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Optimizing operating conditions of a vacuum oven for determination of cheese moisture content by a method using both freeze drying and drying in a vacuum oven

Verret, P.; Lacroix, C.; Emmons, D.B.

Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Journal 22(3): 276-283


Accession: 007620147

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Moisture content of Cheddar cheese was determined by a method employing freeze-drying followed by a final drying in a vacuum oven. A relationship was observed between the moisture content and the yellowness of the cheese after final drying. A method based on heat sensitivity of skim milk powder was used to study the temperature profile in the vacuum oven. Sample yellowness after drying was largely influenced by shelf location and sample location on a shelf. With this method, the operating conditions of the vacuum oven were successfully optimized leading to an important increase in the precision of cheese moisture determination.

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