Rearing of common carp grass carp silver carp and bighead carp larvae using zooplankton and or different dry feeds

Opuszynski, K.; Myszkowski, L.; Okoniewska, G.; Opuszynska, W.; Szlaminska, M.; Wolnicki, J.; Wozniewski, M.

Polskie Archiwum Hydrobiologii 36(2): 217-230


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-3764
Accession: 007724547

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Four species of cyprinid larval fish were fed with living zooplankton and/or four dry diets during 14-day rearing period. Feeding with zooplankton gave the best results; the results were likewise improved when zooplankton was added to the dry diet. Ewos C-10 ranked the best among the dry diets. The worst of the tested diets, i.e. the commercial trout starter, however, gave the results comparable to Ewos when both feeds have been administered after 10-day period of feeding the fish on zooplankton. The weight-length relationships were studied, as well as dependencies between growth rate and fish mortality, variability of fish size and growth rte, and variability of fish size and mortality.