Reflection of the systemic organization of behavior quanta in the impulse activity of cortical neurons

Vagin, Y.E.

Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 320(3): 749-753


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-3264
PMID: 1794289
Accession: 007731449

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A method was developed for determining the uncertainty of correlation between the lengths of adjacent interpulse intervals. The method made it possible for the 1st time to obtain quantitative data on the dynamics of the degree of freedom of neurons. Experiments were carried out in 5 cats to study the impulse activity of 11 visual cortex neurons during 112 quanta of instrumental feeding behavior. Coefficients of correlation between changes in the length of behavioral stages and parameters of the quanta of the integrative activity of te brain were presented. It was found that the quanta of integrative brain activity are partially associated with the registered stage and final results of the goal-directed behavior of animals. A correlation was established of the number and length of the quanta of integrative behavioral brain activity, afferent synthesis length, number of the decision making stages, length of the efferent synthesis stage, and predominance of afferent synthesis over efferent synthesis with the length of behavioral stages determining the final result of the food procurement activity of animals. The method proposed makes it possible to assess all stages of the intracerebral organization of systemic quanta of behavior.