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Purification of DNA ligases from mouse testis and their behavior during meiosis

Higashitani, A.; Tabata, S.; Endo, H.; Hotta, Y.

Cell Structure and Function 15(1): 67-72


ISSN/ISBN: 0386-7196
PMID: 2340590
Accession: 007709888

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Two types of DNA ligase, I and II, have been purified approximately 4,000-fold from mouse testes and 500-fold from nuclei of mouse spermatocytes. DNA ligase I and II consisted of single polypeptides with molecular weights of 95,000 and 65,000, respectively, according to the estimation by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and the AMP-binding assay. Ligase activities were higher in premeiotic spermatogonia and spermatocytes than those in liver and bone marrow cells. Moreover, DNA ligase II showed rapid increase during meiotic prophase and a decrease in round spermatids. Since this behavior of DNA ligase II is consistent with that of m-rec and DNA polymerase beta, both of which have been shown to be involved in DNA recombination in meiotic cells, DNA ligase II might be an enzyme which works at the final step of meiotic recombination reaction.

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