Preparation of nitrogen 15 labeled uran from nitrogen 15 labeled potassium nitrate and nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium sulfate with independent isotopic labelling of the sources nitrate ammonium and urea

Bendassolli, J.A.; Trivelin, P.C.O.; Boaretto, A.E.; Moraes Netto, B.M.

Energia Nuclear e Agricultura 10(1): 55-69


Accession: 007681638

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Processes to obtain ammonium nitrate 15N-labeled in the nitric component, starting from potassium 15N-nitrate and using cationic exchange technique, and the same compound labeled in the ammonium component, through distillation of ammonia-15N followed by stoichiometric reaction with HNO3 solution are described. With the ammonium nitrate thus obtained, and labeled either in the NH4 or NO3 component, plus urea-15N, it is possible to prepare the fluid fertilizer URAN labeled independently in any of its nitrogen components. The 15N labeled URAN can then be used as a tracer in fertilizer studies.