Parasitization of heliothis spp and alabama argillacea hubner lepidoptera noctuidae eggs on cotton by trichogramma pretiosum riley hymenoptera trichogrammatidae in northern parana brazil

Hohmann, C.L.; Santos, W.J.

Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil 18(Suppl): 161-168


Accession: 007631242

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Surveys to determine the parasitism of Heliothis spp. eggs on cotton by Trichogramma pretiosum Riley were conducted during four crop seasons in Centenario do Sul (1984/85 to 1987/88) and in one season in Maringa and Santa Fe, Parana, Brazil (1987/88). Parasitization of Alabama argillacea (Hubner) was evaluated once during the 1986/87 crop season in Centenario do Sul. The mean levels of parasitism in Heliothis eggs in Centenario do Sul were 86%, 74%, 48% and 63% for the four season surveys, respectively. Eighty-two percent of the Heliothis eggs collected in Maringa and Santa Fe were parasitized. Higher levels of parasitism (94%) were observed in A. argillacea eggs.