Prediction of individual pharmacokinetic values for oral and parenteral flecainide in the elderly population based on the correlation between pharmacokinetic and pathophysiological parameters

Michel Gueroult, P.; Grellet, J.; Saux, M.C.

Drug Investigation 4(3): 239-245


ISSN/ISBN: 0114-2402
DOI: 10.1007/bf03258405
Accession: 007676574

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Individual pharmacokinetic values for flecainide were calculated in 10 elderly hospitalized patients after either parenteral or oral administration. Pharmacokinetic values for each subject were calculated by total kinetic analysis and from the established correlation between principal pharmacokinetic and pathophysiological parameters. No significant differences were observed between the 2 groups of individual pharmacokinetic values after parenteral or oral administration. A knowledge of pathophysiological parameters characterising elderly patients ensures an accurate estimation of pharmacokinetic values of flecainide in elderly subjects, and allows individual adjustment of dosage to be made from the outset of therapy.