Participation of intracellular calcium in the activation of calcium dependent potassium currents in isolated guinea pig intestinal cells

Zholos, A.V.; Baidan, L.V.

Biologicheskie Membrany 6(4): 431-433


ISSN/ISBN: 0233-4755
Accession: 007633122

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Whole-cell membrane current recordings were made on single smooth muscle cells from longitudinal layer of the ileum using standard patch-clamp techniques. Reducing of EGTA concentration in the pippette to 0,3 mM leads to an increase of spontaneous transient fluctuations of the outward Ca2+-dependent potassium current. Besides, initial inactivating outward current did not reach the stationary level at depolarizing membrane potential shifts, but slowly increased at the end off their application. This current can be classified as a .mchlt.secondary.mchgt. inactivating outward current by its kinetic properities. This experiments indicate that in activation of these currents can take part Ca2+ released from the internal stores.