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Organization of ribosomal rna genes in brassica oleracea brassica campestris and their natural allotetraploid hybrids brassica napus

Organization of ribosomal rna genes in brassica oleracea brassica campestris and their natural allotetraploid hybrids brassica napus

Genetika 25(3): 417-424

ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758

Interspecies hybridization resulting in appearance of allopolyploid hybrid species is characteristic of higher plants' speciation. Evolutionary molecular changes taking place in the genomes of "ancestral" species in the course of plant speciation have not been studied sufficiently. As an experimental model for studying DNA repeated sequences during interspecies hybridization, we have employed Brassica oleracea, B. campestris and their natural allotetraploid hybrid B. napus (Cruciferae). Restriction analysis of nuclear DNAs, in combination with Southern blot-hybridization, has been carried out to compare repeated units in ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) of plants studied. Repeated units' lengths are determined and recognition sites for EcoRI and EcoRV restriction endonucleases are localized in these units. One class of repeats, 10.0 kb long, is revealed in rDNA of B. oleracea. The rDNA of B. campestris has two classes of repeated units-10.0 and 9.15 kb long. The localization of EcoRI sites in allotetraploid B. napus rDNA is different from that in rDNAs of the "ancestral" species B. oleracea and B. campestris.

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