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Optical properties and their relation to light utilization by phytoplankton in the stratified period in the north basin of lake biwa japan

Tsuda, R.; Nakanishi, M.

Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 116(2): 235-244


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-9136
Accession: 007619204

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The effect of composition of suspended particles regarding the optical properties of the waters on the attenuation of photosynthetically available radiation, (PAR) was investigated at an offshore station in the north basin of Lake Biwa in June and September 1982. Despite high concentration of chlorophyll-a and particulate carbon, inorganic particles mainly contributed to the attenuation of PAR in September. On the other hand, detrial organic particles, affecting the attenuation of PAR, made up the major portion of suspended particles in June. Light utilization related to PAR due to algal cells was estimated with light utilization efficiency, (.epsilon.). Values of .epsilon. in September increased with depth in the range of 0.4% at 0.5 m depth-2.5% at 10 m depth, and .epsilon. in June was lower at any depth than that in September. This lower value was due to the optical properties of suspended particle composition.

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