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Rotifera from korean inland waters ii. colurellidae rotifera monogononta

Chung, C.E.; Yoo, H.B.; Kim, S.Y.

Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology 7(2): 241-256


Accession: 007766217

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The systematic study of freshwater rotifers was conducted on the materials collected from 197 sites in South Korea. As a result, 9 species of Family Colurellidae were identified, 4 species (1 species and 3 subspecies) of which are new to the Korea fauna: Colurella uncinata, Squatinella rostrum rostrum, Lepadella patella patella, and L. elliptica. Total 165 species representing 13 families and 40 genera are now recorded by adding the species described in the present paper.

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