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Chapter 7,776

Segmentary age dependent dural permeability experimental assessment on the model of epidural morphine analgesia

Vitenbek, I.A.

Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya 4: 56-59


Accession: 007775859

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The first results of the experimental studies of segmentary age-depenent dural permeability for morphine have been reviewed in 33 patients after suddent death. Permeability coefficient, calculated according to Fick's equation, served as a measure for quantitiative assessment of transdural analgesic penetration. It has been established that dural permeability increases linearly in the causal direction. In 10 segments (from T2-3 to L1-2) the increase was more than 1.5-fold. Dural thickness, on the contrary, increases in the cranial direction, the increment being 0.012 mm per I spinal segment. The speed of transdural morphine diffusion increase directly corrlates with age; in the age range from 20 to 80 years the permeability increases by 200%. This dependence seems essential for the conduction of the most effective anesthesia and prevention of complication during epidural analgesia with narcotic analgesics.

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