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Physicochemical properties of large and small granules of naked barley starches

O.K.S.; Kang K J.; Kim, K.; Kim S K.

Agricultural Chemistry and Biotechnology 35(1): 10-13


Accession: 007656308

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Starches from three varieties of naked barley were fractionated into two populations according to the granule sizes and physicochemical properties were compared. Number of small granules was comprised in 62% of Saessalbori and 75% of Nulssalbori and Mudungssalbori. The proximate composition and water binding capacity were lower in large granules, the large granules showed higher values in blue value and intrinsic viscosity than those of small ones. There no differences in swelling power and X-ray diffraction pattern between small and large granules. The viscosities of alkali-gelatinized starch were higher on large granules, but the temperature of birefringence loss was not different.

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