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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 7703

Chapter 7703 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Giddings J.C.; Hall P.; Basterfield P.; Kennedy D.A.; George A.J.; Hall R.; Lamont J.; Stirling Y., 1989:
Protocol for the evaluation of automated blood coagulation instruments coagulometers for determination of the international normalized ratio

Bonavolonta G.; Vassallo P.; D.L.renzo S., 1990:
Protocol of treatment of stenosis of lacrimal ducts

Bandello F.; Tavola A.; Vigano S.; D'angelo A.; Brancato R., 1990:
Protocol proposal for the management of patients suffering from retinal vein occlusions

Gomez Rodrigez M.S., 1991:
Protocol surgical prophylaxis

Pacumbaba R.P.; Wutoh J.G.; Meboka M.M.B., 1992:
Protocol to screen cocoyam accessions for resistance or tolerance to cocoyam root rot disease in cameroon

Evers A.M.J., 1991:
Protocollops new genus coleoptera malachiidae 82nd contribution to the knowledge of the malachiidae

Hodson P.V.; Klopepper Sams P.J.; Munkittrick K.R.; Lockhart W.L.; Metner D.A.; Luxon P.L.; Smith I.R.; Gagnon M.M.; Servos M.; Payne J.F., 1991:
Protocols for measuring mixed function oxygenases of fish liver

Momose H.; Yoneda K., 1988:
Protocorm like body plb formation by flower stalk node bud culture by means of cutting off the top of inflorescence of phalaenopsis

Krassilov V.A.; Budgaeva E.V., 1988:
Protocycadopsid pteridosperms from the lower cretaceous of transbaikalia ussr and the origin of cycads

Houba V.; Berrger F.M.; Dinarello C.A.; Johnson A.G.; L.J.; Mauel J.; Van Der Meer J.W.M.; Philippeaux M.M.; Vilcek J.; Vogels M.T.E., 1991:
Protodyne an immunomodulatory protein component prepared from bacillus subtilis

Fukuyo Y.; Pholpunthin P.; Yoshida K., 1988:
Protogonyaulax dinophyceae in the gulf of thailand

Buxton C.D., 1989:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in chrysoblephus laticeps cuvier and chrysoblephus cristiceps cuvier teleostei sparidae

Hastings P.A., 1989:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in paralabrax maculatofasciatus pisces serranidae

Webb R.O.; Kingsford M.J., 1992:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in the half banded sea perch hypoplectrodes maccullochi serranidae

Kusen J.D.; Nakazono A., 1991:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in the parrotfish calotomus japonicus

Grafe T.U.; Linsenmair K.E., 1989:
Protogynous sex change in the reed frog hyperolius viridiflavus

Yamaguchi B., 1988:
Protohistoric human skeletal remains from the goshozan cave site in ishinomaki japan

Jadhav P.K.; Arur P.V.; Balgi V.D.; Kamat U.P., 1988:
Protolysis constants pk a of some antitubercular compounds containing diaryl sulfide and diaryl sulfone moieties

Diaz Cruz J.M.; Esteban M.; Van Den Hoop M.A.G.T.; Van Leeuwen H.P., 1992:
Protolytic control in stripping voltammetric titrations of metal polyacid complexes

Hamzah R.Y.; Abdel Halim S.T.; A.S.irbini E S., 1989:
Protolytic equilibria of 2 hydroxytropolone 4 5 d thiophene in homogeneous and micellar solutions

Nishida H.; Nishida M., 1988:
Protomonimia kasai nakajhongii new genus new species a permineralized magnolialean fructification from the mid cretaceous of japan

Roy R.; Tropper F.D.; Williams A.J., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 chemical shift assignments of para substituted aryl 2 acetamido 2 deoxy beta d glucopyranosides

Heatley F., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 longitudinal and transverse relaxation in aerosol ot in methanol solution and inverted microemulsions in benzene

Ribeiro A.A.; Jendrasiak G.L., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr analyses of amiodarone desethylamiodarone and deoxoamiodarone

Ribeiro A.A., 1990:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr analysis of d amygdalin oligosaccharide assignment and sequencing

Mesilaakso M.; Moilanen M.; Rahkamaa E., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr analysis of some trichothecenes

Strecker G.; Wieruszeski J.M.; Cuvillier O.; Michalski J.C.; Montreuil J., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments for sialylated oligosaccharide alditols related to mucins study of thirteen components from hen ovomucin and swallow nest mucin

Bouwstra J.B.; Kerekgyarto J.; Kamerling J.P.; Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments for structural elements of xylose containing n linked oligosaccharides using 1d and 2d nmr experiments

Chmurny G.N.; Hilton B.D.; Brobst S.; Look S.A.; Witherup K.M.; Beutler J.A., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments for taxol 7 epitaxol and cephalomannine

Schaufelberger D.E.; Chmurny G.N.; Koleck M.P., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments of the antitumor macrolide bryostatin 1

Van Calsteren M R.; Cormier F.; D.C.B.; Laing R.R., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments of the major anthocyanins from vitis vinifera cell suspension culture

Mocek U.; Chen L C.; Keller P.J.; Houck D.R.; Beale J.M.; Floss H.G., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr assignments of the thiopeptide antibiotic nosiheptide

Neri D.; Otting G.; Wuthrich K., 1990:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr chemical shifts of the diastereotopic methyl groups of valyl and leucyl residues in peptides and proteins

Meier C.; Boche G., 1990:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr conformational analysis and minimal potential energy calculations with deoxyguanosine guanosine and gmp adducts of the borderline carcinogen 4 methylaniline

D.B.uyn A.; Verhegge G.; Lambine F., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr data for the basic naturally occurring isoxazolin 5 one derivatives

Roumestand C.; Perly B.; Hosford D.; Braquet P., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr of ginkgolides

Amato M.E.; Grassi A.; Pappalardo G.C.; Machytka D.; Radics L., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra carbon 13 nmr relaxation times and molecular modelling studies of the narcotic agonist antagonist alpha levo n propynylnormetazocine

Khalilov, L.M.; Panasenko, A.A.; Vasil'eva, E.V.; Danikova, N.A.; Vel'der-Ya, L.; Tolstikov, G.A., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of biologically active compounds iii. diastereoisomers of racemic 7 thia analogs and 13 thia 16 aryloxy analogs of 11 deoxyprostaglandins of the e 1 series

Tolstikov, G.A.; Khalilov, L.M.; Galin, F.Z.; Vasil'eva, E.V.; Amirkhanov, D.V.; Migranov, M.G.; Panasenko, A.A., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of biologically active compounds iv. pyrethroid diastereoisomers and their insecticide activity

Khalilov, L.M.; Panasenko, A.A.; Balezina, G.G.; Selimov, F.A.; Dzhemilev, U.M.; Tolstikov, G.A., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of biologically active compounds v. stereochemistry of hexachlorobicyclo 2.2.1 heptene and hexachlorobicyclo 2.2.1 heptadiene derivatives

Khalilov, L.M.; Vasil'eva, E.V.; Fatykhov, A.A.; Tolstikov, G.A., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of biologically active compounds x. two dimensional hh cosy 45o and ch het corr spectra of 18 alpha and 18 beta isomers of glycyrrhetic acid 3 acetate

Nelson J.T.; Davis R., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of fifteen substituted isoquinolines

Graden D.W.; Caldwell G.W.; Villani F.J.; Maryanoff C.A.; Grant A., 1990:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of pseudomorphine and dimethylpseudomorphine

Taguchi M.; Yamane Y.; Aikawa N.; Tsukamoto G., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectra of rifampicin and 3 dimethylhydrazonomethylrifamycin sv

Abeysekera A.M.; D.S.lva K.T.D.; Silva W.S.J.; Ratnayake S.; Labadie R.P., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectral analysis of andrographolide

Roeder E.; Liu K.; Bourauel T., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectral analysis of some necines of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids

Mcintyre C.R.; Reed D.; Sadler I.H.; Simpson T.J., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectral assignment studies of terretonin a toxic meroterpenoid metabolite of aspergillus terreus

Kobayashi J.; Ishibashi M.; Hirota H., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectral investigation on amphidinolide a an antileukemic marine macrolide

Osborne A.G.; Warmsley J.F.; Dimitrova G.T., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectral studies of some 2 4 dimethoxyquinolines inconsistencies with montrutanine an alkaloid from ruta montana

Pollesello P.; Toffanin R.; Murano E.; Rizzo R.; Paoletti S.; Kvam B.J., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopic studies of lipid extracts of the red alga gracilaria longa

Boucheau V.; Renaud M.; D.R.vel M.R.; Mappus E.; Cuilleron C.Y., 1990:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of diastereoisomeric 3 and 17 beta tetrahydropyranyl ether derivatives of estrone and estradiol

Joshi B.S.; Pelletier S.W.; Zhang X.; Snyder J.K., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of delpheline 8 9 methylenedioxylappaconitine and dictyzine

Katritzky A.R.; Hitchings G.J.; King R.W.; Zhu D.W., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of ethenyl substituted benzenoid aromatic compounds

Brown D.A.; Glass W.K.; Mageswaran R.; Mohammed S.A., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of isomerism in hydroxamic acids

Novak M.; Marat K.; Johnson L.; Blackburn B.J., 1989:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of serum from normal and echinococcus multilocularis infected jirds

Gonzalez M.D.; Williams H.; Santander P.J.; Ozaki S I.; Stolowich N.J.; Scott A.I., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of sirohydrochlorin factor ii and its 20 methyl derivative factor iii

Fujisawa S.; Kadoma Y.; Komoda Y., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of the interaction of eugenol phenol and triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate with phospholipid liposomes as a model system for odontoblast membranes

Glaser R.; Perlin A.S., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies on n methyl 1 deoxynojirimycin an alpha d glucosidase inhibitor

Jie M.S.F.L.K.; Bakare O., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies on sulfinyl and sulfonyl derivatives of positional isomers of methylthialaurate

Glaser R.; Bernstein M.A.; Balan A., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies on the conformation of e z diastereomers of n demethyl n o diacetyl alpha metazocine sp 2 hybridized nitrogen derivatives of a benzomorphan narcotic analgesic

Cheetham N.W.H.; Mashimba E.N.M., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr studies on xanthan derivatives

Fisher, T.H.; Schultz, T.P., 1991:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr study of some e 3' substituted and e 4' substituted stilben 4 ols

Chimichi S.; Cosimelli B.; Bruni F.; Selleri S., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 nmr study of the pyrazolo 1 5 a pyrimidine system

Searle M.S.; Hall J.G.; Wakelin L.P.G., 1988:
Proton and carbon 13 studies of the antitumor antibiotic luzopeptin resonance assignments conformation and flexibility in solution

Y.C.; Yang T H., 1992:
Proton and carbon 13 two dimensional nmr study of magainin 1

Calub T.M.; Waterhouse A.L.; Chatterton N.J., 1990:
Proton and carbon chemical shift assignments for 1 kestose from two dimensional nmr spectral measurements

Bonaga G.; Lunazzi L.; Placucci G.; Strocchi A., 1989:
Proton and carbon relaxation times as a possible tool for assigning cis and trans structures to the esters of fatty acids

Bretz N.H.; Henzel N.; Kurreck H.; Mueller F., 1989:
Proton and hydrogen endor investigations of flavin radicals bound to riboflavin binding protein from egg white

Precheur B.; Munier H.; Mispelter J.; Barzu O.; Craescu C.T., 1992:
Proton and nitrogen 15 nmr characterization of free and bound states of an amphiphilic peptide interacting with calmodulin

Feng Y.; Wand A.J.; Sligar S.G., 1991:
Proton and nitrogen 15 nmr resonance assignments and preliminary structural characterization of escherichia coli apocytochrome b 562

Ohkubo T.; Taniyama Y.; Kikuchi M., 1991:
Proton and nitrogen 15 nmr study of human lysozyme

Clubb R.T.; Thanabal V.; Osborne C.; Wagner G., 1991:
Proton and nitrogen 15 resonance assignments of oxidized flavodoxin from anacystis nidulans with 3d nmr

Van Der Knaap M.S.; Van Der Grond J.; Luyen P.R.; Den Hollander J.A.; Nauta J.J.P.; Valk J., 1992:
Proton and phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain in degenerative cerebral disorders

Ito M.; Sugie H.; Sugie Y.; Furukawa N.; Igarashi Y., 1992:
Proton and phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of a case with phosphoglycerate kinase deficiency

Berners Price S.J.; Saint M.E.; Christopherson R.I.; Kuchel P.W., 1991:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr and hplc studies of mouse l1210 leukemia cell extracts the effect of gold i and copper i diphosphine complexes on the cell metabolism

Quiquampoix H.; Ratcliffe R.G.; Ratkovic S.; Vucinic Z., 1990:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr investigation of gadolinium uptake in maize roots

Russu I.M.; W.S.S.; Bupp K.A.; H.N.T.; H.C., 1990:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr investigation of the interaction between 2 3 diphosphoglycerate and human normal adult hemoglobin

Van Rijen P.C.; Luyten P.R.; Berkelbach Van Der Sprenkel J.W.; Kraaier V.; Van Huffelen A.C.; Tulleken C.A.F.; Den Hollander J.A., 1989:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr measurement of cerebral lactate high energy phosphate levels and ph in humans during voluntary hyperventilation associated eeg capnographic and doppler findings

Houkin K., 1990:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy in experimental cerebral infarction in rats

Delepierre M.; Maroun R.; Garbay Jaureguiberry C.; Igolen J.; Roques B.P., 1989:
Proton and phosphorus 31 nmr studies of the differences in dna deformation induced by anti tumoral 7h pyrido 4 3 c carbazole dimers

Fanni J.; Canet D.; Elbayed K.; Hardy J., 1989:
Proton and sodium 23 nmr relaxation studies of the sodium chloride beta lactoglobulin system equilibrated at various water activities

Deeb R.S.; Peyton D.H., 1991:
Proton and tin 119 magnetic resonance study of the tin iv protoporphyrin ix complex of equine myoglobin structure of the porphyrin binding pocket

Rosenberg S.G.; Zaloznikh V.M.; Zolotarev Y.A.; Zajtsev D.A.; Kozic V.S.; Myasoedov N.F., 1991:
Proton and tritium nmr study of tritiated glycine and alanine isotopic mixtures

Liu S.; Gresser M.J.; Tracey A.S., 1992:
Proton and vanadium 51 nmr studies of the interaction of vanadate and 2 vanadio 3 phosphoglycerate with phosphoglycerate mutase

Gajda T.; Nagy L.; Burger K., 1990:
Proton and zinc ii complexes of 2 polyhydroxyalkylthiazolidine 4 carboxylic acid derivatives

Werner M.H.; Wemmer D.E., 1991:
Proton assignments and secondary structure determination of the soybean trypsin chymotrypsin bowman birk inhibitor

Yoshihara Y.; Nagase H.; Yamane T.; Oka H.; Tani I.; Higuti T., 1991:
Proton atp synthase from rat liver mitochondria a simple rapid purification method of the functional complex and its characterization

Moriyama Y.; Futai M., 1990:
Proton atpase a primary pump for accumulation of neurotransmitters is a major constituent of brain synaptic vesicles

Hermolin J.; Fillingame R.H., 1989:
Proton atpase activity of escherichia coli f 1f 0 is blocked after reaction of dicyclohexylcarbodiimide with a single proteolipid subunit c of the f 0 complex

Iwamoto A.; Miki J.; Maeda M.; Futai M., 1990:
Proton atpase gamma subunit of escherichia coli role of the conserved carboxyl terminal region

Konnov B.A.; Zubkov Y.N.; Garmashov Y.A.; Mel'nikov L.A.; Yalynych N.N.; Pak V.A., 1990:
Proton beam stereotaxic therapy for the treatment of epilepsy in the presence of cerebral arteriovenous aneurysms

Hilden S.A.; Madias N.E., 1989:
Proton calcium exchange in rabbit renal cortical endosomes

Grzesiek S.; Doebeli H.; Gentz R.; Garoota G.; Labhardt A.M.; Bax A., 1992:
Proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 backbone assignments and secondary structure of human interferon gamma

Neri P.; Meadows R.; Gemmecker G.; Olejniczak E.; Nettesheim D.; Logan T.; Simmer R.; Helfrich R.; Holzman T.; E.A., 1991:
Proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 backbone assignments of cyclophilin when bound to cyclosporin a csa and preliminary structural characterization of the csa binding site

Wittekind M.; Gorlach M.; Friedrichs M.; Dreyfuss G.; Mueller L., 1992:
Proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 nmr assignments and global folding pattern of the rna binding domain of the human hnrnp c proteins

Stockman B.J.; Krezel A.M.; Markley J.L.; Leonhardt K.G.; Straus N.A., 1990:
Proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 nmr spectroscopy of anabaena 7120 flavodoxin assignment of beta sheet and flavin binding site resonances and analysis of protein flavin interactions

Zehfus M.H.; Reily M.D.; Ulrich E.L.; Westler W.M.; Markley J.L., 1990:
Proton carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 resonance assignments for a ferrocytochrome c 553 heme by multinuclear nmr spectroscopy

Kolehmainen E.; Laihia K.; Knuutinen J.; Hyotylainen J., 1992:
Proton carbon 13 and oxygen 17 nmr study of chlorovanillins and some related compounds

Van-Pelt, J.E.; Mooberry, E.S.; Frey, P.A., 1990:
Proton carbon 13 and phosphorus 31 nmr spectral assignments for tobramycin 2 adenosine 5' phosphoryltobramycin and 2 adenosine 5'thiophosphoryltobramycin

Basti M.M.; Laplanche L.A., 1990:
Proton carbon 13 and phosphorus 31 nmr studies of dioctanoylphosphatidylcholine and dioctanoylthiophosphatidylcholine

Miao Z.C.; Gao J.H.; Feng R.; Zhang Q.K., 1989:
Proton carbon 13 nmr and stereochemistry studies of 3s substituted alkoxyquinuclidine by two dimensional and noe difference nmr techniques

Althoff G.; Lill H.; Junge W., 1989:
Proton channel of the chloroplast atp synthase cf o its time averaged single channel conductance as function of ph temperature isotopic and ionic medium composition

Gückel, F.; Brix, G.; Semmler, W.; Ho, A.D.; Körbling, M.; Georgi, M.; van Kaick, G., 1990:
Proton chemical shift imaging of bone marrow for monitoring therapy in leukemia

Schoolwerth, A.C.; Gesek, F.A.; Culpepper, R.M., 1989:
Proton compartmentation in rat renal cortical tubules

Huang C.; Huang C.P.; Morehart A.L., 1991:
Proton competition in copper ii adsorption by fungal mycelia

Gillet B.; Mergui S.; Beloeil J C.; Champagnat J.; Fortin G.; Jacquin T., 1989:
Proton cosy spectra of superfused brain slices of rat ex vivo direct assignment of resonances

Thibaud J B.; Davidian J C.; Sentenac H.; Soler A.; Grignon C., 1988:
Proton cotransports in corn roots as related to the surface ph shift induced by active proton excretion

Inui K I.; Tomita Y.; Katsura T.; Okano T.; Takano M.; Hori R., 1992:
Proton coupled active transport of bestatin via the dipeptide transport system in rabbit intestinal brush border membranes

Bush D.R., 1989:
Proton coupled sucrose transport in plasmalemma vesicles isolated from sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar great western leaves

Inui K I.; Okano T.; Maegawa H.; Kato M.; Takano M.; Hori R., 1988:
Proton coupled transport of po cephalosporins via dipeptide carriers in rabbit intestinal brush border membranes difference of transport characteristics between cefixime and cephradine

Hammer B.E., 1989:
Proton decoupled carbon 13 nmr imaging

Chatzidimitriou Dreismann C.A.; Brandas E.J., 1991:
Proton delocalization and thermally activated quantum correlations in water complex scaling and new experimental results

Woods D.J.; Soden J.; Bidey S.P., 1992:
Proton dependent atpase and potassium channel activities in the rat thyroid cell strain frtl 5

Thevenod F.; Schulz I., 1988:
Proton dependent calcium uptake into an ip 3 sensitive calcium pool from rat parotid gland

Oami K.; Naitoh Y., 1989:
Proton dependent contraction of the triton extracted tentacle of the dinoflagellate noctiluca miliaris

Kovbasnjuk O.N.; Antonenko Y.N.; Yaguzhinsky L.S., 1991:
Proton dissociation from nigericin at the membrane water interface the rate limiting step of potassium proton exchange on the bilayer lipid membrane

Zhorov V.A.; Boguslavskii S.G.; Ronkova V.P., 1991:
Proton distribution in the black sea

Xia J H.; Saglio P., 1990:
Proton efflux and hexose transport under imposed energy status in maize root tips

Landsberg E C., 1989:
Proton efflux and transfer cell formation as responses to iron deficiency of soybean in nutrient solution culture

Moe A.J.; Hollowood J.A.; Jackson M.J., 1989:
Proton efflux from rat intestinal basal lateral membrane vesicles is stimulated by atp and sodium

Kemp, G.J.; Thompson, C.H.; Radda, G.K., 1992:
Proton efflux from rat skeletal muscle in vivo: changes in hypertension

Jones M.R.; Jackson J.B., 1990:
Proton efflux from right side out membrane vesicles of rhodobacter capsulatus after short flashes

Capitanio N.; Capitanio G.; D.N.tto E.; Villani G.; Papa S., 1991:
Proton electron stoichiometry of mitochondrial cytochrome complexes reconstituted in liposomes rate dependent changes of the stoichiometry in the cytochrome c oxidase vesicles

Swanson S.D.; Quint L.E.; Yeung H.N., 1990:
Proton enhanced carbon 13 imaging spectroscopy by polarization transfer

Portner H.O.; Andersen N.A.; Heisler N., 1991:
Proton equivalent ion transfer in sipunculus nudus as a function of ambient oxygen tension relationship with energy metabolism

Buckingham D.A.; Stewart I.; Sutton P.A., 1990:
Proton exchange and epimerization of cobalt iii chelated amino acids via carbanion intermediates

Arsova A., 1990 :
Proton expenditure for young maize plant production depending on ph ammonium and nitrate nutrition

Raven J.A.; Franco A.A.; D.J.sus E.L.; Jacob Neto J., 1990:
Proton extrusion and organic acid synthesis in nitrogen fixing symbioses involving vascular plants

Malfeito Ferreira M.; Guerra J.P.M.; Loureiro V., 1990:
Proton extrusion as indicator of the adaptive state of yeast starters for the continuous production of sparkling wines

Zimolo Z.; Montrose M.H.; Murer H., 1992:
Proton extrusion by an apical vacuolar type proton atpase in rat renal proximal tubules

Kinraide, T.B., 1988:
Proton extrusion by wheat roots exhibiting severe aluminum toxicity symptoms

Huber E.W.; Stemerick D.M.; Cousino D.M.; Harrison B.L., 1991:
Proton fluorine 19 and carbon 13 nmr assignments of 5 7 dihalogenated kynurenic acid derivatives

Milanick M.A., 1990:
Proton fluxes associated with the calcium pump in human red blood cells

Johannes, E.; Felle, H., 1990:
Proton Gradient Across the Tonoplast of Riccia fluitans as a Result of the Joint Action of Two Electroenzymes

Roigaard Petersen H.; Jessen H.; Mollerup S.; Jorgensen K.E.; Jacobsen C.; Sheikh M.I., 1990:
Proton gradient-dependent renal transport of glycine: evidence for vesicle studies

Segebarth C.M.; Baleriaux D.F.; R.; Van Ormondt D.; Marien A.; Luyten P.R.; Dan Hollander J.A., 1989:
Proton image guided localized phosphorus 31 mr spectroscopy of human brain quantitative analysis of phosphorus 31 mr spectra measured on volunteers and on intracranial tumor patients

Gottmann K.; Dietzel I.D.; Lux H.D., 1989:
Proton induced chloride current and voltage activated sodium and calcium currents in embryonic neurons from the medicinal leech hirudo medicinalis

Weicheng Z.; Xiangguo L., 1991:
Proton induced gamma ray emission for carbon tracer techniques

Maeda M.; Kumano A.; Tirrell D.A., 1988:
Proton induced release of contents of phosphatidylcholine vesicles bearing surface bound polyelectrolyte chains

Gottmann K.; Dietzel I.D.; Lux H.D.; Ruedel C., 1989:
Proton induced sodium current develops prior to voltage dependent sodium and calcium currents in neuronal precursor cells from chick dorsal root ganglion

Loutzehiser R.; Matsumoto Y.; Okawa W.; Epstein M., 1990:
Proton induced vasodilation of rat aorta is mediated by alterations in intracellular calcium sequestration

M.S.X.; E.A., 1990:
Proton induced x ray emission analysis of food samples

Gabriel B.; Teissie J., 1991:
Proton lateral conduction along lipid monolayers is present only in the liquid expanded state

Felber S.; Luef G.; Aichner F., 1992:
Proton localized magnetic resonance spectroscopy preliminary observations in transient ischemic attacks

Andrew E.R.; Rizvi T.Z., 1988:
Proton magnetic relaxation and intra molecular dynamics in solid poly l glutamic acid

Hernandez G.; Bryant R.G., 1991 :
Proton magnetic relaxation of manganese ii tetrakis 4 sulfophenylporphin ion in water

Arulmozhi, V.; Narayanan, S.; Krishnan, B.; Rao, A.S.; Veliath, A.J.; Ratnakar, C., 1988:
Proton magnetic relaxation studies in normal and cancerous breast tissues

Denisov V.P.; Petrusevich Y.M.; Revokatov O.P., 1988:
Proton magnetic relaxation studies of the electric interaction of water with biopolymers in solution

Jiang Q.; Knight R.A.; Chopp M.; Helpern J.A.; Ordidge R.J.; Qing Z.X.; Hetzel F.W., 1991:
Proton magnetic resonance imaging of normal brain tissue response to photodynamic therapy

Vinée, P.; Meurer, B.; Constantinesco, A.; Kohlberger, B.; Hauenstein, K.; Petkov, S., 1992:
Proton magnetic resonance relaxation times and biomechanical properties of human vascular wall. In vitro study at 4 MHz

Matthews, P.M.; Francis, G.; Antel, J.; Arnold, D.L., 1991:
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy for metabolic characterization of plaques in multiple sclerosis

Graham, G.D.; Blamire, A.M.; Howseman, A.M.; Rothman, D.L.; Fayad, P.B.; Brass, L.M.; Petroff, O.A.; Shulman, R.G.; Prichard, J.W., 1992:
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of cerebral lactate and other metabolites in stroke patients

Engan, T.; Bjerve, K.S.; Høe, A.L.; Krane, J., 1992:
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of fractionated plasma lipoproteins and reconstituted plasma from healthy subjects and patients with cancer

Abbott J.T.; Frederick C.D., 1990:
Proton magnetometer investigations of burned rock middens in west central texas usa clues to formation processes

Dahlin S.; Reinhammar B.; Angstrom J., 1989 :
Proton metal distance determination in cobalt ii stellacyanin by proton nmr relaxation measurements including curie spin effects a proposed structure of the metal binding region

Laurido C.; Candia S.; Wolff D.; Latorre R., 1991:
Proton modulation of calcium activated potassium channel from rat skeletal muscle incorporated into planar bilayers

Verdoni, N.; Aon, M.A.; Lebeault, J.M.; Thomas, D., 1990:
Proton motive force, energy recycling by end product excretion, and metabolic uncoupling during anaerobic growth of Pseudomonas mendocina

Wong, K.R.; Buckley, J.T., 1989:
Proton motive force involved in protein transport across the outer membrane of Aeromonas salmonicida

Lodes, C.C.; Felmlee, J.P.; Ehman, R.L.; Sehgal, C.M.; Greenleaf, J.F.; Glover, G.H.; Gray, J.E., 1989:
Proton MR chemical shift imaging using double and triple phase contrast acquisition methods

Jeneson J.A.L.; Taylor J.S.; Vigneron D.B.; Willard T.S.; Carvajal L.; Nelson S.J.; Murphy Boesch J.; Brown T.R., 1990:
Proton mr imaging of anatomical compartments within the finger flexor muscles of the human forearm

Menon, D.K.; Baudouin, C.J.; Tomlinson, D.; Hoyle, C., 1990:
Proton MR spectroscopy and imaging of the brain in AIDS: evidence of neuronal loss in regions that appear normal with imaging

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Proton nmr study of the base pairing reactions of dggaattcc salt effects of the equilibria and kinetics of strand association

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Proton nmr study of the oxidation reduction chemistry of penicillamine in intact human erythrocytes

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Proton nmr study of the solution conformation of c3a arg 69 a 69 residue amino terminal fragment of the third component of complement

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Proton nmr study on protein of normal and galactose cataractous rat whole lenses

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Proton nmr study on the callus in fracture healing

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Proton nmr study on the complex properties of crown ether derivatives of edta

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Proton nmr urinalysis in glomerulonephritis a new prognostic criterion

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Proton nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the interaction of urea with hen lysozyme origins of the conformational change induced in hen lysozyme by n acetylglucosamine oligosaccharides

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Proton nuclear magnetic resonance study of the prosthetic group in sulfhemoglobin

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Proton spin relaxation study of the germination of barley grains

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Protonation of interacting residues in a protein by a Monte Carlo method: application to lysozyme and the photosynthetic reaction center of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

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Protonation of trans moc 2h 4 2ph 2pch 2ch 2pph 2 2 sites of protonation and factors influencing the formation of ethane and ethylene

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Protonephridia and metanephridia their relation within the bilateria

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Protons as substitutes for sodium and potassium in the sodium pump reaction

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Protooncogene c jun structure and expression in the differentiation of the friend erythroleukemia cells

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Protooncogene expression identifies a transient columnar organization of the forebrain within the late embryonic ventricular zone

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Protoparmelia badia new record in japan

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Protophloem development in wheat root

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Protoplasmic parameters of zea mays with normal and male sterile cytoplasm

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Protoplast formation in flavobacterium dehydrogenans cells

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Protoplast formation regeneration and fusion of trigonopsis variabilis

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Protoplast fusion and plant regeneration in nicotiana spp

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Protoplast fusion between common b mating type monokaryons of coprinus cinereus

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Protoplast fusion between compatible different a different b and incompatible common b common a and common ab mating type monokaryons derived from basidiospores of one pleurotus salmoneostramineus fruit body

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Protoplast fusion between mutant strains of microsporum gypseum

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Protoplast fusion between the cells of like mating type in a citric acid producing strain of yarrowia lipolytica

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Protoplast fusion for obtaining recombinants in industrial yeast

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Protoplast fusion in streptococcus lactis

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Protoplast fusion in the genus medicago and isoenzyme analysis of parental and somatic hybrid cell lines

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Protoplast fusion method an effective technique with high efficiency i. preparation of protoplast in escherichia coli

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Protoplast fusion of aspergillus oryzae

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Protoplast fusion of bacillus subtilis and bacillus megaterium on the tonicity of the semi synthetic protoplast reversion medium

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Protoplast fusion of three mutant strains of bacillus subtilis 168

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Protoplast isolation and regeneration in streptomyces roseochromogenes

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Protoplast isolation and regeneration in the marine red alga Porphyra nereocystis

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Protoplast isolation and reversion from pleurotus salmoneostramineus

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Protoplast isolation development and regeneration in different strains of pilayella littoralis l. kjellm. phaeophyceae

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Protoplast isolation fusion and reversion in bacteria of genus bacillus

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Protoplast manipulation in the genus brassica i. plant regeneration from leaf and callus protoplasts of different brassica oleracea varieties

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Protoplast production and regeneration in propionibacterium

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Protoplast production in Chondrus crispus gametophytes (gigartinales, rhodophyta)

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Protoplast regeneration in chickpea cicer arietinum l

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Protoplast transformation of Bacillus licheniformis MC14

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Protoplastisizing fusion and regeneration of protoplasts for the obtaining of penicillium chrysogenum

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Protoplasts culture and plant regeneration of soybean glycine max l. and glycine soja

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Protoplasts induction in chlorella species

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Protoplasts of propionibacterium freudenreichii ssp shermanii mu 512 as a model to investigate the uptake of precursors of the nucleotide part of vitamin b 12 molecules

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Protoplasts of streptomyces roseolus the producer of lincomycin in genetic manipulations

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Protoporphyrin content in peripheral blood erythrocytes of workers in coke factory

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Protoporphyrin ix and magnesium porphyrins are localized in chloroplast pigment protein complexes

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Protoporphyrin IX photosensitization of corneal endothelium

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Protoptila morettii new species trichoptera glossosomatidae a caddisfly from the southeastern usa

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Protoregulation of dikaryon specific messenger rna and proteins by uv a light in schizophyllum commune

Morell M.J., 1987:
Protoribates gallardoi new species acari oribatei from catalonia spain

Bannister B.; Zapotocky B.A., 1992:
Protorubradirin an antibiotic containing a c nitroso sugar fragment is the true secondary metabolite produced by streptomyces achromogenes var rubradiris rubradirin described earlier is its photo oxidation product

Bosscha Erdbrink D.P., 1988:
Protoryx from three localities east of maragheh northwest iran

Nagai M.; Nagumo S., 1990:
Protosappanins e 1 and e 2 stereoisomeric dibenzoxocins combined with brazilin from sappan lignum

Hasegawa H., 1990:
Protospirura okinavensis new species nematoda spiruridae from mus caroli on okinawa island japan

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Protostrongylus pulmonalis from hares (Lepus europaeus) in Italy

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Prototheca mediated interference competition between anuran larvae operates by resource diversion

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Prototype application of a robot in the clinical laboratory enabling fully automated quantification of fecal porphyrins

Welch E.B.; Pote J.W.; Cathcart T.P., 1989:
Prototype counter for postlarvae of the freshwater prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii

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Prototype for real time adaptive sampling using the fan algorithm

Lucchetti G.L.; Gray G.A., 1988:
Prototype water reuse system

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Protoventuria parahebicola new species venturiaceae the teleomorph of fusicladium veronicae on parahebe perfoliata

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Protoxin from diamond shaped crystals from bacillus thuringiensis and insecticidal activity against the silkworm bombyx mori

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Protoyucca shadishii new genus new species an arborescent monocotyledon with secondary growth from the middle miocene of northwestern nevada usa

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Protozetomimus new genus of oribatid mites acari oribatei ceratozetidae

Moravtseva V., 1989:
Protozoa as test objects and indicator organisms for evaluating water quality

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Protozoa of a rotating biological contactor treatment plant in mexico

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Protozoan grazing and bacterial production in stratified lake vechten netherlands estimated with fluorescently labeled bacteria and by thymidine incorporation

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Protozoan grazing on picophytoplankton and nanophytoplankton in the northern baltic sea direct evidence from epifluorescence microscopy

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Protozoan grazing on planktonic bacteria and its impact on bacterial population

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Protozoan helminth and arthropod parasites of the spotted chorus frog pseudacris clarkii anura hylidae from north central texas usa

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Protozoan hemoglobin from Tetrahymena pyriformis. Isolation, characterization, and amino acid sequence

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Protozoan infections of dogs diagnostic facilities and problems a contribution to causative therapy

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Protozoan parasites of the cane toad bufo marinus in australia

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Protozoans in two southeastern blackwater rivers and their importance to trophic transfer

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Protozoological studies on seychelles indian ocean fauna and population of testacea

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Protozooplankton in the weddell sea antarctica abundance and distribution in the ice edge zone

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Protracted analgesic effect of antiserum to beta endorphin in rats

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Protracted anuria due to active vasoconstriction in primary or secondary malignant hypertension

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Protracted blood sugar increase in type i diabetics after brief but exhausting physical work

Kozhedub R.G., 1989:
Protracted changes of synaptic efficiency and cellular excitability in learning

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Protracted course of acute pneumonias and their prophylaxis

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Protracted diarrhea the importance of the enteropathogenic escherichia coli epec strains and salmonella in its genesis

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Protracted enlargement of the blind spot in multiple evanescent white dot syndrome

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Protracted forms of viral hepatitis A in adolescents

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Protracted pneumonia in patients who had influenza and acute respiratory diseases

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Protracted treatment of c57bl mice with zinc dtpa after americium 241 injection reduces the long term radiation effects

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Protracted withdrawal: sensitization of the anxiogenic response to cocaine in rats concurrently treated with ethanol

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Protraction of the cleft maxilla

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Protransglutaminase E from guinea pig skin. Isolation and partial characterization

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Protriptyline treatment of sleep hypoxemia in duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Protruding atheromas in the thoracic aorta and systemic embolization

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Protrusio acetabuli in neurofibromatosis: nondysplastic and dysplastic forms

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Protrusion formation in the cell division arrested mutant tetrahymena thermophila cda a1 some rules governing cytoskeletal growth

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Proulcerogenic and mucosal protective action of glucocorticoid in the rat stomach

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Prourokinase activation on the surface of human rhabdomyosarcoma cells localization and inactivation of newly formed urokinase type plasminogen activator by recombinant class 2 plasminogen activator inhibitor

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Provastatin vs. probucol in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia a double blind study

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Provenance age and defoliation effects on the growth of cordia alliodora in central america

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Provenance concentrations and nature of sedimentary organic nitrogen in the gulf of maine usa

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Provenance evaluation of pinus halepensis pinus brutia and pinus eldarica in israel

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Provenance hybrids in jack pine 15 year results in eastern canada

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Provenance selection of pulpwood of masson's pine

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Provenance test of 24 provenances of norway spruce picea abies l. karst. introduced from romania and west germany at age of 12 and 13 years in korea

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Provenance test of 53 provenances of european alder alnus glutinosa l. gaertn. in korea

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Provenance trial and pests control of pinus caribaea

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Provenance trial on eucalyptus cloeziana in western ghats of karnataka india

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Provenance trials of eucalyptus grandis and eucalyptus saligna in australia

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Provenance trials of eucalyptus tereticornis in two lateritic soils of west bengal india

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Provenance variation for disease resistance in pseudotsuga menziesii to the swiss needle cast pathogen phaeocryptopus gaeumannii

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Provenance variation in early growth and development of picea mariana mill b.s.p

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Provenance variation in eucalyptus urophylla in malawi

Falkenhagen E.R., 1991:
Provenance variation in pinus muricata in south africa

Falkenhagen E.R., 1991:
Provenance variation in pinus radiata at six sites in south africa

Bagchi S.K.; Dobriyal N.D., 1990:
Provenance variation in seed parameters of acacia nilotica

Wright J.A., 1990:
Provenance variation in wood properties of pinus caribaea var hondurensis

Sirikul W.; Wellendorf H.; Granhof J., 1991:
Provenance x site interaction in cone setting of pinus caribaea var hondurensis in thailand

Imai, M.; Shibata, T.; Moriguchi, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Hayama, H., 1991:
Proventricular glands in fowl

Levy, S.M.; Muchow, G., 1992:
Provider compliance with recommended dietary fluoride supplement protocol

Glasgow, R.E.; Hollis, J.F.; McRae, S.G.; Lando, H.A.; LaChance, P., 1991:
Providing an integrated program of low intensity tobacco cessation services in a health maintenance organization

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Providing an optimum supply of sodium and magnesium to the feed rations of dairy cows and pregnant heifers

Evans, R.L.; Bishop, D.S.; Ousley, R.T., 1992:
Providing care to persons with physical disability. Effect on family caregivers

Hadden, S.G., 1989:
Providing citizens with information about health effects of hazardous chemicals

Cox, S.; Walson, P.D., 1989:
Providing effective therapeutic drug monitoring services

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Providing services for women with difficulties with alcohol or other drugs: the current U.K. situation as seen by women practitioners researchers and policy makers in the field

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Providing vitamin d to confined sheep by oral supplementation vs uv irradiation

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Providing with vitamins c and b 1 of students at a rural vocational school in the middle volga river area russian sfsr ussr

Assing I.A.; Bil'debaeva R.M.; Dil'dabekova Z.A., 1988:
Provincial features of the organic matter of light chestnut soils in the kazakh ssr ussr

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Provision of appropriate and effective reassurance

McInerney, F., 1992:
Provision of food and fluids in terminal care: a sociological analysis

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Provision of medical and community services to people with severe arthritis; an audit

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Provision with adhesive bridges report of experiences

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Provisional assessment of quality components in lucerne medicago sativa and white clover trifolium repens using a near ir reflectance spectrophotometer

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Provisional atlas of the freshwater fishes of alicante east spain

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Provisional identification of Haemophilus influenzae from sputum cultures within 1 h by rapid enzyme tests

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Provisional normative data for a credibility scale for assessing personal injury claimants

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Provisional results of treatment with pedicled pelvic chip in necrosis of the femoral head

Waringer Loeschenkohl A., 1989:
Provisional results regarding the situation of amphibians in the northern riverine woods at altenwoerth austria following the provision of a diversion structure hinterlandprojekt nord

Danforth B.N., 1990:
Provisioning behavior and the estimation of investment ratios in a solitary bee calliopsis persimilis cockerell hymenoptera andrenidae

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Provisioning of nestlings by male and female red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus

Fryxell J.M.; Doucet C.M., 1991:
Provisioning time and central place foraging in beavers

Homnava, A.; Rogers, W.; Eitenmiller, R.R., 1990:
Provitamin a activity of specialty fruit marketed in the usa

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Provocable ischemia following inferior myocardial infarction

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Provocation of bradycardia and hypotension by isoproterenol and upright posture in patients with unexplained syncope

Mattyus A.; Halasz A., 1990:
Provocation of convulsive activity in the eeg by promazine hydrochloride induced sleep in children

Faber L.; Klempt H.W.; Dumitriu M., 1991:
Provocation of dynamic left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in secondary myocardial hypertrophy

Mochida, S.; Ogata, I.; Hirata, K.; Ohta, Y.; Yamada, S.; Fujiwara, K., 1990:
Provocation of massive hepatic necrosis by endotoxin after partial hepatectomy in rats

Zhdanov A.M.; Gukov A.O., 1991:
Provocation of supraventricular tachyarrhythmia in the diagnosis of sick sinus syndrome

Myakotnykh V.S., 1991:
Provocation of the first epileptic seizures and epileptic reactions

Schapowal A.; Schmitz Schumann M., 1992:
Provocation tests for the diagnosis of aspirin sensitive asthma and aspirin sensitive rhinosinusitis

Grund V.P.; Shapiro L.A.; Viter V.I.; Kargin A.M.; Katsitadze V.A., 1989:
Provocative tuberculin pharmaco indigocarmine test in the diagnosis of nephronophthisis and in the determination of its activity

Yankova R., 1989:
Provoked cellular reactions in skin fenestes of contact sensitized subjects

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Proximal abdominal graft for arterialization during hepatic transplantation

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Proximal acceleration signal in patients with mitral regurgitation assessment with color doppler flow mapping

Launoy G.; Pottier D.; Gignoux M., 1989:
Proximal and distal colonic cancer two epidemiologically different cancers

Kazandjian V.; Aigrain Y.; Enezian G.; Guillaume M.; Boige N.; Amiel I.; Weisgerber G.; Boureau M., 1989:
Proximal and jejunal atresia management by jejunal resection duodenal modelling and duodenojejunal or duodenoileal anastomosis data pertaining to 13 newborn children

Bank N.; Aynedjian H.S.; Mutz B.F., 1989:
Proximal bicarbonate absorption independent of sodium proton exchange effect of bicarbonate load

Machtei, E.E.; Zubrey, Y.; Ben Yehuda, A.; Soskolne, W.A., 1989:
Proximal bone loss adjacent to periodontally "hopeless" teeth with and without extraction

Heinrich R.; Kuenzel W.; Tawfiq H., 1991:
Proximal caries diagnosis comparison of clinical and radiographic diagnosis methods with fibre optic transillumination

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Proximal cervical spinal nerve: MR appearance

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Proximal communication between the glossopharyngeal and facial nerves

Rubio P.A., 1988:
Proximal coronary artery anastomosis marker revision and results

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Proximal cutaneous necrosis associated with small vessel calcification in renal failure

Hyakutake, K., 1990:
Proximal displacement of the femoral head after Chiari pelvic osteotomy for coxarthrosis with dysplastic acetabulum

Conway T.A.; Schedl H.P.; Christensen K.; Wilson H.D., 1989:
Proximal distal gradient of sulfate transport by brush border membrane vesicles from hamster small intestine

Cohen S.M.; Juergens G., 1989:
Proximal distal pattern formation in drosophila graded requirement for distal less gene activity during limb development

Fortner, J.G.; Vitelli, C.E.; Maclean, B.J., 1989:
Proximal extrahepatic bile duct tumors. Analysis of a series of 52 consecutive patients treated over a period of 13 years

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Proximal fallopian tube occlusion: diagnosis and treatment with transcervical fallopian tube catheterization

Allan, D.G.; Lavoie, G.J.; McDonald, S.; Oakeshott, R.; Gross, A.E., 1991:
Proximal femoral allografts in revision hip arthroplasty

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Proximal femoral focal deficiency. Evidence for a defect in proliferation and maturation of chondrocytes

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Proximal femoral focal deficiency pffd current concepts in treatment

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Proximal femoral fractures in conjunction with hemiarthroplasty according to Moore

Harries D.J.; Eastwood H., 1991:
Proximal femoral fractures in the elderly dose operative delay for medical reasons affect short term outcome

Greatorex, I.F.; Gibbs, A.C., 1988:
Proximal femoral fractures: some determinants of outcome

Narbona Arnau B., 1989:
Proximal gastric vagotomy controlled intraoperatively or enlarged an excellent ulcer operation that now has no elective indications?

Kadota, T.; Mimura, K.; Kanabe, S.; Ohsaki, Y.; Tamakuma, S., 1990:
Proximal gastric vagotomy with carbon dioxide laser: experimental studies in animals

Stock J.; Cervone D., 1990:
Proximal goal setting and self regulatory processes

Elmer, E.B.; Wenger, D.R.; Mubarak, S.J.; Sutherland, D.H., 1992:
Proximal hamstring lengthening in the sitting cerebral palsy patient

Rudnicki, M.; Patel, D.G.; McFadden, D.W.; Balasubramaniam, A.; Nussbaum, M.S.; Fischer, J.E., 1990:
Proximal jejunal and biliary effects on the enteroinsular axis

Kostelic, J.; Haughton, V.M.; Sether, L., 1992:
Proximal lumbar spinal nerves in axial MR imaging, CT, and anatomic sections

Badalyan L.O.; Temin P.A.; Kalinin V.A.; Arkhipov B.A.; Zavadenko N.N.; Voloshina T.G.; Lysov V.L., 1990:
Proximal myodystrophy with contractures and a malignant course is it a variety of emery dreyfuss disease

Moroni, A.; Pezzuto, V.; Pompili, M.; Zinghi, G., 1992:
Proximal osteotomy of the tibia for the treatment of genu recurvatum in adults

Frank B.; Student A.; Bokemeyer C.; Peck W., 1990:
Proximal pareses of the ulnar and median nerve due to a traumatic aneurysm of the brachial artery

Chambers, B.R.; Brooder, R.J.; Donnan, G.A., 1991:
Proximal posterior cerebral artery occlusion simulating middle cerebral artery occlusion

Rosenzweig, A.; Halazonetis, T.D.; Seidman, J.G.; Seidman, C.E., 1991:
Proximal regulatory domains of rat atrial natriuretic factor gene

Palacios, M.; Madariaga, H.; Heitlinger, L.; Lee, P.C.; Lebenthal, E., 1989:
Proximal small intestinal mucosal injury. Maintenance of glucose and glucose polymer absorption, attenuation of disaccharide absorption

D.B.ay J.M.; Joseph P.A.; Maugin D.; Jeanvoine H.; Emile J., 1989:
Proximal stenosis of the middle cerebral artery long term study in 20 cases evaluation of the significance of transcranial ultrasound examination

Dyson, S., 1991:
Proximal suspensory desmitis: clinical, ultrasonographic and radiographic features

Asirvatham, R.; Rooney, R.J.; Watts, H.G., 1991:
Proximal tibial extension medial rotation osteotomy to correct knee flexion contracture and lateral rotation deformity of tibia after polio

Caillon F.; Rigault P.; Padovani J.P.; Janklevicz P.; Langlais J.; Touzet P., 1990:
Proximal tibial fractures in children

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Proximal tubal recanalization by endoluminal laser probe i. anatomic results female rat

Elhage, A.; Dargier, C.; Mordon, S.; Bethouart, M.; Niay, P.; Brunetaud, J.M.; Querleu, D., 1992:
Proximal tubal recanalization by endoluminal laser probe ii. functional results on rabbit

Kempson, S.A.; McAteer, J.A.; Al-Mahrouq, H.A.; Dousa, T.P.; Dougherty, G.S.; Evan, A.P., 1989:
Proximal tubule characteristics of cultured human renal cortex epithelium

Gonzalez-Campoy, J.M.; Kachelski, J.; Burnett, J.C.; Romero, J.C.; Granger, J.P.; Knox, F.G., 1989:
Proximal tubule response in aldosterone escape

Rome L.; Grantham J.; Savin V.; Lohr J.; Lechene C., 1989:
Proximal tubule volume regulation in hyperosmotic media intracellular potassium sodium and chloride

Hokoda, S.C.; Rosenfield, M.; Ciuffreda, K.J., 1991:
Proximal vergence and age

Joubert, C.; Bedell, H.E., 1990:
Proximal vergence and perceived distance

Marra, T.R., 1988:
Proximal vs. distal nerve conduction measurements in uremic neuropathy

Rosenfield, M.; Ciuffreda, K.J.; Ong, E.; Azimi, A., 1990:
Proximally induced accommodation and accommodative adaptation

Rodriguez G.P.J.; Perez S.E.; Emaldi P.U.J., 1990:
Proximate analysis and amylographic study of amaranth grain cultivated experimentally in venezuela

Emaldi P.; Unai J.; Perez S.; Elevina; Rodriguez G.P., 1990:
Proximate analysis and amylographic study of grains of canavalia ensiformis l

Mandeville S.; Yaylayan V.; Simpson B.K., 1992:
Proximate analysis isolation and identification of amino acids and sugars from raw and cooked commercial shrimp waste

Downey G., 1988:
Proximate analysis of a selection of brown breads commercially produced in ireland

Darwish G.S.; Van D.V.ort F.R.; Smith J.P., 1989:
Proximate analysis of fish tissue by mid ir transmission spectroscopy

Leon A.; Angulo I.; Picard M.; Carre B.; Derouet L.; Harscoat J.P., 1989:
Proximate and amino acid composition of seeds of canavalia ensiformis toxicity of the kernel fraction for chicks

Pfennig D.W., 1992:
Proximate and functional causes of polyphenism in an anuran tadpole

Pasteels J.M.; Rowell Rahier M., 1991:
Proximate and ultimate causes for host plant influence on chemical defense of leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae

Winn A.A., 1991:
Proximate and ultimate sources of within individual variation in seed mass in prunella vulgaris lamiaceae

Sarwar G.; Masud; Rahman A.; Mian A.J., 1991:
Proximate composition a comparison of s 718 jute with corchorus capsularis and corchorus olitorius

Elgasim E.A.; Alkanhal M.A., 1992:
Proximate composition amino acids and inorganic mineral content of arabian camel meat comparative study

Lawrence J.M.; Moran P., 1992:
Proximate composition and allocation of energy to body components in acanthaster planci linnaeus echinodermata asteroidea

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Proximate composition and mineral content of raw roasted and autoclaved chickpea

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Proximate regulation by mothers: a demonstration of how differing styles affect young children's behavior

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