Seasonal changes in plasma volume adrenocortical hormones osmolality and electrolytes during pregnancy and at parturition in barki and rahmani ewes

Okab A.B.; Mekkawy M.Y.; Elbanna I.M.; Hassan G.A.; El Nouty F.D.; Salem M.H.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 62(4): 302-306


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 007772434

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Some hormonal and haemato-biochemical characteristics were determined at various stages of pregnancy and at parturition in 32 Barki and Rahmani ewes during summer and winter. Plasma volume and plasma cortisol concentration showed maximum increases during late pregnancy, then declined markedly at postpartum. Plasma aldosterone also increased gradually as gestation advanced, and declined after parturition. The overall mean plasma osmolality differed slightly during various stages of pregnancy, but declined markedly at postpartum. Plasma Na concentration declined during pregnancy, while plasma K showed an increase at mid and late pregnancy followed by a sharp drop at parturition. With the exception of plasma K, all the measured parameters were higher in summer than in winter. In addition, the Rahmani ewes showed greater values of plasma K and plasma cortisol, and less increase in plasma volume particularly during summer. Breed changes in plasma osmolality followed mainly the changes in plasma. Na, being greater in the Rahmani ewes during summer and in the Barki during winter. The effect of breed on the overall mean plasma aldosterone was not significant.