Section 8
Chapter 7,750

Respiration and nitrogen excretion by the squid loligo forbesi

Boucher Rodoni, R.; Mangold, K.

Marine Biology (Berlin) 103(3): 333-338


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-3162
DOI: 10.1007/bf00397267
Accession: 007749891

Respiration and nitrogen excretion rates of mature adult Loligo forbesi were investigated at the Roscoff Laboratory (North Brittany, France) during individual short-term incubation experiments in January 1986. The squids were in post-digestive condition and not actively swimming. Both oxygen uptake and nitrogen excretion are continuous processes. The metabolic rates of this active nektonic species (145 ml kg-1 h-1 oxygen uptake, 18.56 .mu.g g-1 h-1 ammonia excretion) are distinctly higher than those of benthic cephalopods. Proteins constitute the main metabolic substrate for energetic needs. Besides ammonia, urea is also continuously released, in amounts ranging from 5 to 16% of ammonia-excretion values.

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