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Seasonal flight activity of male velvet ants hymenoptera mutillidae in south florida usa

Deyrup, M.; Manley, D.

Entomological News 101(2): 99-108


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-872X
Accession: 007772882

Seasonal male flight data from a four-year study are presented for 19 species of mutillids belonging to the genera Ephuta, Photomorphus, Pseudomethoca, Sphaeropthalma, and Timulla. A total of 2,391 specimens was collected. At the study site in southern Florida, most species flew during at least 8 months of the year. Two species flew only late in the year. All species showed marked fluctuations in abundance from year to year. [The following species are discussed: E. floridana, E. stenognatha, E. slossonae, E. margueritae, E. pauxilla, E. spinifera, P. paulus, P. alogus, P. archboldi, P. oculata, P. sanbornii, P. simillima, P. torrida, P. torrida, P. vanduzei, S. pensylvanica, T. dubitata, T. floridensis, T. ornatipennis, T. vagans.].

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