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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7606

Chapter 7606 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nucleotide sequence of the ononis yellow mosaic tymovirus genome
, Virology 172(2): 555-563 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the ospAB operon of a Borrelia burgdorferi strain expressing OspA but not OspB
, Infection and Immunity 60(5): 1864-1868 (1992)

Nucleotide sequence of the phosphinothricin n acetyltransferase gene from streptomyces viridochromogenes tu494 and its expression in nicotiana tabacum
, Gene (Amsterdam) 70(1): 25-38 (1988)

Nucleotide sequence of the plasminogen activator gene of Yersinia pestis: relationship to ompT of Escherichia coli and gene E of Salmonella typhimurium
, Infection and Immunity 57(5): 1517-1523 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the polyhedrin gene of Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus A strain with nuclear localization of polyhedra
, Journal of General Virology 70: 1885-1888 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the protein D2 gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 36(8): 1791-1793 (1992)

Nucleotide sequence of the Pseudomonas fluorescens signal peptidase II gene (lsp) and flanking genes
, Journal of Bacteriology 172(11): 6512-6517 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence of the putative human tyrosinase pseudogene
, Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 163(4): 295-297 (1991)

Nucleotide sequence of the rabbit alpha smooth muscle and beta non muscle actin mrnas
, Gene (Amsterdam) 112(2): 265-266 (1992)

Nucleotide sequence of the rat Bmyc gene
, Oncogene 4(12): 1523-1527 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the region encompassing the int gene of a cryptic prophage and the dna Y gene flanked by a curved DNA sequence of Escherichia coli K12
, Molecular and General Genetics 220(2): 325-328 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence of the right early region of Bacillus phage phi 15 and comparison with related phages: reorganization of gene 17 during evolution
, Gene 75(2): 341-347 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin type B gene and relationship between the toxin and the streptococcal proteinase precursor
, Journal of Bacteriology 172(8): 4536-4542 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence of the thymidine kinase gene of a new strain of herpes simplex virus type 1
, Virus Genes 2(2): 183-186 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the unique nitrate nitrite inducible cytochrome p 450 complementary dna from fusarium oxysporum
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(16): 10632-10637 (1991)

Nucleotide sequence of the Xdh region in Drosophila pseudoobscura and an analysis of the evolution of synonymous codons
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 6(1): 33-52 (1989)

Nucleotide sequence of the Yersinia enterocolitica ail gene and characterization of the Ail protein product
, Journal of Bacteriology 172(2): 1062-1069 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence of VP4 and VP7 genes of human rotaviruses with subgroup I specificity and long RNA pattern: implication for new G serotype specificity
, Journal of Virology 64(11): 5640-5644 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence, organization and characterization of the atp genes and the encoded subunits of Mycoplasma gallisepticum ATPase
, Biochemical Journal 285: 881-888 (1992)

Nucleotide sequence organization and structural analysis of the products of genes in the nir b cys g region of the escherichia coli k 12 chromosome
, European Journal of Biochemistry 191(2): 315-324 (1990)

Nucleotide sequence, polymorphism, and evolution of ovine MHC class II DQA genes
, Immunogenetics 34(2): 69-79 (1991)

Nucleotide sequence polymorphism in a hotspot mutation region of the p53 gene
, Oncogene 7(4): 781-782 (1992)

Nucleotide sequence required for resolution of the concatemer junction of vaccinia virus DNA
, Journal of Virology 63(10): 4354-4361 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences and expression of complementary dna clones for boar and bull transition protein 1 and its evolutionary conservation in mammals
, Differentiation 40(3): 184-190 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences and genomic constitution of five tryptophan genes of Lactobacillus casei
, Journal of Biochemistry 107(2): 248-255 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences and novel structural features of human and Chinese hamster hsp60 (chaperonin) gene families
, Dna and Cell Biology 9(8): 545-552 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences are apparently associated with the initiation sites of dna replication in drosophila melanogaster
, Biopolimery i Kletka 5(5): 100-104 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences at recombinational junctions present in pseudorabies virus variants with an invertible L component
, Journal of Virology 63(6): 2690-2698 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences coding for glycinin of the cultivated soybean glycine max and its wild predecessor glycine ussuriensis elucidating the origin of the cultivated soybean at the molecular level
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 306(1): 210-214 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences homologous to mammalian proto oncogenes and their expression in fish cell lines
, Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 2(2): 77-84 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences homologous to transfer dna of agrobacterium tumefaciens in radish genome
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 303(1): 226-228 (1988)

Nucleotide sequences important for translation initiation of enterovirus RNA
, Journal of Virology 65(9): 4867-4873 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of 16s ribosomal rna from ten serratia spp
, Research in Microbiology 141(9): 1139-1150 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences of an Australian and a Canadian isolate of potato leafroll luteovirus and their relationships with two European isolates
, Journal of General Virology 71: 719-724 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences of avian cardiac and brain sr er calcium atpases and functional comparisons with fast twitch calcium atpase calcium affinities and inhibitor effects
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(24): 16050-16055 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of Bacillus stearothermophilus ribosomal protein genes: part of the ribosomal S10 operon
, Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 371(7): 631-636 (1990)

Nucleotide sequences of Bacillus subtilis flagellar biosynthetic genes fliP and fliQ and identification of a novel flagellar gene, fliZ
, Journal of Bacteriology 174(12): 4017-4025 (1992)

Nucleotide sequences of genes encoding a 72000 molecular weight mosquitocidal protein and an associated 20000 molecular weight protein are highly conserved in subspecies of bacillus thuringiensis from israel and the philippines
, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 19(7): 599-610 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of normal and rearranged RNA segments 10 of human rotaviruses
, Journal of General Virology 73: 633-638 (1992)

Nucleotide sequences of the arb genes which control beta glucoside utilization in erwinia chrysanthemi comparison with the escherichia coli bgl operon and evidence for a new beta glycohydrolase family including enzymes from eubacteria archaebacteria and humans
, Journal of Bacteriology 174(3): 765-777 (1992)

Nucleotide sequences of the coat protein genes and flanking regions of cucumber mosaic virus strains C and WL RNA 3
, Journal of General Virology 70: 1065-1073 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences of the coat protein genes of aphid transmissible and non transmissible isolates of turnip mosaic virus
, Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 57(4): 549-557 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of the gnd genes from nine natural isolates of Escherichia coli: evidence of intragenic recombination as a contributing factor in the evolution of the polymorphic gnd locus
, Journal of Bacteriology 173(12): 3894-3900 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial genes trnstga encoding serine transfer rna t g a in oenothera berteriana and arabidopsis thaliana
, Gene (Amsterdam) 102(2): 245-248 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences of the small subunit ribosomal rna genes from selected laminariales phaeophyta implications for kelp evolution
, Journal of Phycology 28(4): 544-549 (1992)

Nucleotide sequences of the tolA and tolB genes and localization of their products, components of a multistep translocation system in Escherichia coli
, Journal of Bacteriology 171(12): 6600-6609 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences of two cdna clones of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus ipnv ab type
, Bulletin of the Institute of Zoology Academia Sinica 31(1): 15-22 (1992)

Nucleotide sequences of two embryonic drebrins developmentally regulated brain proteins and developmental change in their messenger rna
, Molecular Brain Research 4(3): 207-216 (1988)

Nucleotide sequences of two genomic DNAs encoding peroxidase of Arabidopsis thaliana
, Gene 98(2): 237-241 (1991)

Nucleotide sequences required for Tn3 transposition immunity
, Journal of Bacteriology 171(4): 1904-1914 (1989)

Nucleotide sequences responsible for the inability of a herpes simplex virus type 2 strain to grow in human lymphocytes are identical to those responsible for its inability to grow in mouse tissues following ocular infection
, Virology 176(2): 319-328 (1990)

Nucleotide sequencing of 5' and 3' termini of bovine viral diarrhea virus by RNA ligation and PCR
, Journal of Virological Methods 38(1): 39-46 (1992)

Nucleotide sequencing of highly repetitive dna from seven species in the coral genus acropora cnidaria scleractinia implies a division contrary to morphological criteria
, Marine Biology (Berlin) 110(3): 323-328 (1991)

Nucleotide specificity of canine cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum. Differential alteration of enzyme properties by detergent treatment
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(14): 7809-7813 (1989)

Nucleotide specificity of the enzymatic and motile activities of dynein kinesin and heavy meromyosin
, Journal of Cell Biology 112(6): 1189-1198 (1991)

Nucleotide substitution at major histocompatibility complex class II loci: evidence for overdominant selection
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 86(3): 958-962 (1989)

Nucleotide substitutions within the cardiac troponin t alternative exon disrupt pre messenger rna alternative splicing
, Nucleic Acids Research 17(19): 7905-7922 (1989)

Nucleotide transport in Rhodobacter capsulatus
, Journal of Bacteriology 171(12): 6521-6525 (1989)

Nucleotide variation and divergence in the histone multigene family in Drosophila melanogaster
, Genetics 122(1): 87-97 (1989)

Nucleotides accelerate regeneration of nerves
, Zeitschrift fuer Klinische Medizin 46(19): 1371-1373 (1991)

Nucleotides and divalent cations as effectors and modulators of exocytosis in permeabilized rat mast cells
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 336(1276): 25-34 (1992)

Nucleotides in bivalves extraction and analysis by high performance liquid chromatography hplc
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B 93(2): 307-316 (1989)

Nucleotides in lymphocytes of human subjects with zinc deficiency
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 114(2): 114-119 (1989)

Nucleotides in precursor transfer rnas that are required intact for catalysis by rnase p rnas
, Nucleic Acids Research 19(4): 885-892 (1991 )

Nucleotides in yeast phenylalanyl transfer rna required for the specific recognition by its cognate synthetase
, Science 243(4896): 1363-1366 (1989)

Nucleotides part xxx. chemical synthesis of adenylyl 2' 5' adenylyl 2' 5' 8 azidoadenosine and activation and photoaffinity labelling of rnase l by phosphorus 32 p5'a2'p5'a2'p5'n 38a
, Helvetica Chimica Acta 72(6): 1354-1361 (1989)

Nucleotides part xxxi. modified oligomeric 2' 5' oligoadenylate analogues synthesis of 2' 5' oligonucleotides with 9 3' azido 3' deoxy beta d xylofuranosyladenine and 9 3' amino 3' deoxy beta d xylofuranosyladenine as modified nucleosides
, Helvetica Chimica Acta 72(8): 1729-1738 (1989)

Nucleotides part xxxii. synthesis of 2' 5' connected oligonucleotides prodrugs for antiviral and antitumoral nucleosides
, Helvetica Chimica Acta 72(8): 1739-1748 (1989)

Nucleotides xxxiii. synthesis and properties of inosinate trimer i2'p5'i2'p5' i and inosinate tetramer i2'p5'i2'p5'i2'p5'i
, Heterocycles (Tokyo) 30(2): 1141-1154 (1990)

Nucleotidylation, not phosphorylation, is the major source of the phosphotyrosine detected in enteric bacteria
, Journal of Bacteriology 171(1): 272-279 (1989)

Nucleus accumbens and amygdala are possible substrates for the aversive stimulus effects of opiate withdrawal
, Neuroscience 36(3): 767-774 (1990)

Nucleus accumbens as a substrate for the aversive stimulus effects of opiate withdrawal
, Psychopharmacology 98(4): 530-534 (1989)

Nucleus basalis and thalamic control of neocortical activity in the freely moving rat
, Journal of Neuroscience 8(11): 4007-4026 (1988)

Nucleus basalis lesions attenuate acquisition, but not retention, of Pavlovian heart rate conditioning and have no effect on eyeblink conditioning
, Experimental Brain Research 89(3): 501-510 (1992)

Nucleus basalis lesions fail to induce senile plaques in the rat
, Experimental Neurology 108(1): 88-90 (1990)

Nucleus basalis lesions impair memory in rats trained on nonspatial and spatial discrimination tasks
, Physiology and Behavior 45(5): 1025-1032 (1989)

Nucleus basalis lesions in neonate rats induce a selective cortical cholinergic hypofunction and cognitive deficits during adulthood
, Experimental Brain Research 90(1): 163-174 (1992)

Nucleus basalis magnocellularis and memory differential effects of two neurotoxins
, Behavioral and Neural Biology 54(1): 13-26 (1990)

Nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesions impair mossy fiber system in rat hippocampus a quantitative histochemical and ultrastructural study
, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 12(1): 49-58 (1991)

Nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesions: lack of biochemical and immunocytochemical recovery and effect of cholinesterase inhibitors on passive avoidance
, Behavioral Neuroscience 102(6): 852-860 (1988)

Nucleus limitans thalami a comparative anatomical study
, Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 49(5): 239-248 (1989)

Nucleus prepositus neurons projecting to the oculomotor and trochlear nuclei in rabbits
, Brain Behavior and Evolution 35(1): 16-22 (1990)

Nucleus tractus solitarius and control of blood pressure in chronic sinoaortic denervated rats
, American Journal of Physiology 263(2 Pt 2): R258 (1992)

Nucleus tractus solitarius as mediator of evoked parabrachial cardiovascular responses in the decerebrate rabbit
, Journal of Physiology 428: 693-705 (1990)

Nude mice are not hairless. A morphological study
, Acta Anatomica 139(2): 178-190 (1990)

Nude mouse xenografts as in vivo models for lung carcinomas
, In Vivo 4(5): 309-315 (1990)

Nude rat model for studying metastasis of human tumor cells to bone and bone marrow
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 82(5): 408-412 (1990)

Nudibranch gastropod doridella obscura new record verrill for the black sea
, Okeanologiya 30(5): 855-857 (1990)

Nudibranch molluscs from the ross sea antarctica
, Journal of Molluscan Studies 57(4 Suppl.): 223-228 (1991)

Nudibranch spermatozoa comparative ultrastructure and systematic importance
, Veliger 34(2): 134-165 (1991)

Nudibranch trapania brunnea new record rudman in new zealand waters with comments on intraspecific variation in the species
, Veliger 32(2): 182-184 (1989)

Null allele in a human polymorphism restricted to the placenta call for a search
, Human Biology 63(2): 167-178 (1991)

Null alleles of human complement C4. Evidence for pseudogenes at the C4A locus and for gene conversion at the C4B locus
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 171(1): 129-140 (1990)

Null cell adenoma of the pituitary with features of plurihormonality and plurimorphous differentiation
, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 115(1): 61-64 (1991)

Null cell adenomas of the pituitary gland. An immunohistochemical study
, Journal of Pathology 158(3): 213-217 (1989)

Null distribution of the small sample mean correlation coefficient an application to medical research
, Biometrical Journal 32(4): 435-440 (1990)

Null hypothesis in studies on plant communities i. null model research procedure statistical analysis of results
, Ekologia polska 36(3-4): 471-484 (1988)

Null hypothesis in studies on plant communities ii. assemblages of species of the genus luzula
, Ekologia polska 36(3-4): 485-508 (1988)

Null models and fish communities evidence of nonrandom patterns
, American Naturalist 139(5): 930-951 (1992)

Nullisomic deletion of the mcf.2 transforming gene in two hemophilia b patients
, EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Journal 7(9): 2795-2800 (1988)

Numb chin syndrome in cancer patients: etiology, response to treatment, and prognostic significance
, Neurology 42(6): 1181-1184 (1992)

Number and activity of inflammatory cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in asthma and their relation to airway responsiveness
, Thorax 43(9): 684-692 (1988)

Number and biomass of mesoarthropods of east kara kum turkmen ssr ussr
, Problemy Osvoeniya Pustyn' (3): 51-57 (1988)

Number and biomass of the soil microorganisms within the grass association festuceta nigrescentis in the vasil kolarov reserve bulgaria
, Ekologiya (Sofia) (21): 12-16 (1988)

Number and density of intrapancreatic ganglion cells in the chicken
, Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 34(2-3): 139-146 (1991)

Number and distribution of darkling beetle larvae coleoptera tenebrionidae in the deserts of the turkmen ssr ussr
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (6): 12-15 (1988)

Number and distribution of lymphocytes in epithelium of human uteri in the menstrual cycle and menopause
, Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis 37(5-6): 735-739 (1989)

Number and distribution of retinal ganglion cells in anubis baboons (Papio anubis)
, Brain Behavior and Evolution 37(4): 189-203 (1991)

Number and distribution of wintering starlings sturnus vulgaris in spain over the last 30 years
, Journal fuer Ornithologie 132(4): 445-450 (1991)

Number and effectiveness of pea rhizobia in danish soils
, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica 39(1): 3-8 (1989)

Number and morphology of the metaphase mitotic chromosomes in scrobicularia plana da costa 1778 mollusca bivalvia tellinacea
, Caryologia 42(1): 11-18 (1989)

Number and placement of hydrophobic residues in a longitudinal strip governs helix formation of peptides in the presence of lipid vesicles
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(16): 10054-7 (1991)

Number and radio resistance of microorganisms on cork stoppers
, Ciencia Biologica Molecular and Cellular Biology 12(3-4): 109-120 (1987)

Number and sensitivity of three types of pheromone receptor cells in antheraea pernyi and antheraea polyphemus
, Journal of Comparative Physiology A Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology 165(2): 139-146 (1989)

Number and size of lymph nodes and node metastases in rectal carcinomas
, Surgical Endoscopy 3(2): 96-99 (1989)

Number and size of neurons and synapses in the motor cortex of cats raised in different environmental complexities
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 289(1): 178-181 (1989)

Number and species composition of dominant facultative oligocarbophilic bacteria of lake sevan armenian ssr ussr
, Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 41(9): 741-748 (1988)

Number concepts of preschool children
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 69(3 Pt 1): 1048-1050 (1989)

Number conservation a fair assessment of numerical understanding?
, Irish Journal of Psychology 12(3): 325-337 (1991)

Number impairments following hypokalemia: a case study
, Cortex 27(3): 447-452 (1991)

Number of alternatives per choice point and stability of likert type scales
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 68(2): 549-550 (1989)

Number of animals used in experiments in 1990 results of a survey
, Experimental Animals 41(1): 101-106 (1992)

Number of annual generations of the bean bug riptortus clavatus thunberg heteroptera alydidae estimated by physiological characteristic
, Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 33(4): 198-203 (1989)

Number of blastomeres and chromosome abnormalities of bovine blastocysts obtained from in vitro matured fertilized and cultured follicular oocytes
, Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 34(3): 191-198 (1988)

Number of comorbidities as a predictor of nosocomial infection acquisition
, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 9(11): 497-500 (1988)

Number of connex graphs having n points and l lines
, Revue de Bio-Mathematique (111): 9-43 (1990)

Number of dorsal root ganglion neurons and axons in cats of different ages
, Experimental Neurology 106(1): 70-73 (1989)

Number of food items ingested daily and weekly by female college students in osaka and fukuoka
, Japanese Journal of Nutrition 47(3): 131-140 (1989)

Number of glucocorticoid receptors in lymphocytes and their sensitivity to hormone action
, Experientia 45(11-12): 1115-1117 (1989)

Number of instars of rice water weevil lissorhoptrus oryzophilus kuschel coleoptera curculionidae by head capsule widths
, Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 32(2 CROP PROT): 32-35 (1990)

Number of mast cells in the harderian gland of the green frog, Rana esculenta: the annual cycle and its relation to environmental and hormonal factors
, Journal of Anatomy 179: 75-83 (1991)

Number of mice per cage influences uncoupling protein content of brown adipose tissue
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 200(4): 502-506 (1992)

Number of mitochondria as predicting parameter in dilated cardiomyopathy a long term follow up
, Zeitschrift fuer Kardiologie 79(11): 748-752 (1990)

Number of neurons in individual laminae of areas 3B, 4 gamma, and 6a alpha of the cat cerebral cortex: a comparison with major visual areas
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 279(2): 228-234 (1989)

Number of nucleoli in diploids and polyploids of the genus achillea l
, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 58(4): 541-548 (1989)

Number of ovarioles and degree of dependence with respect to the underground environment in the canarian north atlantic ocean species of the genus loboptera brunner blattaria blattellidae
, Memoires de Biospeologie 17: 107-112 (1990)

Number of pheromone traps required for estimation of population density in rose leaf rollers archips rosanus lepidoptera tortricidae
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 67(5): 760-765 (1988)

Number of pistils an alternative criterion when selecting for high productivity in rubus
, Norwegian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3(1): 29-32 (1989)

Number of pyloric ceca of salmonids in the northern japan
, Scientific Reports of the Hokkaido Salmon Hatchery (44): 1-10 (1990)

Number of remaining teeth and rehabilitation with removable dentures in psoriatics
, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 17(4): 319-326 (1990)

Number of trunk pest insects in healthy forest stands
, Lesovedenie (4): 58-66 (1989)

Number size and class of peripheral nerve fibers regenerating after crush multiple crush and graft
, Brain Research 500(1-2): 131-138 (1989)

Number, volume and size distribution of nucleoli in rat neurosecretory cells with suppressed and stimulated secretion
, Acta Anatomica 137(4): 311-315 (1990)

Numbers activities and diversity of autotrophic ammonia oxidizing bacteria in a freshwater eutrophic lake sediment
, Canadian Journal of Microbiology 37(11): 828-833 (1991)

Numbers and activity of proteolytic bacteria in the water and bottom sediments of two lakes of different trophy
, Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Prace Limnologiczne (16): 39-50 (1988)

Numbers and biomass of diptera and coleoptera larvae in the soil under rape and alfalfa fields crop
, Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Biologia 37: 49-56 (1990)

Numbers and biomass of selected insect groups on burned and unburned sand prairie
, American Midland Naturalist 122(1): 151-162 (1989)

Numbers and biomass of the soil microorganisms in grass association festuceta nigrescentis from the vasil kolarov reserve west rhodopes bulgaria
, Ekologiya (Sofia) (22): 25-29 (1989)

Numbers and densities of eel anguilla anguilla in a cantabrian stream asturias spain
, Revista de Biologia de la Universidad de Oviedo 6: 95-108 (1988)

Numbers and distribution of eiders somateria mollissima in the wadden sea
, Netherlands Journal of Sea Research 24(1): 83-92 (1989)

Numbers and distribution of moulting shelduck tadorna tadorna in the german wadden sea
, Vogelwarte 36(3): 221-232 (1992)

Numbers and distribution of sperm in the uterovaginal sperm storage tubules of the zebra finch
, Condor 92(2): 508-516 (1990)

Numbers and functions of transplantable primitive immunohematopoietic stem cells. Effects of age
, Journal of Immunology 142(11): 3833-3840 (1989)

Numbers and heterogeneity of mast cells in the male genital tract of the rat
, International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 88(3): 360-362 (1989)

Numbers and percent of T lymphocytes in bovine peripheral blood during the periparturient period
, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 28(1): 29-35 (1991)

Numbers and proportions of unmyelinated axons at cervical levels in the fasciculus gracilis of monkey and cat
, Anatomical Record 232(2): 301-304 (1992)

Numbers and viability of vesicular arbuscular fungal propagules in field soil samples after wildfire
, Soil Biology and Biochemistry 23(11): 1083-1088 (1991)

Numbers and vitality of leukocytes in pocket washings of untreated periodontitis lesions in humans utilizing a novel intracrevicular lavage technique
, Journal of Periodontal Research 27(4): 274-284 (1992)

Numbers compositions and enzyme activities of denitrifiers in paddy soils of taihu lake district china
, Acta Pedologica Sinica 26(1): 79-86 (1989)

Numbers distribution and classification of nitrate reducing and denitrifying bacteria in embalse del rio tercero cordoba argentina
, Limnobios 2(10): 717-719 (1989)

Numbers distribution and territorial behaviour of the tawny owl strix aluco in wielkopolski national park western poland
, Acta Ornithologica 26(1): 15-22 (1991)

Numbers migration chronology and activity patterns of nonbreeding caribbean flamingos in yucatan mexico
, Condor 91(3): 592-597 (1989)

Numbers of adelie penguins breeding at hope bay and seymour island rookeries west antarctica in 1985
, Polish Polar Research 8(4): 411-422 (1988)

Numbers of axons innervating mystacial vibrissa follicles in newborn and adult rats
, Somatosensory and Motor Research 8(2): 103-110 (1991)

Numbers of blobs in the primary visual cortex of neonatal and adult monkeys
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 87(15): 5764-5767 (1990)

Numbers of cortical vitreous cells and onset of cataracts in Royal College of surgeons rats
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 32(1): 200-207 (1991)

Numbers of families and progeny required for provenance testing
, Silvae Genetica 39(2): 82-83 (1990)

Numbers of litters litter size and survival in two species of microtines at two elevations
, Holarctic Ecology 13(3): 207-216 (1990)

Numbers of murine dermal mast cells remain unchanged during chronic ultraviolet B irradiation
, Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine 8(5): 195-199 (1991)

Numbers of myosatellite cells in white axial muscle of growing fish: Cyprinus carpio L. (Teleostei)
, American Journal of Anatomy 192(4): 418-424 (1991)

Numbers of neurons and glia in mature rat somatosensory cortex: effects of prenatal exposure to ethanol
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 293(1): 92-102 (1990)

Numbers of ruffs during autumn migration in germany 1990
, Vogelwelt 113(3): 102-113 (1992)

Numbers of Salmonella enteritidis in the contents of naturally contaminated hens' eggs
, Epidemiology and Infection 106(3): 489-496 (1991)

Numbers of sandwich tern sterna sandvicensis breeding in the netherlands in 1961 88
, Limosa 62(3): 121-124 (1989)

Numbers of steroidogenic luteal cells in Booroola Merino ewes
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 90(1): 185-190 (1990)

Numeration and identification of clostridium by the sodium thioglycolate lysozyme technique on collected stools
, Archives de l'Institut Pasteur d'Algerie (57): 277-284 (1989)

Numeric analysis of heart rate variation in intrauterine growth retarded fetuses a longitudinal study
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 166(1 Part 1): 22-27 (1992)

Numeric analysis of the load capacity of the human spine fitted with l rod instrumentation
, Spine 15(12): 1285-1293 (1990)

Numeric anomalies of teeth in concomitant hypodontia and hyperdontia
, Journal of Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology 8(3): 245-251 (1988)

Numerical 3d simulation of pulsatile wall shear stress in an arterial t bifurcation model
, Journal of Biomedical Engineering 12(1): 2-12 (1990)

Numerical abstraction by human infants
, Cognition 36(2): 97-128 (1990)

Numerical analyses of karyotypic diversity in the genus eupatorium compositae eupatorieae
, Plant Systematics and Evolution 170(3-4): 215-228 (1990)

Numerical analysis and determinative tests for nonfluorescent plant pathogenic pseudomonas spp and genomic analysis and reclassification of species related to pseudomonas avenae manns 1909
, International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 41(4): 516-525 (1991)

Numerical analysis of 295 phenotypic features of 266 Xanthomonas strains and related strains and an improved taxonomy of the genus
, International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 40(4): 348-369 (1990)

Numerical analysis of bacterial community in cheonsu bay south korea
, Korean Journal of Microbiology 27(3): 265-271 (1989)

Numerical analysis of cell envelope protein profiles in acinetobacter strains classified by dna dna hybridization
, Systematic and Applied Microbiology 13(4): 338-344 (1990)

Numerical analysis of cultures belonging to the micromonospora genus
, Mikrobiologiya 58(5): 847-853 (1989)

Numerical analysis of data of lichen distribution in baden wuerttemberg germany a preliminary outline
, Stuttgarter Beitraege zur Naturkunde Serie A (Biologie) (456): 139-146 (1990)

Numerical analysis of electrical cerebral activity by on line minicomputer
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