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Resistance to acid of canine kidney (MDCK) and human colonic (T84) and ileo-caecal (HCT-8) adenocarcinoma epithelial cell monolayers in vitro

Chan, A.B.; Allen, C.N.; Simmons, N.L.; Parsons, M.E.; Hirst, B.H.

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology 74(4): 553-556


ISSN/ISBN: 0144-8757
PMID: 2798764
Accession: 007749137

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Monolayers of canine kidney (MDCK) and human lower intestinal (T84 and HCT-8) cell lines generated significant transepithelial electrical resistance (700-5000 .OMEGA. cm2). Electrical integrity was maintained upon acidification of the apical and/or basolateral surfaces to pH 3.0, and this was associated with increased transepithelial electrical resistance, and generation of a potential difference at pH < 4.5. These results indicate that resistance to acid is a general phenomenon of epithelial layers, and that monolayers of epithelial cells, including those of human origin, are a homogeneous and simple model for studying epithelial barrier function in vitro.

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