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Outbreak of possible nanb hepatitis of fecal oral transmission first report in cuba 1987

Arencibia Merida, I.; Galban Garcia, E.; Toledo Curbelo, G.J.; Castaneda Guillot, C.; Fragoso Arbelo, T.

Revista Cubana de Higiene y Epidemiologia 26(3): 5-19


Accession: 007624555

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An outbreak of viral hepatitis was detected in a nursery school in Havana City Province, during February and March, 1987. In the course of outbreak of hepatitis, 26 children with TGP values higher than 12 IU, which represented 11.1% of total enrollment. The children were submitted to seroepidemiologic study, and neither signs nor symptoms were observed in 42.9% of them, asthenia and anorexia prevailed. Icterus was only proved in 28.6%. Maximal TGP values were under 100 and median was 37 IU. Rate of intrafamilial secondary attack was very low. The evolution of the 14 cases proved was very favorable. Clinical, serologic and epidemiologic findings allow to conclude that it is an epidemic outbreak of possible NANB hepatitis of fecal-oral transmission.

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