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Rotifera from australian inland waters iii. euchlanidae mytilinidae and trichotriidae rotifera monogononta

Koste, W.; Shiel, R.J.

Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 113(1-2): 85-114


ISSN/ISBN: 0372-1426
Accession: 007766211

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Diagnostic keys are given to the Australian representatives of the Rotifera:Monogononta in the families Euchlanidae (Manfredium, Diplois, Dipleuchlanis, Tripleuchlanis, Euchlanis), Mytilinidae (Mytilina, Lophocharis) and Trichotriidae (Wolga, Macrochaetus, Trichotria). All species known from Australian inland waters are described and figured, as are some widely distributed taxa not yet recorded from the continent. Distribution data and ecological information also are given.

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