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Reflections of the self: atypical misidentification and delusional syndromes in two patients with Alzheimer's disease

Molchan, S.E.; Martinez, R.A.; Lawlor, B.A.; Grafman, J.H.; Sunderland, T.

British Journal of Psychiatry the Journal of Mental Science 157: 605-608


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-1250
PMID: 2131144
DOI: 10.1192/bjp.157.4.605
Accession: 007731454

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Two patients with moderately severe AD, when asked directly, could identify their own images in a mirror, but also consistently misidentified their own reflections as that of another person. Both patients were paranoid and mildly depressed at times, but had no evidence of other concurrent psychotic symptoms. It appeared that mood substantially modified the nature of the symptom and the patients' reaction to it over time. These cases illustrate the ability of an organic symptom to be modified by a concurrent affective state, indicating the importance of the interaction between biological and psychological factors in the expression of such symptoms.

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