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Prevalence of atrophic rhinitis and pneumonia in farms associated to swine integration systems in the state of santa catarina brazil

Sobestiansky, J.; Piffer, I.A.; Freitas, A.R.

Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira 10(1-2): 23-26


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-736X
Accession: 007684248

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A survey of the occurrence of atrophic rhinitis and pneumonia among finishing pigs at the slaughterhouse was conducted during the winter of 1985. The pigs were of various breeds, of both sexes, ranging in age from five and half to six and half months, originating from 133 herds. The herds were chosen randomly from five different integration systems. From 3,607 nasal conchae examined 52.6% were normal 31.4% were affected by grade 1 (slightly), 11.9% grade 2 (clearly atrophic) and 4.9% grade 3 (strongly atrophic). From 3,588 lungs examined 44.7% were normal and 44.9% showed hepatization of 0 < .times. < 11.0% (grade 2) of the lung volume, 7.6% with 11.0 .ltoreq. .times. < 21.0% (grade 3) and 2.9% with .times. .gtoreq. 21.0% (grade 4). Atrophic rhinitis and pneumonia were diagnosed in 100% of the farms. It was concluded that atrophic rhinitis and pneumonia were disseminated in the finishing pigs herds associated to the integration systems in the State of Santa Catarina.

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