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Relationships between 2h4 cd45ra and uchl1 cd45ro expression by normal blood cd4 positive cd8 negative cd4 negative cd8 positive cd4 negative cd8dim positive cd3 positive cd4 negative cd8 negative and cd3 negative cd4 negative cd8 negative lymphocytes

Relationships between 2h4 cd45ra and uchl1 cd45ro expression by normal blood cd4 positive cd8 negative cd4 negative cd8 positive cd4 negative cd8dim positive cd3 positive cd4 negative cd8 negative and cd3 negative cd4 negative cd8 negative lymphocytes

Clinical & Experimental Immunology 81(1): 149-155

We characterized and established relationships between the expression of membrane 2H4 (CD4RA) and UCHL1 (CD45RO) by enriched lymphocytic fractions prepared by selective immunomagnetic depletion of monoclonal antibody-defined populationps. Cell fractions analysed in this study could be divided into two broad groups according to the presence (CD3+ CD4+ CD8-, CD3+ CD4- CD8+,CD3+ CD4- CD8dim+ and CD3+ CD4- CD8-) or absence (CD3- CD4- CD8dim+ and CD3- CD4- CD8-) of the CD3 antigen. Preliminary studies confirmed a reciprocal relationship for CD45RA and CD45RO expression by major lymphoid components and further showed that the level or intensity of membrane 2H4 staining (2H4+, 2H4int and 2H4-) could be directly related to UCHL1 expression. As a reflection of their differential functions, the various CD3+ populations examined showed much greater heterogeneity in 2H4 and UCHL1 expression. CD3+ CD4+ CD8- cells generally showed significant proportions of 2H4+, 2H4int and 2H4- components, whereas the CD3+ CD4- CD8+ population was characterized by a predominance of 2H4+ cells. The results of this current investigation further suggested a higher proportion of dual-positive (2H4+ UCHL1+) cells and a much greater degree of inter-individual variation than previously suspected. In contrast to CD3+lymphocytes, natural killer (NK) associated CD3- CD4- CD8dim+ and CD3- CD4- CD8- populations were mostly 2H4+ with only minor 2H4int components and very low expression of UCHL1. An additional observation of note was that the proportions of 2H4+ and 2H4- cells comprising the CD4+ CD8- fraction in any given individual was highly correlated (P = 0.002) with the distributions of 2H4+ and 2H4- components within the Cd4- CD8+ fraction. This suggests the possible existence of a common control mechanism for the acquisition of immunological memory by distinct lymphocyte populations and further indicates that individual variations in the distribution of 2H4/UCHL1 lymphocyte subpopulations may be a direct consequence of 'immunological experience' rather than age alone.

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