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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7776

Chapter 7776 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cortella, A.R., 1989:
Secretory tissue in ipomoea purpurea convolvulaceae laticifers and glands

Forestier, D.; Forestier Berthele, M.F.; Meriot, P.; Colin, D.; Crochet, D.; Senecail, B.; Huu, N.; Bellet, M., 1990:
Section anatomy of the normal adult heart and correlation in medical imaging

Hirsch, E.; Snead, O.C.; Gomez, I.; Baram, T.Z.; Vergnes, M., 1992:
Section of the corpus callosum in kainic acid induced seizures in rats behavioral electroencephalographic and neuropathological study

Lipton, R.J.; McCaffrey, T.V.; Cahill, D.R., 1989:
Sectional anatomy of the larynx: implications for the transcutaneous approach to endolaryngeal structures

Suzuki, T.; Takezawa, Y.; Tamura, Y.; Mashimo, T.; Imai, K.; Yamanaka, H.; Suzuki, K., 1991:
Sectional anatomy of the pelvis in the male rat with ultrasound correlations

Miller, J.S.; Nowicke, J.W., 1989:
Sectional placement of some problematic cordia species boraginaceae

Cervino, O.A.; Villafane, G.; Grzyb, E.; Elaghiozian, S., 1988:
Sectional situation of radiographic images and its relationship with the histopathological diagnosis of primitive pulmonary cancer

Kreuger, R.C.B.; D.G.er D.V.ies C.; Smit, W.A., 1991:
Sectioning pupae with sclerotized cuticle

Ellender, G., 1990:
Sections from double mesas obtained at the same tissue plane

Sergeev, M.G., 1990:
Sector differentiation of steppe forest steppe and semidesert communities of orthoptera

Locke, L.C.; Meetz, R., 1990:
Sector pupillary dilation: an alternative technique

Cohen, A.; Ljunggvist, U.; Tabár, L.; Bergkvist, L.; Johansson, L.; Holmberg, L.; Adami, H.O.; Jansson, T.; Rikner, G.; Rimsten, A.; Stenstam, B.; Carlsson, L.; Jahnberg, T.; Underskog, I.; Liljegren, G.; Westman, G.; Adami, H.O.; Graffman, S.; Holmberg, L.; Adami, H.O.; Holmberg, L.; Holmberg, L.; Huitfeldt, B.; Tábar, L.; Rikner, G.; Holmberg, L.; Liljegren, G.; Adami, H.O.; Graffman, S., 1990:
Sector resection with or without postoperative radiotherapy for stage I breast cancer: a randomized trial

Menck, J.; Bertram, C.; Lierse, W., 1992:
Sectorial angioarchitecture of the human tibia

Checa, A., 1991:
Sectorial expansion and shell morphogenesis in molluscs

Kataria, H.R., 1988:
Sectoring in cultures of ceratobasidium cereale rhizoctonia cerealis

Maliva, R.G.; Knoll, A.H.; Siever, R., 1989:
Secular change in chert distribution a reflection of evolving biological participation in the silica cycle

Lin, W.S.; Chen, A.C.; Su, J.Z.; Xiao, J.W.; Ye, G.S., 1992:
Secular change in the growth and development of Han children in China

Cernerud, L.; Lindgren, G.W., 1991 :
Secular changes in height and weight of Stockholm schoolchildren born in 1933, 1943, 1953 and 1963

Sobral, F., 1990:
Secular changes in stature in southern Portugal between 1930 and 1980 according to conscript data

Izsak, J., 1988:
Secular changes of the concentration of neoplasm death causes in the male population of some countries

Takahashi, Y., 1990:
Secular changes of the temporomandibular joint morphology in japanese

Satpathy, R.; Das, D.B.; Bhuyan, B.K.; Pant, K.C.; Santhanam, S., 1990:
Secular trend in birthweight in an industrial hospital in India

Seth, V.; Patnaik, K.K.; Rai, A.; Gupta, M.; Sundram, K.R., 1989:
Secular trend in height and weight of pre school children in urban slums of delhi india

So, L.L.; Yen, P.K., 1990:
Secular trend in skeletal maturation in southern Chinese girls in Hong Kong

Giles, D.E.; Roffwarg, H.P.; Kupfer, D.J.; Rush, A.J.; Biggs, M.M.; Etzel, B.A., 1989:
Secular trend in unipolar depression: a hypothesis

So, L.L.; Yen, P.K., 1992:
Secular trend of menarcheal age in southern Chinese girls

Jamison, P.L., 1990:
Secular trends and the pattern of growth in arctic populations

Konishi, M.; Komachi, Y.; Iso, H.; Iida, M.; Naito, Y.; Sato, S.; Kiyama, M.; Shimamoto, T.; Kitamura, A.; Doi, M., 1990:
Secular trends in atherosclerosis of coronary arteries and basal cerebral arteries in Japan. The Akita pathology study

Tachiyama, Y.; Izumi, K.; Kawanishi, M., 1990:
Secular trends in incidence and degree of concentration of asbestos bodies in autopsied lungs in hiroshima prefecture japan 1957 1987

Banerjee, S.N.; Emori, T.G.; Culver, D.H.; Gaynes, R.P.; Jarvis, W.R.; Horan, T.; Edwards, J.R.; Tolson, J.; Henderson, T.; Martone, W.J., 1991:
Secular trends in nosocomial primary bloodstream infections in the usa 1980 1989

Yagi, T.; Takebe, Y.; Itoh, M., 1989:
Secular trends in physique and physical fitness in japanese students during the last 20 years

Carlson, G.A.; Rich, C.L.; Grayson, P.; Fowler, R.C., 1991:
Secular trends in psychiatric diagnoses of suicide victims

Kuh, D.L.; Power, C.; Rodgers, B., 1991:
Secular trends in social class and sex differences in adult height

Cooper, C.; Atkinson, E.J.; Kotowicz, M.; O'fallon W.M.; Melton, L.J.IIi, 1992:
Secular trends in the incidence of postmenopausal vertebral fractures

Stille, P.; Fischer, H., 1990:
Secular variation in the isotopic composition of neodymium in tethys seawater

Tsuchioka, Y.; Kawagoe, T.; Hondo, T.; Shingu, T.; Nakagawa, H.; Amioka, H.; Okamoto, M.; Matsuura, H.; Kajiyama, G.; Dote, K., 1990:
Secundum atrial septal defect in two families

Bullock, R.; Hosie, K.; Little, M.; Millham, S., 1990:
Secure accommodation for very difficult adolescents some recent research findings

Toffel, P.H.; Aroesty, D.J.; Weinmann, R.H., 1989:
Secure endoscopic sinus surgery as an adjunct to functional nasal surgery

Hassarajani, S.A.; Mulchandani, N.B., 1990:
Securinine type of alkaloids from phyllanthus niruri

Mueller, R.T.; Konermann, H.; Schoeppe, G., 1989:
Security and proof of an unobjectionable preoperative information

Park, K.A.; Waters, E., 1989:
Security of attachment and preschool friendships

Reid, P.M.; Wilkinson, A.E.; Leung, K.C.; Jones, M.N., 1989:
SED88: a Pascal program for the analysis of sedimentation equilibrium data

Lebovitz, D.J.; Blumer, J.L., 1992:
Sedation and analgesic therapy for critically ill children

Nuotto, E.J.; Korttila, K.T.; Lichtor, J.L.; Ostman, P.L.; Rupani, G., 1992:
Sedation and recovery of psychomotor function after intravenous administration of various doses of midazolam and diazepam

Manara, A.R.; Smith, D.C.; Nixon, C., 1989:
Sedation during spinal anaesthesia: a case for the routine administration of oxygen

Wilson, E.; David, A.; Mackenzie, N.; Grant, I.S., 1990:
Sedation during spinal anaesthesia: comparison of propofol and midazolam

Hildesheimer, M.; Henkin, Y.; Muchnik, C.; Anafi, R.; Sahartov, E.; Rubinstein, M., 1991 :
Sedation effect on temporary threshold shift induced by acoustic overstimulation

McMenemin, I.M.; Church, J.A.; Kenny, G.N., 1988:
Sedation following cardiac surgery: evaluation of alfentanil and morphine in the presence of a computerized closed loop arterial pressure controller

Randell, T., 1992:
Sedation for bronchofiberoscopy comparison between propofol infusion and intravenous boluses of fentanyl and diazepam

Boldy, D.A.; Lever, L.R.; Unwin, P.R.; Spencer, P.A.; Hoare, A.M., 1988:
Sedation for endoscopy: midazolam or diazepam and pethidine?

Webb, A.R.; Doherty, J.F.; Chester, M.R.; Cummin, A.R.C.; Woodhead, M.A.; Nanson, E.M.; Flack, S.T.; Millard, F.J.C., 1989:
Sedation for fibreoptic bronchoscopy: comparison of alfentanil with papaveretum and diazepam

Coventry, D.M.; Martin, C.S.; Burke, A.M., 1991:
Sedation for pediatric computerized tomography a double blind assessment of rectal midazolam

Hubbard, A.M.; Markowitz, R.I.; Kimmel, B.; Kroger, M.; Bartko, M.B., 1992:
Sedation for pediatric patients undergoing CT and MRI

Lee, M.G.; Hanna, W.; Harding, H., 1989:
Sedation for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy a comparative study of midazolam and diazepam

Daneshmend, T.K.; Bell, G.D.; Logan, R.F., 1991:
Sedation for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: results of a nationwide survey

Keeter, S.; Benator, R.M.; Weinberg, S.M.; Hartenberg, M.A., 1990:
Sedation in pediatric CT: national survey of current practice

Beauvoir, C.; Chardon, P.; D'athis F.; Mathieu Daude, J.C.; Ducailar, J., 1992:
Sedation with propofol fentanyl in critically ill patients

Scheinarova, A., 1991:
Sedative analgesia with midazolam and ketamine

Arafat, E.S.; Hargrove, J.T.; Maxson, W.S.; Desiderio, D.M.; Wentz, A.C.; Andersen, R.N., 1988:
Sedative and hypnotic effects of oral administration of micronized progesterone may be mediated through its metabolites

Walsh, J.K.; Humm, T.; Muehlbach, M.J.; Sugerman, J.L.; Schweitzer, P.K., 1991:
Sedative effects of ethanol at night

Saint Girons, H.; Bradshaw, S.D., 1989:
Sedentariness displacements and distribution of individuals in a population of lacerta viridis laurenti 1768 lacertilia lacertidae

Sokolowski, A.W., 1989:
Sedge communities at the peripheries of the bialowieza forest northeastern poland

Nikolin, B.; Maksimovic, M.; Sober, M.; Nikolin, A., 1990:
Sediene a new alkaloid isolated from sedum acre l

Cooper, C.M.; Mchenry, J.R., 1989:
Sediment accumulation and its effect on a mississippi river oxbow lake mississippi usa

Mclean, R.I.; Summers, J.K.; Olsen, C.R.; Domotor, S.L.; Larsen, I.L.; Wilson, H., 1991:
Sediment accumulation rates in conowingo reservoir usa as determined by man made and natural radionuclides

Oeggl, K., 1992:
Sediment and macrofossil analyses at the lake of lans in tirol austria a contribution to the late glacial bio and chronostratigraphy of the eastern alps

Alstrom, K.; Bergman, A., 1988:
Sediment and nutrient losses by water erosion from arable land in south sweden a problem with nonpoint pollution

Owens, L.B.; Edwards, W.M.; Van Keuren, R.W., 1989:
Sediment and nutrient losses form an unimproved all year grazed watershed

Johnston, C.A., 1991:
Sediment and nutrient retention by freshwater wetlands effects on surface water quality

Stone, M.; English, M.C.; Mulamoottil, G., 1991:
Sediment and nutrient transport dynamics in two tributaries of lake erie a numerical model

Jafvert, C.T.; Health, J.K., 1991:
Sediment and saturated soil associated reactions involving an anionic surfactant dodecylsulfate 1. precipitation and micelle formation

Jafvert, C.T., 1991:
Sediment and saturated soil associated reactions involving an anionic surfactant dodecylsulfate 2. partition of pah compounds among phases

Hodgson, G., 1990:
Sediment and the settlement of larvae of the reef coral pocillopora damicornis

Rattray, M.R.; Howard Williams, C.; Brown, J.M.A., 1991:
Sediment and water as sources of nitrogen and phosphorus for submerged rooted aquatic macrophytes

Balamurugan, G., 1991:
Sediment balance and delivery in a humid tropical urban river basin the kelang river malaysia

White, J.R.; Gubala, C.P.; Fry, B.; Owen, J.; Mitchell, M.J., 1989:
Sediment biogeochemistry of iron and sulfur in an acidic lake

Thomasson, J.R., 1991:
Sediment borne seeds from sand creek northwestern kansas usa taphonomic significance and paleoecological and paleoenvironmental implications

Rippey, B., 1990:
Sediment chemistry and atmospheric contamination

Young, R.B.; King, R.H., 1989:
Sediment chemistry and diatom stratigraphy of two high arctic isolation lakes truelove lowland devon island northwest territories canada

Edwards, L.M.; Burney, J.R., 1991:
Sediment concentration of interrill runoff under varying soil ground cover soil compaction and freezing regimes

Williams, G.P., 1989:
Sediment concentration versus water discharge during single hydrologic events in rivers

Klotz, R.L., 1988:
Sediment control of soluble reactive phosphorus in hoxie gorge creek new york usa

Pai, N.; Patil, P.V.; Nagalotimath, S.J., 1990:
Sediment cytology in bone biopsies

Shields, F.D.Jr; Abt, S.R., 1989:
Sediment deposition in cutoff meander bends and implications for effective management

Hay, B.J.; Arthur, M.A.; Dean, W.E.; Neff, E.D.; Honjo, S., 1991:
Sediment deposition in the late holocene abyssal black sea with climatic and chronological implications

Molde, P.; Poertge K H., 1989:
Sediment deposition in the wendebach reservoir using the snowmelt runoff in winter 1986 1987 as an example

Schillat, B.; Stein, M., 1989:
Sediment distribution on the elephant island shelf antarctica

Edwards, L.; Burney, J.R., 1992:
Sediment fractions in interrill runoff under various conditions of ground cover compaction and freeze thaw using a rainfall simulator

Lobel, P.B.; Belkhode, S.P.; Jackson, S.E.; Longerich, H.P., 1991:
Sediment in the intestinal tract a potentially serious source of error in aquatic biological monitoring programs

Shi W G., 1991:
Sediment on the urban street accumulation and characteristics

Jones, M.A.; Rae, J.E., 1989:
Sediment preservation the effects on phosphate exchange between sediment and water

Mundahl, N.D., 1991:
Sediment processing by gizzard shad dorosoma cepedianum lesueur in acton lake ohio usa

Fahey, B.D.; Coker, R.J., 1992:
Sediment production from forest roads in queen charlotte forest and potential impact on marine water quality marlborough sounds new zealand

Finlayson, C.M.; Cowie, I.D.; Bailey, B.J., 1990:
Sediment seedbanks in grassland on the magela creek floodplain northern australia

Fonseca, M.S., 1989:
Sediment stabilization by halophila decipiens in comparison to other seagrasses

Wainright, S.C., 1990:
Sediment to water fluxes of particulate material and microbes by resuspension and their contribution to the planktonic food web

Dave, G., 1992:
Sediment toxicity and heavy metals in eleven lime reference lakes of sweden

Bihari, N.; Najdek, M.; Floris, R.; Batel, R.; Zahn, R.K., 1989:
Sediment toxicity assessment using bacterial bioluminescence effect of an unusual phytoplankton bloom

Luckenbach, M.W.; Huggett, D.V.; Zobrist, E.C., 1988:
Sediment transport biotic modifications and selection of grain size in a surface deposit feeder

Leventer, A., 1991:
Sediment trap diatom assemblages from the northern antarctic peninsula region

Butman, C.A., 1989:
Sediment trap experiments on the importance of hydrodynamical processes in distributing settling invertebrate larvae in near bottom waters

Baker, J.E.; Eisenreich, S.J.; Eadie, B.J., 1991:
Sediment trap fluxes and benthic recycling of organic carbon polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorobiphenyl congeners in lake superior

Huang, S.; Zhao, H.; Fang, M., 1992:
Sediment water exchange capacity of total phosphorus in taihu lake calculated by mass budget model

Koop, K.; Boynton, W.R.; Wulff, F.; Carman, R., 1990:
Sediment water oxygen and nutrient exchanges along a depth gradient in the baltic sea

Suzuki, S., 1987 :
Sedimentary and tectonic history of the eastern part of maizuru zone southwest japan

Y.G.M.; Wang C S.; Zhang S N., 1990:
Sedimentary characteristics and basinal evolution of xizang tibet tethys in mesozoic era

Venkatesan, M.I.; Kaplan, I.R., 1990:
Sedimentary coprostanol as an index of sewage addition in santa monica basin southern california usa

Derry, L.A.; Kaufman, A.J.; Jacobsen, S.B., 1992:
Sedimentary cycling and environmental change in the late proterozoic evidence from stable and radiogenic isotopes

Hammou, N.; Picot, B.; Bontoux, J., 1992:
Sedimentary deposits in a natural microphyte lagoon variation of quantities physico chemical characteristics and heavy metal loads

Dixit, S.S.; Dixit, A.S.; Evans, R.D., 1988:
Sedimentary diatom assemblages and their utility in computing diatom inferred ph in sudbury ontario canada lakes

Caljon, A.G., 1991:
Sedimentary diatom assemblages in the northern part of lake tanganyika

Accordi, G.; Carbone, F.; Sirna, G.; Catalano, G.; Reali, S., 1987:
Sedimentary events and rudist assemblages of maiella mountain central italy paleobiogeographic implications

Casier J G.; Preat, A., 1991:
Sedimentary evolution and ostracods from the lower givetian at resteigne southern border of the dinant basin belgium

A.Q.yim B.; Nisan, B., 1989:
Sedimentary facies analysis of a paleogene mixed carbonate clastic sequence haibat sultan ridge northeast iraq

Noda, M., 1987:
Sedimentary facies of the ryukyu limestone

Birkenmajer, K.; Doktor, M., 1989:
Sedimentary features of the trinity peninsula group triassic at paradise harbour danco coast west antarctica preliminary report

Sherwood, C.R.; Creager, J.S., 1990:
Sedimentary geology of the columbia river estuary

Fukusawa, H., 1988:
Sedimentary mechanism of neogene bedded siliceous rocks late miocene wakkanai formation of northern hokkaido japan

A.S.ukry B.S.; Matejka, G.; Caullet, C., 1992:
Sedimentary metallic pollution of water stream affected by industrial drain

Rauscher, R.; Soncini M J.; Benalioulhaj, S.; Trichet, J., 1990:
Sedimentary phosphates an unusual environment for organic matter preservation organic geochemical and palynological contributions

Edmondson, W.T., 1991:
Sedimentary record of changes in the condition of lake washington

Cranwell, P.A.; Koul, V.K., 1989:
Sedimentary record of polycyclic aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons in the windermere catchment

Faugeres J C.; Broquet, P.; Duee, G.; Imbert, P., 1992:
Sedimentary record of volcanic and paleo current events in the numidian sandstones of sicily the tuffites and contourites of karsa

Strasser, A., 1988:
Sedimentary records of astronomic cycles in the portlandian and purbeckian of mont saleve haute savoie france

Kansanen, P.H.; Jaakkola, T.; Kulmala, S.; Suutarinen, R., 1991:
Sedimentation and distribution of gamma emitting radionuclides in bottom sediments of southern lake paijanne finland after the chernobyl accident

Ricketts, B.D., 1991:
Sedimentation eurekan tectonism and the fossil forest succession on eastern axel heiberg island canadian arctic archipelago northwest territories canada

Chittleborough, D.J.; Hotchin, D.M.; Beckett, R., 1992:
Sedimentation field flow fractionation a new technique for the fractionation of soil colloids

Dreyer, R.; Hawrot, E.; Sartorelli, A.C.; Constantinides, P.P., 1988:
Sedimentation field flow fractionation of fused unilamellar vesicles comparison with electron microscopy and gel filtration

Pretlow, T.G.; Pretlow, T.P., 1991:
Sedimentation for the separation of cells

Hicks, D.M.; Mcsaveney, M.J.; Chinn, T.J.H., 1990:
Sedimentation in proglacial ivory lake southern alps new zealand

Lueptow, R.M.; Hübler, W., 1991:
Sedimentation of a suspension in a centrifugal field

Dalgleish, D.G., 1992:
Sedimentation of casein micelles during the storage of ultra high temperature milk products a calculation

Dale, T., 1989:
Sedimentation of loricas of tintinnids ciliata protozoa and shells of bivalve larvae in the landlocked fjord lindaspollene norway

Bhosle, N.B.; Sawant, S.S.; Sankaran, P.D.; Wagh, A.B., 1989:
Sedimentation of particulate material in stratified and nonstratified water columns in the bombay high area of the arabian sea

Faganeli, J., 1989:
Sedimentation of particulate nitrogen and amino acids in shallow coastal waters gulf of trieste northern adriatic

Bathmann, U.V.; Noji, T.T.; Von Bodungen, B., 1991:
Sedimentation of pteropods in the norwegian sea in autumn

Borkar, M.D.; Pillai, K.C., 1991:
Sedimentation rate in trombay bay west coast of india

Balmukhanov, B.S.; Basenova, A.T.; Bulegenov, K.E., 1989:
Sedimentation rates of human red blood cells in diluted suspensions and their electrophoretic mobility in the vertical electrical field

Ershov-Yu, A.; Sokolov, N.V.; Starkova, N.N.; Tentsova, A.I., 1991:
Sedimentation stability of suspensions from some antimicrobial agents 1. phthalsulphathiazole sulfadimezine phthivazide particle dispersity and the prediction of deposit accumulation in their suspensions

Ershov-Yu, A.; Sokolov, N.V.; Starkova, N.N.; Tentsova, A.I., 1991:
Sedimentation stability of suspensions of some antimicrobial agents 2. dispersity of sulfazine furadonine and furazolidone and the prediction of the accumulation of sediments in their suspensions

Sokolov, N.V.; Ershov-Yu, A.; Starkova, N.N.; Tentsova, A.I., 1991:
Sedimentation stability of suspensions of some antimicrobial agents 3. effect of the shape of particles on their sedimentation in water

Starkova, N.N.; Ershov-Yu, A.; Sokolov, N.V.; Tentsova, A.I., 1991:
Sedimentation stability of suspensions of some antimicrobial agents 4. accuracy of the dosage of suspensions as a function of dispersity and particle shape

Linden, S.S.; Sickles, E.A., 1989:
Sedimented calcium in benign breast cysts: the full spectrum of mammographic presentations

Debrenne, F.; Gandin, A.; Gangloff, R.A., 1990:
Sedimentologic analysis and paleontology of the lower cambrian organogenetic limestones from battle mountain nevada usa

Hayakawa, H., 1990:
Sedimentologic control and paleoenvironmental implications on shell concentrations an example of inoceramus uwajimensis yehara from the upper cretaceous of hokkaido japan

Rosales Hoz, L.; Carranza Edwards, A.; Alvarez Rivera, U., 1986:
Sedimentological and chemical studies in sediments from alvarado lagoon system veracruz mexico

Rosales Hoz, L.; Carranza Edwards, A.; Alvarez Rivera, U., 1986:
Sedimentological and chemical studies in sediments from papaloapan river mexico

Deville, Q., 1988:
Sedimentological and sequential analysis of the oldest strata of mont saleve france remnants of a reef in the lowermost kimmeridgian

Bremner, J.M.; Rogers, J.; Willis, J.P., 1990:
Sedimentological aspects of the 1988 orange river south africa floods

Marocco, R., 1988:
Sedimentological considerations on the borings s19 and s20 river tagliamento mouth italy

Bolton, J.C., 1990:
Sedimentological data indicate greater range of water depths for costistricklandia lirata in the southern appalachians usa

Werner, F.; Hoffmann, G.; Bernhard, M.; Milkert, D.; Vikgren, K., 1990 :
Sedimentological effects of trawl fishery in kiel bay western baltic

E.A.baaway M.I.H.; A.T.our K.A., 1989:
Sedimentological evolution diagenesis and hydrocarbon potentiality of late jurassic carbonates eastern region yemen arab republic

Wang, H., 1991:
Sedimentological indicators for contour current in sediments of hatton and gardar drifts ne atlantic ocean

Marocco, R.; Stolfa, D.; Zucchi Stolfa, M.L.; Lenardon, G., 1988:
Sedimentological paleoecological and geochemical considerations on the boring s 15 morgo inlet grado lagoon italy

Dale, P.E.R.; Hill, A.; Metcalf, W.J.; Mctainsh, G.; Dale, P.T.; Taylor, H., 1991:
Sedimentological tools to solve historical problems an example from toohey forest south east queensland australia

Martini, R.; Zaninetti, L.; Abate, B.; Renda, P.; Doubinger, J.; Rauscher, R.; Vrielynck, B., 1991:
Sedimentology and biostratigraphy of the triassic mufara formation western sicily foraminifera conodonts palynomorphs

Muchez, P.; Conil, R.; Viaene, W.; Bouckaert, J.; Poty, E., 1987:
Sedimentology and biostratigraphy of the visean carbonates of the heibaart dzh1 borehole northern belgium

Boulvain, F.; Coen Aubert, M.; Tourneur, F., 1987:
Sedimentology and corals of the frasnian tapoumont red marble bioherm f2j philippeville massif belgium

Liverman, D.G.E., 1991:
Sedimentology and history of a late wisconsinan glacial lake grande prairie alberta canada

Warren, J.K., 1990:
Sedimentology and mineralogy of dolomitic coorong lakes south australia

Casier J G.; Preat, A., 1990:
Sedimentology and ostracods from the eifelian givetian transition at resteigne southern border of the dinant basin belgium

Bestland, E.A., 1990:
Sedimentology and paleopedology of miocene alluvial deposits at the pasalar hominoid site western turkey

Stefani, M.; Golfieri, A., 1989:
Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the rhaetic successions on the lombardy trentino border italy

Jarvis, I., 1992:
Sedimentology geochemistry and origin of phosphatic chalks the upper cretaceous deposits of northwest europe

Martino, R.L.; Curran, H.A., 1990:
Sedimentology ichnology and paleoenvironments of the upper cretaceous wenonah and mt. laurel formations new jersey usa

Yuan, P.B.; Huang C Y.; Teng, L.S., 1988:
Sedimentology of the kangkou limestone in the middle coastal range of eastern taiwan

Kumar, R.; Nanda, A.C., 1989:
Sedimentology of the middle siwalik subgroup of mohand area dehra dun valley india

Longa, Y.; Roa Morales, P., 1989:
Sedimentology of the water sediment interphase of the lagoon of unare venezuela

Pirrie, D.; Riding, J.B., 1988:
Sedimentology palynology and structure of humps island northern antarctic peninsula

Medus, J.; Popoff, M.; Fourtanier, E.; Sowunmi, M.A., 1988:
Sedimentology pollen spores and diatoms of a 148 m deep miocene drill hole from oku lake east central nigeria

Valecka, J., 1989:
Sedimentology stratigraphy and cyclicity of the jizera formation middle upper turonian in the decin area north bohemia czechoslovakia

Martini, R.; Gandin, A.; Zaninetti, L., 1989:
Sedimentology stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the triassic evaporitic sequence in the subsurface of boccheggiano and in some outcrops of southern tuscany italy

Goncalves, E.P.R.; Boaventura, R.A.R.; Mouvet, C., 1992:
Sediments and aquatic mosses as pollution indicators for heavy metals in the ave river basin portugal

Spencer, T., 1989:
Sediments and sedimentary environments of henderson island pitcairn group south pacific ocean

Frey, R.W.; Howard, J.D.; Han S J.; Park B K., 1989:
Sediments and sedimentary sequences on a modern macrotidal flat inchon korea

Ostendorp, W., 1992:
Sediments and sedimentation in littoral reed stands of lake constance untersee

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Segmental anomalies in some european neobisiidae pseudoscorpiones arachnida part i

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Segmental barrier properties of the pulmonary microvascular bed

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Segmental contributions to total body momentum sit to stand

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Segmental determination in Drosophila conferred by hunchback (hb), a repressor of the homeotic gene Ultrabithorax (Ubx)

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Segmental durations in the vicinity of prosodic phrase boundaries

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Segmental flow injection analysis device and applications

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Segmental gut transit in diabetes mellitus: effect of cisapride

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Segmental heterogeneity of basal and aldosterone induced electrogenic sodium transport in human colon

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Segmental heterogeneity of cellular and paracellular calcium transport across the rat duodenum and jejunum

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Segmental heterogeneity of rat colonic electrogenic secretion in response to the bacterial enterotoxin Escherichia coli STa in vitro

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Segmental high amplitude peristaltic contractions in the distal esophagus

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Segmental lineage restrictions in the chick embryo spinal cord depend on the adjacent somites

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Segmental liver resection with linear stapling device. An experimental study on pigs

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Segmental mediolytic arteritis. A clinicopathologic and ultrastructural study of two cases

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Segmental metacarpal replacement with bone cement and a silicone joint prosthesis: a case report

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Segmental model for estimating left ventricular ejection fraction by two dimensional echocardiography comparison with gated blood pool scanning

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Segmental motion in catalysis investigation of a hydrogen bond critical for loop closure in the reaction of triosephosphate isomerase

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Segmental motion of the proximal carpal row: their global effect on the wrist motion

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Segmental motor and sensory innervation of muscles in anterior leg compartment as revealed by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

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Segmental movement definition of the structural requirements for loop closure in catalysis by triosephosphate isomerase

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Segmental necrosis and its demarcation in experimental micropuncture injury of skeletal muscle fibers

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Segmental neogenesis of the dog esophagus utilizing a biodegradable polymer framework

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Segmental origin and migration of neural crest cells in the hindbrain region of the chick embryo

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Segmental pancreatic autotransplantation in the pig

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Segmental release of amino acid neurotransmitters from transcranial stimulation

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Segmental replacement of the left ureter using a pedicled and tapered gastric flap in dogs preliminary report

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Segmental resection of the fibula sorensen's technique in the treatment of delayed healing of tibia fractures

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Segmental response of the lower esophageal sphincter to increased intragastric pressure an experimental study in cats

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Segmental specificity and lateral asymmetry in the differentiation of developmentally homologous neurons during leech embryogenesis

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Segmental spinal instrumentation. A study of the mechanical properties of materials used for sublaminar fixation

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Segmental synaptic depression caused by dfp and sarin is reversed by trh in the neonatal rat spinal cord

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Segmental variability of glucocorticoid induced electrolyte transport in rat colon

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Segmental variation in microstructure, matrix synthesis and cell proliferation in rabbit flexor tendon

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Segmental vascular resistance during pulsatile and steady perfusion in 3- to 5-wk-old rabbit lungs

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Segmental vascular resistance in isolated perfused rat lungs. Influence of vasomotor tone and cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase inhibition

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Segmental vascular resistance in postobstructive pulmonary vasculopathy

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Segmental wall motion abnormalities in the absence of clinically documented myocardial infarction: clinical significance and evidence of hibernating myocardium

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Segmental wiring for spinal deformity. A morbidity report

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Segmentary age dependent dural permeability experimental assessment on the model of epidural morphine analgesia

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Segmentary analysis method for scoliotic spine

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Segmentary bronchial alveolar lavage with flexible catheter by rigid bronchoscope in diagnosis of mediastinal pulmonary sarcoidosis

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Segmentary origin of male and female ectodermic genitalia in insects new data from a gynandromorph of coleoptera

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Segmentation of piecewise stationary signals

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Segmenting interactions coding units for assessing marital and family behaviors

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Segregation analysis of autosomal fragile sites in three families with the fragile X chromosome

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Segregation distortions of the ABO and Rh systems in malformed newborns

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Segregation for heading date and stem enlargement in kohlrabi x broccoli crosses

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Segregation for s loci in sugar beet inbred population

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Segregation frequency in microcephaly

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Segregation of afferent projections in the central nervous system of the leech Hirudo medicinalis

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Segregation of avirulence virulence on three rice cultivars in 16 crosses of magnaporthe grisea

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Segregation of callosal and association pathways during development in the visual cortex of the primate

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Segregation of cation and anion absorption sites in root cells

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Segregation of cauliflower mosaic virus symptom genetic determinants

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Segregation of coarse and fine glossopharyngeal axons in the visceral nucleus of the tractus solitarius of the cat

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Segregation of concurrent sounds. I: Effects of frequency modulation coherence

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Segregation of heading trait in f 2 of the cross between norin 20 and silewah indonesian native cultivar of rice

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Segregation of hemp hybrids according to the sex characters

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Segregation of lymphocyte low molecular weight dna and antinuclear antibodies in family with systemic lupus erythematosus in first cousins

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Segregation of mitochondrial genomes in a heteroplasmic lineage with Leber hereditary optic neuroretinopathy

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Segregation of modified bacteriorhodopsin aggregations in reconstituted vesicle membrane induced by the change of thermodynamical parameters

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Segregation of presynaptic inputs on an identified target neuron in vitro: structural remodeling visualized over time

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Segregation of primordial germ cells their numbers and fate during early development of barbus conchonius cyprinidae teleostei as indicated by tritiated thymidine incorporation

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Segregation of recombinant chromatids following mitotic crossing over in yeast

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Segregation of resident trout in streams as predicted by three habitat dimensions

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Segregation of secretory material in all elements of the Golgi apparatus in principal epithelial cells of the rat seminal vesicle

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Segregation of species of xylaria hill grev. from eastern himalayas

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Segregation of the growth slowing effects of valproic acid from phenytoin and carbamazepine on lymphoid tumor cells

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Segregation of the myogenic cell lineage in mouse muscle development

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Segregation of the nucleolus during mitosis in budding and fission yeast

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Segregation of the signal sequence receptor protein in the rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane

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Segregation of viral structural proteins in cultured neurons of rat spinal ganglia and cord

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Segregation pattern of decumbent climbing and bushy growth habits in vigna unguiculata l. walp

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Segregation patterns of endogenous mouse mammary tumor viruses in five recombinant inbred strain sets

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Segregation, viral phenotype, and proviral structure of 23 avian leukosis virus inserts in the germ line of chickens

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Segregative migration of dall's porpoise phocoenoides dalli in the sea of japan and sea of okhotsk

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Sei whales balaenoptera borealis encountered in the azores a new record for the region

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Seimatosporium grammitum new combination berk. and curt. vanev

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Seine harvesting and feeding of formulated feeds as new management practices for pond culture of red swamp crawfish procambarus clarkii girard 1852 and white river crawfish procambarus acutus acutus girard 1852

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Seira tongiorgii new species of collembola from a volcanic environment

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Seiricardine a a phytotoxic sesquiterpene from three seiridium spp pathogenic for cypress

Ballio, A.; Evidente, A.; Graniti, A.; Randazzo, G.; Sparapano, L., 1988:
Seiricuprolide a new phytotoxic macrolide from a strain of seiridium cupressi infecting cypress

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Seirocrinus subangularis miller 1821 a pliensbachian lower jurassic crinoid from the fernie formation alberta canada

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Seismic and auditory tuning curves from bullfrog saccular and amphibian papillar axons

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Seismic communication in a blind subterranean mammal: a major somatosensory mechanism in adaptive evolution underground

Heth, G.; Frankenberg, E.; Pratt, H.; Nevo, E., 1991:
Seismic communication in the blind subterranean mole rat patterns of head thumping and of their detection in the spalax ehrenbergi superspecies in israel