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Relationship of the features of actual nutrition and the health status of people of pre pension age and pensioners engaged in machine building industry

Grigorov, Y.G.; Kozlovskaya, S.G.; Semes'ko T.M.; Medovar, B.Ya

Voprosy Pitaniia 47: 23-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8833
Accession: 007740554

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Actual nutrition and health state were investigated in 406 males of pre-pension and pension age (40-70 years) engaged in physical work (III category of difficulty) at an engineering plant. The chemical composition of their food was evaluated with respect to 74 chemical elements. The state of the workers' health was evaluated by the data obtained from the registers kept at the Plant medical unit. A relationship has been established between the character of the actual nutrition and the presence of an age-dependent disease, as well as the role of certain nutrients in the development of this or that disease in different age periods. A conclusion has been made on the necessity of the development of differential physiological requirements in the nutrients and energy for elder subjects engaged in the social industry, and inclusion of the rational nutrition into the complex of measures for prevention of age-dependent diseases.

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