Preliminary study aimed at developing a biological indicator of pollution in the gulf of patras greece

Karadimitris, T.; Leotsinidis, M.; Stamatelatou, F.; Kondakis, X.G.

Revue Internationale d'Oceanographie Medicale 93-94: 47-52


Accession: 007679376

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The Gulf of Patras, Greece, is extensive polluted by urban, industrial and agricultural wastewaters and toxic metals are accumulated in the sediment. In the present study the concentration of four toxic metals (Lead, Chromium, Cadmium and Mercury) was measured in the liver of thirty five randomly selected fishes collected in the Gulf in order to estimate the value of such a measurement found for all metals and especially for mercury for which it was observed that about 10% of the values were above the maximal concentration observed in other marine areas of Greece.