiloidea from the famennian of the south urals

Lomakin, V.V., 1988:
New species of nematodes amidostomum auriculatum new species amidostomatidae strongylida teal's parasite

Harris, S.C., 1990:
New species of neotrichia trichoptera hydroptilidae from central and south america

Monne, M.A., 1988:
New species of neotropical acanthocinini ii. coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Monne, M.A., 1990:
New species of neotropical acanthocinini iii. coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Monne, M.A.; Magno, P.R., 1990:
New species of neotropical acanthoderini i. coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Niedbala, W., 1988:
New species of neotropical phthiracaroidea acari oribatida

Yang, D.; Yang C K., 1990:
New species of nephrotoma meigen from china diptera tipulidae

Chen, Y., 1991:
New species of noctuidae from china lepidoptera

Halstead, J.A., 1991:
New species of notaspidium dalla torre from the nearctic and neotropical regions hymenoptera chalcididae

Stonedahl, G.M.; Schwartz, M.D., 1988:
New species of oaxacacoris schwartz and stonedahl and pseudopsallus van duzee and presidiomiris new genus from texas usa heteroptera miridae orthotylini

Arbea, J.I., 1988:
New species of odontella superodontella collembola odontellidae from navarra northern iberian peninsula

Lander, N.S., 1990:
New species of olearia asteraceae astereae endemic to western australia

Gordeeva, E.V.; Melamud, V.V., 1991:
New species of oppiidae acariformes oribatei from the ukrainian karpaty ssr ussr

Ashurov, A.A., 1991:
New species of orbitoid from the maastrichtian of southern tadzhikistan

Bellan-Santini, D., 1990:
New species of orchomene s.l. crustacea amphipoda from abyssal benthic regions similarities to other benthic orchomene

Rouse, G.W., 1990:
New species of oriopsis and a new record for augeneriella dubia new record hartmann schroder 1965 from eastern australia polychaeta sabellidae

Mateu, J., 1988:
New species of oxytrechus jeannel from ecuador coleoptera carabidae

Ryvkin, A.B., 1989:
New species of paederinae coleoptera staphylinidae from siberia ussr and mongolia

Zuloaga, F.; Morrone, O., 1991:
New species of panicum subgenus dichanthelium poaceae paniceae from south america

Last, H., 1989:
New species of papua new guinea staphylinidae coleoptera

Bellamy, C.L.; Hespenheide, H.A., 1988:
New species of paracylindromorphus and taphrocerus from south africa with comments on their relationships coleoptera buprestidae

Myartseva, S.N.; Kurashev, V.N., 1991:
New species of parasitic hymenopterans of the genus chrysonotomyia ashmead hymenoptera eulophidae from turkmenistan

Giaretta, A.A.; Castanho, L.M., 1990:
New species of paratelmatobius amphibia anura leptodactylidae from serra do mar brazil

Mckenzie, E.H.C., 1990:
New species of periconiella

Foreman, D.B., 1990:
New species of petrophile r. br. proteaceae from western australia

Gokhman, V.E., 1991:
New species of phaeogenini hymenoptera ichneumonidae from the european ussr

Grayum, M.H., 1992:
New species of philodendron subgenus pteromischum araceae from mesoamerica and pacific south america

Singer, R.; Ovrebo, C.L.; Halling, R.E., 1990:
New species of phylloporus and tricholomopsis from colombia with notes on phylloporus boletinoides

Taylor, D.W., 1988:
New species of physa gastropoda hygrophila from the western usa

Abebe, D., 1989:
New species of pimpinella umbelliferae from ethiopia

Iwan, D., 1990:
New species of platyburak new name coleoptera tenebrionidae platynotini with an illustrated key to all species in the genus

Korneev, V.A., 1991:
New species of platystomatidae diptera from primorski krai

Conn, B.J., 1992:
New species of plectranthus and westringia labiatae from new south wales australia

Myartseva, S.N.; Kurashev, V.N., 1990:
New species of pnigalio schrank hymenoptera eulophidae the entomophages of mining insects in kopet dag zone of turkmenia ussr

Stary, J., 1991:
New species of pocsia acari oribatida euphthiracaridae from kenya

Detinova, N.N., 1988:
New species of polychaetous annelids from hydrothermal vents of the juan de fuca ridge pacific ocean

Simonyan, S.A.; Gelyuta, V.P., 1989:
New species of powdery mildew fungus of the genus leveillula arnaud. on the spiderflower

Karg, W., 1990:
New species of predatory mites of the genus gamasiphis berlese 1904 acarina parasitiformes

Karg, W., 1989:
New species of predatory mites of the genus pseudoparasitus oudemans 1902 acarina parasitiformes

Rego, A.A.; Pavanelli, G.C., 1990:
New species of proteocephalid cestoda in non siluriform fishes

Madhupratap, M.; Haridas, P., 1992:
New species of pseudodiaptomus copepoda calanoida from the salt pans of the gulf of kutch india and a comment on its speciation

Hansen, C., 1989:
New species of pseudodissochaeta nayar and sonerila roxb. melastomataceae from indo china

Ismay, J.W., 1991:
New species of pseudogaurax malloch diptera chloropidae from australia and papua new guinea

Arbea, J.I.; Jordana, R., 1990:
New species of pseudosinella and lepidocyrtus from navara northern iberian peninsula insecta collembola entomobryidae

Hodkinson, I.D., 1990:
New species of psyllid from the canary islands and madeira north atlantic ocean homoptera psylloidea

Ali, F.; Yang, C.K., 1989:
New species of psyllidae from shaanxi prov. china homoptera psyllidae

Gegechkori, A.M., 1990:
New species of psyllids homoptera psylloidea from the caucasus georgian ssr ussr

Gegechkori, A.M., 1990:
New species of psylloidea homoptera from the ussr

Nazarov, B.B.; Ormiston, A.R., 1989:
New species of radiolaria from the permian of the southern urals russian sfsr ussr and nevada usa

Elix, J.A.; Din, L.B.; Samsudin, M.W.B., 1991:
New species of ramalina lichenized ascomycotina from australasia and malaysia

Medvedev, L.N.; Ryvkin, A.B., 1989:
New species of rhagonycha coleoptera cantharidae from siberia ussr and far east

Baroni, T.J.; Halling, R.E., 1992:
New species of rhodocybe from south america with a key to species

Moolenbeck, R.G.; Rolan, E., 1988:
New species of rissoidae from the cape verde islands atlantic ocean mollusca gastropoda part 1

Borhidi, A.; Verdcourt, B., 1990:
New species of rubiaceae psychotrieae from tanzania

Ezcurra, C.; Wasshausen, D.C., 1992:
New species of ruellia acanthaceae from southern south america

Wasshausen, D.C., 1992:
New species of ruellia acanthaceae from the venezuelan guayana

Pettibone, M.H., 1989:
New species of scale worms polychaeta polynoidae from the hydrothermal rift area of the mariana back arc basin in the western central pacific

Henrickson, J., 1989:
New species of scutellaria lamiaceae from the chihuahuan desert region mexico

Franz, H., 1989:
New species of scydmaenidae coleoptera from malaysia

Alayon Garcia, G., 1992:
New species of scytodes and description of the male of scytodes noeli araneae scytodidae

Valdespino, I.A., 1992:
New species of selaginella selaginellaceae from the guayana highland of venezuela

Mittal, I.C., 1988:
New species of sericinae and melolonthinae from india insecta coleoptera scarabaeidae

Whiting, M.F., 1991:
New species of sialis from southern california megaloptera sialidae

Tillier, S.; Ponder, W.F., 1992:
New species of smeagol from australia and new zealand with a discussion of the affinities of the genus gastropoda pulmonata

Alderslade, P.; Shirwaiker, P., 1991:
New species of soft corals coelenterata octocorallia from the laccadive archipelago

Quinn, J.F.Jr, 1992:
New species of solariella gastropoda trochidae from the western atlantic ocean

Fonseca, C.R.V.D., 1990:
New species of spasalus coleoptera passalidae of the central brazilian amazon region

Marusik, Y.M., 1988:
New species of spiders aranei from the upper kolyma ussr

Bondarenko, O.B., 1991:
New species of stelliporella corals heliolitoidea from the silurian of mongolia

Wasshausen, D.C., 1990:
New species of stenandrium acanthaceae from the planalto of brazil

Zanin, A.; Longhi-Wagner, H.M., 1990:
New species of stipa l. gramineae in southern brazil

Bedos, A.; Deharveng, L., 1990:
New species of superodontella new record stach collembola odontellidae from thailand

Marcos Garcia, M.A., 1989:
New species of syrphini and melanostomatini for the iberian fauna diptera syrphidae

Sonck, C.E., 1990:
New species of taraxacum from france iii. hautes alpes

Biserov, V.I., 1990:
New species of tardigrada in the ussr fauna

Alonso, M.R.; Henriquez, F.C.; Ibanez, M., 1991:
New species of terrestrial molluscs gastropoda pulmonata from the isle of alegranza canary islands

Austen, M.C., 1989:
New species of terschellingia nematoda linhomoeidae from the tamar estuary england uk and the maldive islands indian ocean

Hasenmueller, W.A.; Hattin, D.E., 1990:
New species of the bivalve anomia from lower and middle turonian parts of the greenhorn limestone central kansas usa

Negrobov, O.P.; Onishchenko, V.V., 1991:
New species of the family dolichopodidae diptera from georgia

Hagino, Y., 1991:
New species of the family pauropodidae pauropoda from central japan

Schulz, K., 1991:
New species of the family scolecitrichidae copepoda calanoida from the arabian sea

Mironov, S.V., 1990:
New species of the feather mites of the genus mouchetia analgoidea avenzoariidae from passeriformes in vietnam

Piskunov, V.I., 1990:
New species of the genera athrips and monochroa lepidoptera gelechiidae of the fauna of the ussr

Guseinov, S.A., 1988:
New species of the genera calamagrostis and hyalopoa poaceae from the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Xue, D., 1990:
New species of the genera chartographa gumppenberg and eucosmabraxas prout of china lepidoptera geometridae larentiinae

Ruecker, H.W., 1990:
New species of the genera corticarina reitter and melanophthalma motschulsky coleoptera latridiidae

Mikhailovskaya, M.V., 1988:
New species of the genus abaristophora diptera phoridae from sakhalin island ussr

Kolbasov, G.A., 1991:
New species of the genus acasta cirripedia thoracica from the western pacific

Bleuzen, P., 1989:
New species of the genus actenodes solier coleoptera buprestidae chrysobothrinae actenodini

Prokhorov, V.P., 1990:
New species of the genus ascobolus ascobolaceae pezizales

Ioffe, B.I.; Selivanova, R.V., 1988:
New species of the genus baicalellia turbellaria dalyellioida from the barents sea arctic ocean

Stary, J., 1989:
New species of the genus beckiella from cuba acari oribatida dampfiellidae

Gorovoy, P.G., 1990:
New species of the genus bupleurum l. from northeast asia

Halda, J.J., 1989:
New species of the genus campanula from central turkey

Gess, F.W., 1989:
New species of the genus celonites latreille hymenoptera masaridae from south africa

Irmler, U., 1991:
New species of the genus clavilispinus blackwelder coleoptera staphylinidae from the neotropics

Fedotova, Z.A., 1991:
New species of the genus contarinia rd. and contarinomyia new genus diptera cecidomyiidae occurring on the bushes in kazakhstan ussr

Lyubarskii, G.Yu, 1991:
New species of the genus cryptophagus coleoptera cryptophagidae from the caspian sea region ussr

Pipoly, J.J.IIi, 1991:
New species of the genus cybianthus subgenus conomorpha myrsinaceae of colombia

Perkovskii, E.E., 1990:
New species of the genus cyrtusamorpha daffner coleoptera leiodidae from the altai ussr

Pashkov, A.V.; Topachevskii, V.A., 1990:
New species of the genus desmana insectivora talpidae from the late pliocene deposits of central europe and southwestern european part of the ussr

Fedorenko, D.N., 1991:
New species of the genus dyschirius coleoptera carabidae from south america

Nikolaev, G.V., 1990:
New species of the genus elephastomus macleay coleoptera scarabaeidae geotrupinae from australia

Borges, S.; Moreno, A.G., 1989:
New species of the genus estherella gates 1970 oligochaeta glossoscolecidae from puerto rico west indies

Abbasova, E.D.; Mekhtieva, L.M., 1991:
New species of the genus euseius parasitiformes phytoseiidae of the ussr fauna

Bosser, J., 1988:
New species of the genus foetidia lecythidaceae from madagascar

Costa, C., 1991:
New species of the genus fulgeochlizus costa 1975 elateridae pyrophorinae

Mandritsa, S.A., 1991:
New species of the genus inimicus scorpaeniformes synanceiidae from the coral sea

Negrobov, O.P.; Golubtsov, D.N., 1991:
New species of the genus medetera fischer dolichopodidae diptera

L.X.Z.; Zheng, L.Y., 1991:
New species of the genus megacoelum fieber from china miridae heteroptera

Tavakilian, G.L.; Martins, U.R., 1991:
New species of the genus mephritus pascoe 1866 coleoptera cerambycidae cerambycinae elaphidionini

Kaplink, V.G., 1990:
New species of the genus mesopsocus psocoptera mesopsocidae from turkmen ssr ussr

Gruia, M.; Harsia, T., 1990:
New species of the genus micranurida boerner 1901 collembola neanuridae from romania

Lin, P., 1990:
New species of the genus mimela coleoptera rutelidae from south and southwest china

M.W Z., 1990:
New species of the genus moseriana ruter from china coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Naviaux, R., 1991:
New species of the genus neocollyris horn col. cicindelidae

Ismahulova, A.Zh; Yunher, V.N., 1991:
New species of the genus oedogonium link

Kostykov, I.Yu, 1991:
New species of the genus polytoma ehr. volvocales chlorophyceae

Yashchenko, R.V., 1990:
New species of the genus porphyrophora coccinea margarodidae from the eastern kazakh ssr ussr

Palanov, A.V., 1988:
New species of the genus pseudosedum crassulaceae

Ostapko, V.M., 1991:
New species of the genus rosa rosaceae from the donets ridge

Soyanikov, V.P., 1990:
New species of the genus solenobia duponchel lepidoptera psychidae

Veselova, E.M., 1990:
New species of the genus tachinus coleoptera staphylinidae of the fauna of the ussr

Kotukhov, Y.A., 1990:
New species of the genus thalictrum ranunculaceae from the southern altai kazakh ssr ussr

Galileo, M.H.M.; Martins, U.R., 1991:
New species of the genus trachysomus a. serville 1835 from paraguay coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae onciderini

Borges, S.; Moreno, A.G., 1991:
New species of the genus trigaster benham 1886 oligochaeta octochaetidae for puerto rico

Kotukhov, Y.A., 1990:
New species of the hybridogenous genus elymotrigia poaceae from the eastern kazakh ssr ussr

Malzacher, P., 1990:
New species of the mayflies family caenidae insecta ephemeroptera

Linnavuori, R.E., 1989:
New species of the miridae and lygaeidae heteroptera from the middle east

Chelnokov, V.G., 1988:
New species of the springtail genus anurida laboulb. collembola neanuridae from the asiatic ussr

Sterrer, W.; Rieger, R.M., 1990:
New species of the statocyst bearing marine dalyellioid genus lurus marcus luridae new family turbellaria rhabdocoela

Piskunov, V.I., 1990:
New species of the tribe gnorimoschemini lepidoptera gelechiidae from soviet central asia

Harvey, M.S., 1988:
New species of the water mite family hydryphantidae acarina from the northern territory australia

Salgado, N.C.; Leme, J.L.M., 1991:
New species of tomigerus spix 1827 mollusca gastropoda bulimulidae odontominae

Salgado, N.C.; Coelho, A.C.D.S., 1990:
New species of tomigerus spix 1827 mollusca gastropoda bulimulidae odontostominae

Samson, R.A.; Van Reenen Hoekstra, E.S.; Evans, H.C., 1989:
New species of torrubiella ascomycotina clavicipitales on insects from ghana

Kuznetsov, V.I., 1988:
New species of tortricid moths of the subfamily olethreutinae lepidoptera of the fauna of northern vietnam

Jacobs, S.W.L., 1992:
New species of triodia and plectrachne poaceae from the kimberley

Plisko, J.D.; Zicsi, A., 1992:
New species of tritogenia from south africa oligochaeta microchaetidae

Quintero, A.D.; Rodriguez, R.R., 1990:
New species of typhoctes from panama hymenoptera typhoctidae

Gubanov, I.A.; Kamelin, R.V., 1991:
New species of vascular plants found in mongolian flora