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Reproductive behavior of thalassemic couples segregating for Cooley anemia

Gamberini, M.R.; Canella, R.; Lucci, M.; Vullo, C.; Barrai, I.

American Journal of Medical Genetics 38(1): 103-106


ISSN/ISBN: 0148-7299
PMID: 2012120
DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.1320380123
Accession: 007747114

The reproductive behavior in 1984 of families segregating for Cooley anemia in Ferrara was compared with that of a control group of families, matched for some biological variables which affect fertility. At the resolution power of the sample, it was found that there is no significant difference in these variables due to segregation for Cooley anemia, and it appears that there is no longer significant reproductive compensation in thalassemic couples, although a tendency to compensate does still exist. The increased life span of children affected by Cooley anemia, due to improvements in treatment in the past decade, is probably the main reason why the compensatory reproductive behaviour of the past has almost disappeared.

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