Possibilities for industrial grapes production at a high density of grapevine planting with their own roots

Jonev, S.

Rasteniev'dni Nauki 27(3): 93-98


ISSN/ISBN: 0568-465X
Accession: 007669451

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Investigations was carried out with Dunavska gumza cultivar during the 1982-1986 period. Under the trial conditions, the highest fruit-bearing coefficient, the greatest average number of clusters and highest average weight per cluster were obtained with 62,500-125,000 grapevines, with the single-row planting being better than band one. Excessive grapevine thickening in the row (0.25 m) led to great overshadowing of clusters, and deteriorated their sugar content. With the technology of wide-row high-stem grapevine growing the lowest amount of living labour was invested per grapevine, while the lowest were the material expenditures made with grapevines planted at a distance of 3.20/0.5 m and grown without supporting structure. With this technology produce prime cost was at its lowest, while the profit was at its highest.