Section 8
Chapter 7,751

Response of broiler breeder females to feed restriction below recommended levels. 1. Growth and reproductive performance

Fattori, T.R.; Wilson, H.R.; Harms, R.H.; Miles, R.D.

Poultry Science 70(1): 26-36


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 2017416
DOI: 10.3382/ps.0700026
Accession: 007750749

Arbor Acre broiler breeders were used to determine the effects on growth and reproductive performance of quantitative feed restriction below breeder recommended levels. Feed treatments were: 8% above standard (+8%); standard feeding program (STD); and 8 (-8%), 16 (-16%), and 24% (-24%) below standard. Proportional decreases in feed allocation resulted in corresponding decreases in body weight, frequency of double-yolked eggs, and number of days in production. Egg weight, fertility, hatchability, and female mortality to 64 wk of age were not significantly (P greater than or equal to .05) affected by the reduction in feed intake. Shell quality was significantly improved with the -16 and -24% feed treatments. A delay in sexual maturity caused a significant (P less than or equal to .05) decrease in average rate of lay (%hen-day) but not in total settable eggs for treatments -16 and -24% to 64 wk of age.

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